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  1. Guy only showed kids how to play ball so their parents can bet on a game…

    What else did he do? Other than make millions for Nike & the NBA?

  2. Kobe Bryant has inspired me to be great, His passing woke me up, brought clarity to me, that this life is so precious, So you gotta live it and do what you love and be GREAT cuz you don't know how much time you have left, I challenge every one of you, to get up, have a goal, and chase it RIGHT NOW, I'm gonna a make Kobe Bryant Tribute Drawings every single day on my channel, I challenge you to do what your passionate about everyday as well, MUCH LOVE RIP THE GOAT KOBE BRYANT

  3. I’m sorry but what was the need to wear fake lashes, full makeup and nails done to your husbands and daughters memorial..it’s soo tacky

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