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  1. "Jews" You mean people who self-report as Jews.


  2. The Nazis today are quite sophisticated too!

    Uses YouTube to spread hate!

    Because there are not many Jews in prison, and most of the attacks are done by right-wing Nazis and immigrant Muslims

      There is nothing to complain about Jews

      So bring the old trick

  3. Here is some advise from an Aryan Indian, kick these fuckers out before they eat up your kids or at the very least reign in their anti-wherever-we-been-dumped-to sentiment of Jews and pro-Israel to a minimum.

  4. Thank you for the video, I very much enjoyed it. I feel so bad for all the jews getting expelled by all of those white countries. Whatever they did for them to have been kicked out is no excuse for those mean white people!

  5. We cracked the algorithm goys. This was in my feed!! Also, I am comment number 2300 exactly. Just saying, like "first," but maybe more satisfying…like watch a car's odometer roll over from 99,999.9 to 100,000.

  6. Just a point of clarification. The European places they were booted from were traditionally Catholic, not Evangelical or even Protestant. Even the British isles were Catholic at the time. Protestantism is largely unique to the United States.

    I wish you, and everybody else, came to a more salient and conclusive opinion on the JQ. Otherwise you are just pointing the finger and saying what we've all known for the past 2000 years. Unless the whole point is to point and leave it there and do nothing.

    Otherwise it was quite entertaining to have this all in one package.

  7. I come back to this video so often; it is amazing! Bless you for creating this <3 it always reminds me of how crucial the role of Jews has been in shaping society as we know it !

  8. Absolutely wonderful people! We are so blessed to have them in positions of power within our nations. So blessed.

  9. They are merely catalysts for what has been a long time coming. They wouldn't be where they are if whites weren't susceptible to them. You only need only to look to the mindlessness of your own people to see your outstanding inferiority.

  10. How on earth has this video not been removed yet? I'm glad it has survived, don't get me wrong, but this is some serious wrongthink. Great video; nice to see a ton of stats used, too.

  11. quick correction: Slovakia did not exist in 1380 so that is meant to be Hungary again. keep up the great work

    edit: same goes for 1744, there was no Slovakia

  12. A new expulsion added to that list is long overdue….Wouldn't want them to give up their patterns after all.

  13. I don’t understand the “chosen people” thing that boomer evangelicals are obsessed with. Anyone know a good resource to learn about this?

  14. I can't help but conclude that there is a perticular reason this video has subtitles and no other on the channel. hmmmm

  15. The beginning of this video roped me in immediately. No idea these people were removed from so many places in the past. Thanks for such an educational celebration.

  16. My cousin got a free pass & an invitation to medical school while his peers were absolutely grilled with technical questions during their interviews.

  17. I have an associate's degree in paralegal studies. Almost all of my professors were either Jewish or black and 90% were women.

    I'm in California if that explains a few things.

  18. The amusing thing is that in the 630s, Jews aided the Muslims in invading the Byzantine Empire because they were angry at the policies of the king toward Jews. To this day, Jews are eating the karma that comes with aiding Muslims invading Christian states.

  19. This is a very thoughtful presentation, it exhibits biting and often entertaining cynicism. The hypocrisy demonstrated is terrifying. Dump the chaff on white countries to further diversity and biodiversity ( of syphilitic similarity). I shall rethink…

  20. Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding towards a much maligned and totally innocent group. Where would we be without them?

  21. 16:50 @The Alternative Hypothesis, if bellow clip dont change your mind on trump, consider yourself outed as blatant contro||ed op.


  22. What a beautiful and wonderful people with such a long, long, long, LONG history of misfortune. I can’t believe that every country they’ve ever touched seems to just absolutely despise everything about them so badly…with such passion; wiling to sacrifice anything to annihilate them. It’s so sad. Maybe they’re just jealous of how great their culture/history is? I mean, have you seen their dancing!? It’s fantastical! Most—if not all—Europeans have a severe inferiority complex, apparently. They don’t realize who’s in charge. Maybe someone should culturally enrich them.

  23. And for some reason, THAT last expulsion that took place between 1938-1945 is Thee Biggest & longest running pant-shitter OF ALL TIME.

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