A Celebration of the Realtor Heart

A celebration of the Realtor heart. I
hope that they get that there’s so much more. There’s so much more than what the
public thinks of us. There’s so much more of what they think of themselves. They’re
heroes. What people don’t understand when I talk to people and say you should use
a Realtor because we do so much in the community. When a little girl tells me
you mean I don’t have to sleep in the bathtub anymore to the little girl at
the restaurant that says do you remember me because when I had nothing you
brought me a bed and now I’m going to college and can you stay a little while
because we can walk across the street and go to Target I’d like to buy some
sheets to do a payback. So every time you’re within the community someone
surprises you. Two ladies come up that means that I saw you on TV.
I went I know that lady and we give her blankets for the children and when we
leave what we tell people as we work for hugs. That’s one of the number one
things you can do as a Realtor and as a member of your community get involved
get to know the people. You live in that community so show them that you
care. First you gotta find out what your passion is once you find your passion
then you’ll be very successful. It’s amazing what Realtors do in the
community. Whenever someone asked for a volunteer
it’s usually a Realtor that stands up and says me without even asking questions.
What we do in our community is more than just helping buy and sell homes that we
are fabric of the community and that we not only give back with what we do but
our time impacts many many people. Just awareness I’ve been working for this
cause since I was 14 years old. We are celebrating you and the Realtor heart
These people here believe in what they do. They’re passionate about what they do
so they continue to do it because it’s part of who they are. I think it is the
most amazing project and let me tell you why it’s not because I see my picture
with my dog over there is because what I learned about the other members that I
had no idea of. It was just heartwarming, and it was it was amazing, and I just I get
choked up everything just looking at pictures of everybody I love it.
We are not just Realtors we are so much more.

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