A Champion’s Celebration Gala 2018

[ Music ]>>It is an absolute personal commitment that
we’ve made to really be supportive of the Children’s Hospital and this is a great opportunity
to do that. [ Music ]>>It’s a champion celebration. Y’all look fabulous by the way.>>Tonight they are not just kids, they truly
are champions.>>I’m very excited; [inaudible] is here tonight. He was very polite. I said “I’d like to play for you.” He said “[inaudible] when I start recruiting
a 50-year-old man with sciatica and a conventional mortgage, I’ll come after you.” Don’t get me wrong, your dress is beautiful
and you’re a very attractive woman, okay? But you’re standing in front of the words
I need to say. Ladies and gentlemen, Coach Dan Franklin.>>The reason that we’re here tonight is to
have a positive impact on a community, something that has been very very important to us since
the day we stepped on campus. The children that are the Children’s Miracle
Network here in Hershey that have overcome tremendous challenges throughout their medical
journeys are the true champions. [ Music ]>>So we’re going to be trying to get to $25,000,
oh it’s to 30.>>Whoa.>>Oh, we’re already there, we’re at 30, so
we are done.>>Nice and loud for them and ready the final
number, you ready?>>Nine.>>Nine, [inaudible].>>Yeah! Alright [inaudible] Band, take it away. Have fun everybody, enjoy your evening. [inaudible]. [ Music ]

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