A Day in Garosugil + Sunnydahye’s Birthday Dinner

Good morning everyone it’s actually 10 minutes before noon so it is morning I’m starting off my day in Sinsa. I’m meeting up with Charlotte today We’re gonna grab lunch and walk around Garosu-gil. So let’s start our day! This is actually my first time back in Garosu-gil since I got back from Europe I’m sorry if it’s windy I know the audio is never gonna be as good as the Vixia But the quality, I absolutely loved editing last night. Um, yesterday’s vlog, because it was just so beautiful It feels so good to be back I feel like it has changed already. There are so many new stores I’m seeing. Wow Gonna go get Japanese food with Charlotte! Look at her Joan: Hi! Charlotte: We’re finally eating Joan: Yes we did Charlotte: We have similar taste I guess Joan: Yeah we do After lunch we’re gonna get some K-beauty shopping as always. We talked for 2 hours Charlotte: We did. We talked about Dean of course. Joan: Of course, always. Charlotte: Hahaha Alright let’s go check this store out This shop is going to carry this brand called ‘The Ordinary’ Which is super popular in the U.S right now A lot of my subscribers were commenting saying try it out When it enters Korea, maybe I will Apparently, a lot of celebrities took photos there Actually I don’t think I ever vlogged this place But they have marble tables everyone Oh, it’s so bright Oh my gosh they have games This is my favorite floor Let’s take a look at how beautiful it is I have my drink Are you guys curious about what she is doing? Charlotte: No, I’m so disappointed Joan: She thought the ice cream was gonna have more gold But it’s just flakes Charlotte: Yeah, same Charlotte: It’s such misleading advertising Joan: I mean it’s pretty Charlotte: It’s pretty but it’s not that much gold Joan: Look at that. it’s pretty Charlotte: I thought it would be like covered in gold Charlotte: Cheese. Joan: It tastes like cheese? Charlotte: It’s very thick and creamy and too cheesy Joan: Is it good? Charlotte: No I’m so disappointed I had to bring my camera to the bathroom Because look at how beautiful it is Can you see that? It’s so pretty in here We”re gonna go to ‘Village 11 Factory’ If you’re too lazy to go inside the store..You can use the vending machine! Charlotte: $22? Joan: What is it?? Joan: Cushion? Charlotte: Cushion? Joan: Ooh okay, let’s go inside and see the product Look at how pretty it is… Charlotte is instastory-ing. Look at her! I’ve been here before, but it’s always like really cute to check out because I just love the interior And then they have this random open space Then you go upstairs Dr. Jart’s space. It’s like the Dr. Jart’s space It is. Joan: But this was first right? Charlotte: Yeah, I think so But the Dr. Jar’s feels more science- oh no, but this one has the sciencey All the concept shops are appearing and I don’t know how long they are gonna last for Cause a lot of space and they’re not really selling product and it’s super expensive to have land here Joan: But Gentle Monster Charlotte: Okay but that’s because people are buying it by busloads Joan: Well not really, I feel like a lot of people go in to the stores because it’s cool and then later they’re like Oh we should just buy the glasses now Charlotte: And yeah it’s like $300 a glasses. But here no one’s really buying Joan: Yeah that’s true, they just come for the concept Charlotte: Yeah Joan: We’ll see But they have like a dining room (whispers) super cute These products really remind me of moonshot though This is her first time (points) Charlotte: (whispers) What are we doing? Joan: That’s the question we all have Charlotte: I hope it does well, I mean there’s no one in here Joan: Yeah, that’s true Charlotte, what are you doing there? Charlotte: Trying to do a snap, trying to take advantage of this instagram-able space Joan: It’s super pretty Joan: Those headphones are a collaboration with Teddy from YG, it’s pretty cool right? Charlotte: So do you put your feet in here? Joan: Uh i don’t know Joan: That’d be cool Charlotte: I don’t know what is it for, but this is very uncomfortable Joan: It’s just a concept So I’ll let her do her thing and let’s go look around And see what else they have What i love about this place it’s that they don’t have loud music playing so I could just talk for you guys The beer concept Look at that guys! so extra… all for this This is their best sellers if you guys were curious Charlotte is going to take a picture inside this Joan: Charlotte got her photo and video Charlotte: Yeah, I got it.. Thank you Joan: Yes, no problem Joan: Okay, where to now? Charlotte: Get food? Joan: yes, let’s get food Joan: you’ve been here before right? Charlotte: yeah.. Joan: It’s so cool. Look ready.. Everyone taking photos The tree moves Joan: Yay~ Guys it’s marble I have these ones, It’s silver There’s Charlotte trying ’em out in what colour? gold? Joan: Yeah, they look pretty Charlotte: Yeah but I already bought these ones Joan: We’re twinning I don’t know but here we are wearing.. These glasses confuse me They’re just falling down Charlotte: Are you wearing them backwards? Joan: No, I’m not. Am I? You know there’s someone from BuzzFeed does a series on YouTube where she wears the ugliest thing for a week I think she should wear these sunglasses for a week. Please tell her to wear Charlotte: What about these? Joan: It’s just doesn’t stay The moment you put it on it just like- We’re now at the Skinfood cafe for more drinks I ordered this really cool looking ice cube latte And she’s getting the Yuja Ade Just kidding, she got the pomegranate ade But wow they definitely changed up the look of this cafe It’s out my friends, its out Focus Here we go..Can i pour it in? Okay….Oooo the milk is warm Charlotte: what is this called again Joan: This is the ice cube latte Oh my gosh…. Wait this is really cool I like this So pretty Funny story, I can’t drink coffee past 2 o’clock but this drink just looked really pretty But I was like I’ll just get it next time and Charlotte was no get it for the vlog I was like okay…(giggles) So we got it for the vlog (laughs) Charlotte: This is good. Its like chocolate milk Joan: We’re gonna leave now. But I’ll see her again. I’ll see her again soon Happy birthday!! Joan: How old are you? Sunny: 24 Joan: No, you’re not Fine, 25 Joan: No you’re not. Sunny: 27 Eddie: Hey again! This time on the new camera Sunny: This is my favourite Yeayyyyyyyyyy Joan: Happy birthdayy! Sunny: Thank you Joan! Joan: I’m here with Grace! Grace: Hi! She’s going to Europe, so anyone in Europe wanna see her perform I’ll link a link to her Facebook! Go watch her! Thank you guys! watch the show if you guys want. I’ll be there it’s like once in a lifetime I wish you were there Joan: I know…but I was just there and I was telling how amazing it is, if she’s going to your country definitely check it out! Grace: I’ll see you guys Guess what? We’re reunited You need to like pretend that you’re shorter Okay, I’m gonna end the vlog here I’m sorry but yeah Sunny: Thanks for coming guys Eddy: See you in the next one

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  1. Joan: "How old are you?"
    Sunny: "21"
    Joan: "No you're not"."
    Sunny: "Fine 25."
    Joan: "No you're not."
    Sunny: "27"

  2. love you Joan unnie hope you have a nice day 💞 please come to Malaysia again really want to meet you 😘

  3. I was trying to see if 24k Corey is in your vlog 😂😂 but nope sadly not. But love your vlog hahah

  4. Joan, just want to let you know the link for Garosugil directs you to a spam site. I clicked it because I was trying to find more information on the first cafe you went to.

  5. Joan's hair is getting so long and it's slaying me 🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻😍😍😍

  6. Dean was in dallas last week and i missed it, but he is suppose to be dropping a new english song and im excited.

  7. My wife and I just came back from Seoul yesterday and realized that we were at Sinsa and went to Village 11 factory on the same day as you. Too bad we didn't get to see you. Hopefully next time we visit Seoul we have a chance to bump into you 🙂

  8. I'm still watching the video, but I had to stop it and comment because omg the quality of this vlog is insane, I don't even take videos and I want to buy this camera now haha

  9. Finally a new camera 🎥 G7X Mark II
    I'm using this camera as well, and my bf always ask why don't you change earlier the quality is so much better and looking professional 👍🏼 love you 😘

  10. Oh no I was going to tell a friend who loves Grace she's coming to Europe but she doesn't come to France T T

  11. I'm still waiting for Charlotte's Triple C Lightning Liquid to come back in stock, if even I can order before it sold out again. haha.

  12. is it normal to see people in stores midday. because we're I live most people are working or at school

  13. Hi charlotte I ordered klairs vitamin c and First essence plus the the night repair ampoule. I'm excited!!

  14. Ahh I ended up listening to dean bc of you and ended up loving his music! and eventually I got to meet him! So THANK YOU <3 btw love you!!

  15. I have a question about the link to the canon G7X Mark ii….am I only purchasing the camera? help anyone <3

  16. Just wanna to tell you that when the backsound came it suddenly get louder, so i had to turn down the volume. ☹️

  17. how do you know charlotte ko???? that's so cool :3 you guys both share a passion for skincare and kbeauty i love it

  18. What is the song that Joan always plays at the end of the Vlog? I live for it and need that song in my library

  19. 👅love you👅 minneapolis, minnesota usa! thank you joan for your artwork! love you and your family! and costco pizza! and all of pizza and not black olives or green olives… too salty.

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