A Day in My Life – Weekend 🥞 What I Eat in a Day

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Leave [your name] here to credit yourself ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Hey guys, what’s up? you guys have been asking me to make a video about what I usually do in my daily life and since vlogging is not really allowed in my workplace I can only show you guys what I do on the weekend, so Here it is! I’m playing Bloodborne right now And while I’m waiting for the game to connect me to another player online I would usually spend my time waiting by playing either the clarinet or the piano so I don’t waste my time Just staring at the screen like a dunce Anyway, I usually spend my weekend just playing video games or working on my YouTube videos And I know those two things would make a very boring vlog but hopefully today it will be more eventful to grow because I’m going out to the mall to eat and to go to the bookstore So I hope you guys will enjoy today’s vlog Okay then! See ya! Hey guys, I’m going to end this day by finishing up my night routine video after I’m done editing this I’m going to upload the videos on YouTube both on my English and Indonesian channels And then I’m gonna have to make the thumbnails and the subtitles for both videos It’s probably already up by the time this video is uploaded So don’t forget to watch it Anyway, that was all for today’s vlog I hope you guys enjoyed watching it You guys will have to wait a bit more for my room tour video Because my carpet is currently being sent to the cleaner and it’s not gonna be back for at least two weeks from now So yeah, please be patient, guys and don’t terrorize me in the comments. Okay? Anyway, don’t forget to like this video subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification bell And I will see you on my next video! Have a nice everyone. Bye-bye!

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  1. Do u know toilet bound???
    If u dont u should watch it!!
    Its a good anime!!

  2. Your piano playing was so beautiful! Did your guys relationship get better? Also the foods you ate seemed so delicious!

  3. Ahhhh what was the piece you played on the piano? It was so pretty, sounded like Chopin 👀
    My parents'd never allow me to spend more than 30 minutes in a bookstore, I'd want to buy everything 😂
    And the food~!! YUM 😻

  4. I'm surprised you didn't wear a mask or cover your hands when you went out, you know with that virus around.

  5. Which country are you from??
    Don't mind
    Actually your seems like japanese
    By the I really enjoy your videos
    That's so satisfying and you're so organised

  6. You have changed Rafi. Where is your curls? You looked nice in those curl. Infact I too want to play so many instruments. Reading books is my hobby too. Love from India.

  7. Hi sis!😘😘
    How r u???
    I am really very happy to see u back again…and now u are posting frequently…❤
    Loads of good health and love to you and your family😘😘❤❤😇😇

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