A Disney Princess Holiday Dinner (with Moana) | Brooklyn and Bailey

a windchill turkey for dinner you would I can overwhelm the big people tables it’s really also known as Belle and Snow White that’s right skis video is a Christmas to you we were inspired by our CL bootie but all her wonderful Christmas videos so we decided to do one of our own so the video is princess’s attic holiday dinner but before we get to that don’t forget to follow Julie and I on musically we’re doing a hatcheck campaign so you guys need to check us out our username will be right here and also be ready for a bonus video tomorrow if y’all feel ready to check that out now let’s go on to the princess video oh yeah thanks so much for coming over to help me cook no problem what are friends for it has to be fun right so I really only read all this in books oh but I do oh don’t worry about I have plenty of experience so I brought some stuffy and some olives and some rolls and Rissa Turkey hey Bella do you want you wanna help I am helping I was looking at pin reading the recipes oh sorry my gosh you practice sir yeah my fairy godmothers couldn’t decide if they should make a pink one or gluon size rock both perfect baby hey what’s my little roses you know my favorite flowers are rose hey let’s just slip through that forgot yeah it’s my favorite dessert are you sure this noise is like I was doing on hello Mia Nike are you serious of course there aren’t any poisons in the pie snow seriously you need to get over this here apples oh okay well come on in no I windchill turkey for dinner okay direct me to Turkey Oh oh my gosh the rocks cooking utensils for some relatives so actually that kind of protection not to me this is my first holiday on the tower I don’t know how these things work me either my mom passed away so she wasn’t around to show me our big holiday dinners and when I was old back I basalt so many years just because I have to sleep oh well my mom died sorry lies I was kidnapped my mom time my stepmom trade kill me Oh my mom bottom rental bear how they are impossible I thought that princesses can only have wicked stepmother or no mother hey guys listen new girl I don’t know she’s a new princess but I guess the nice difference is no look at how straight your clothes are well I wish it will be only one with your clothing I mean Ariel’s very defense oh yeah okay the food is almost ready Oh hey Cinderella do you have any ice for these cups no no I can’t Oh would you do that so then I told him that you couldn’t possibly have said that or that’s why she was so upset well you know that that will like actually talk back to you it’s not alive I knew that and of course beaver did yes know why well I only wanted war so I cure for well dat big people tables hey has anyone seen Ariel nothing all perfect for my collection Oh where have you been oh just checking out the gadgets Buddhism’s Oh this crab is a family favorite you know what does that smell yeah excuse me mayor you stink what the heck it’s because I rode my horse here huh that’s why I saw horse outside in the boxes oh oh did she fall asleep again no bugs will put your hair up is in my food I can’t it’s too long Thank You Chanel for making such a wonderful meal for all now since we’re all finished in here has to pay it all up Oh thank you guys so much for watching this video we worked really hard so I hope you guys enjoyed it and they want to subscribe to our channel click the button right over here and if you want to watch more of our videos click right over here and last but not least and even vist our house for then click the button right over here we’ll see y’all next week I love you guys you

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