A Divine Celebration

– Today is a momentous
occasion as we honor and celebrate the National
Pan-Hellenic Council by dedicating our Divine Nine Plaza. [Tammara Durham] The National
Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of nine international
Greek letter sororities and fraternities, affectionately
called the Divine Nine. The predominantly black
fraternities and sororities that make up NPHC is a
testament to the fact that despite hardships,
African Americans still rise. What you see before you
started with students. This campaign started because they wanted a space dedicated to their
organizations, its members, and the rich history here at KU. [Kendrick Jackson] It’s
definitely extremely important, especially since each chapter
has put in a lot of hard work and dedication to improve the community here at the University,
especially historically when it comes to
desegregation on the campus. To see that we have something
that’s permanently here, to be dedicated to our council for all their hard work,
definitely means a lot. [Nikita Haynie] Now that we have
this plaza, it’s a great way to show that they exist and they’re here, in conjunction with the shields that we have right behind us as well. Within the National Pan-Hellenic Council, you have what we call
Single Letter Chapters, and what that means is that if you are a Single Letter Chapter then
you are, your chapter is the oldest of that
particular organization. So something really unique for KU is that we have four Single
Letter Chapters here. The National Pan-Hellenic
Council came into establishment around the early 1930’s. During that time a lot
of racial segregation, black people not having the
rights to do certain things, so it really came out of the
struggle of what was going on during that time. It goes deeper than just
the social aspect of it, it’s more of political, fighting for political rights as well. And just that source of
activism I would say, when you bring attention to something then people can educate themselves more for those that may not be aware
of why they’re in existence. I just think it’s a great
way to highlight that.

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