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  1. That poor child in the background is having SUCH a bad time. Hope they got a treat later for their skinned knee or whatever had them so distraught

  2. by far my favorite part was Claudia s fun facts! and just to expand a bit in the one about how conifer needles makes really acidic soil, it actually makes a really viable difference in the soil profiles. and since we have large pine and spruce forests in Norway the soil is so acidic that hardly any archaeological artifacts of organic material remains😊

  3. Claude is a true introvert, only cares to y’all about the things that truly interest her and if it doesn’t couldncare less

  4. Happy birthday mr Walter, 🎂🍾🍾I always celebrate my cats birthday glad I’m not the only one that celebrates a pets birthday

  5. You should name your show—
    "Garden Gab, Glamour, & Gossip"! Staring (drumroll) Jessica Kellgren-Fozard & Zoe Anne!! Also featuring regular guests: Dr. Claudia Kellgren-Fozard, Walter, Tilly & Mishka (sp?)!!
    That way, you can chat about fashion, doggies, LGBTQ+, chronic illness issues, etc. & gossip about celebrities…are they really talented or auto-tuned🤷🏼‍♀️?!? I would watch that🤣! Tilly’s red sweater is too cute!! Plus a Jumper for Walter??!! The cuteness, it wears off on you. Love to everyone 🤗💜🙏🏻😘🐾🐾!

  6. A doggie video,🐕🐕🐕💞 I approve!👍😊💟 Love the dogs running around just being happy!🐕🐕🐕💞
    Happy birthday Walter!🐕🎁🍖

  7. I don’t know the name of the movie but I know what movie you’re talking about Jessica. It’s the movie where they have time as a unit of monetary value. They pay using time, like years. Your wealth is measured by how much time you have.

  8. Happy Birthday, Walter! I'm glad you got to go on a special walk! As your Moms were driving along, at first it looked similar to where I live in Nebraska. Everything somewhat flat and only in browns and greys. But, at the top of the hill, it was so obvious it was England! You still have those small fields and windbreaks. So lovely! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  9. I'm so glad Tilly got birthday treats too! She was so excited about the presents haha 💖 bless lil Walter I'm beaming right now. I'm actually planning a party for my cats birthday with all her human friends 😍

  10. I celebrate my cat's birthday. Well, her 'welcome to the family' day but to me that's her birthday. She is beautiful and is currently chilling on my chest as I catch up on Vlogmas. 🙂 x

  11. Giving this a like just for the talk of Elizabeth Warren! It makes me so happy to see people outside the US paying attention to her.

  12. your laughs are so sweet and Extremely infectious. i'm not usually a fan of vlogs, but yours have so much personality and charm i can't help but be drawn to them

    edit: ""can she die?"" LMFAO

  13. Jessica's laugh always makes me so happy 😂 it sounds just like my auntie who I never see cuz she lives in England 😅

  14. Happy Birthday Walter! He must've had so much fun. But please don't play fetch or ball with your dogs, it very negatively impacts both their mental and physical health. Here is an article on the subject https://burgesspetcare.com/blog/post.php?s=2018-04-25-is-too-much-ball-throwing-stressing-out-your-dog
    Hope you give it a read!

  15. If you feed your puppies powdered goat milk sprinkled on their food. It gets rid of the eye staining.
    I celebrate my puppy's day of birth. March 16th. He's adorable 5 lbs of huge dog. Lol

  16. OMG…a miniature schnauzer is Walter’s buddy!!! Eeeeeeeeee!!! My all time fav dogs are schnauzers (I’ve had quite a few—-rescues, of course). So, this video not only made me happy “because Gay” and “because Jessica & Claudia” and “because Walter & Tilly”…but, also, “because MINIATURE SCHNAUZER!” ❤️🐾🏳️‍🌈

  17. Did anyone else think of Captain America saying "watch your language" in Age Of Ultron when Jessica said "Claudia" right after Claudia said shit…………probably just me😂

  18. I appreciate all the work you put into your videos educating people about disabilities! I have to say though these videos of you and your pups out in the world together are just what I need right now. Hope y'all are well.

  19. I love Kristen Bell, so good choice for your first guest! 🙂 In Time is the name of Justin's movie. Wow, Claudia knows a lot about plants! So cool! 🙂 <3

  20. Omg, I know that movie you're talking about! With Justin Timberlake and your currency was your life. The crying scene was dreadful.

  21. Why are the threats just sing dance and act? That seems arbitrary, doesn't it? Why can't knowing conifer needles are acidic or the growing habits of mistletoe make you a threat?

  22. I think the movie you mentioned is In Time. Everyone uses time as currency and has a countdown clock on their arms.

  23. If every day of vlogmas was just a dog video I would not be disappointed AT ALL. Look at all these precious babies 😍

  24. Rachel McAdams is also Doctor Strange's love interest, and he can travel through time more or less, so yeah… Good theory. Definitely have her on Pub Patter

  25. there'd be a Good Video in a chat about Various Celebrity Kristens and their gayness appeal.

    Kristen Bell has us through "The Good Place" & through being a Disney Princess; Kristen Stewart made a generation of girls realise who they were REALLY watching "Twilight" for; Kristen Chenoweth (sp? i mucked up SOMEWHERE, i'm sure of it) has won us over & over again, especially through "Wicked"…

    …there are probably other Kristens but i've exhausted my mental supply for now. are there any FICTIONAL Kristens of Note? hmm…

  26. It's Milas Kunis with Justin Timberlake in the FWB movie not called that and Natalie Portman with Ashton Kutcher in FWB. AND Mila said in an interview that just after those movies, they tried FWB and surprise fell in love.

  27. Awww this is so cute. Vlogmas is always so cute but i feel the need to say it anyway. Zoe is so beautiful! Id totally watch a talk show hosted by Jessie and Zoe ahahah…that little garden hangout is so fun, and Walter’s new sweater is lovely! Thank you for another daily dose of heartwarming content ☺️

  28. Walter and I share a birthday – who knew? Today I"m 10 (in dog years). Great video. Loved the conversation and Walter's presents.

  29. this is so nice, I really feel like I'm just sitting there with you all at the picnic table, nodding and agreeing along with the conversation. honestly you make me feel more included through a video than a lot of people I share space with in real life (wow that's depressing!)

  30. I'm a fan of the original title, "Jessica & Zoe in the Garden" and you could occasionally go on location to various gardens both public and private! Start with local talent and they can show clips of their triple-threatedness (that is definitely not a word). Although, to widen the spectrum of guests, you may want to include one and two threat people. And here's a bit of unsolicited garden advice: when planning different areas, consider how child-proof those areas will be. No sense putting in structures now that will need to be changed in a few years.

  31. I've been watching your Vlogmas entries this year before bed. Things have got me not so great, but these are incredibly soothing. Thank you for giving me something normal and wholesome to think about instead of other things while I try to sleep.

  32. 0:45 Claudia; stoic lol! Love you Claudia! Love your "guest appearances!" HUGS!!
    1:48 love and the countryside, both beautiful!!! 👍🥰🥰🥰
    7:35 LOVE that you say "conifers" instead of "pine trees" like we do up here in Northern U.S. Minnesota! 😅 it's so interesting how the language is just a bit different, but we still know what each other is saying/meaning!
    That was so cute at the end, getting treats and sweaters! 🎄

  33. You shading Justin Timberlake and Claudia’s extensive plant knowledge were the true highlights of this video

  34. Is your new Wheelchair weather proof or do you not use it in the rain. I’m looking to get one and that one looks just what I need. Xxxxx

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