A Fandemonium Story w/ Kian & JC! 🚌 MTV’s Greatest Party Story Ever

(air whooshes) – What’s up guys? This is JC Caylen.
– My name is Kian Lawley. – And this is our craziest
fan experience ever. (mellow pop music) We just got done with
the international leg of our worlds tour, starting
our US leg of the tour. Sold out show in LA, we’re ready. – Let’s go. – So we just got done
with this sold out show. It went amazing by the way, if you wanted to know.
– Super good, awesome. – [JC] We had to run to
our bus because they were– – [Kian] There were millions. – [JC] Millions of fans, believe us. Millions, screaming.
– Millions upon millions. – Oh my God, Kian stop, I want a selfie. – JC let me touch your hair. – So we had to run on the bus. – Yes, fast. This bus was banging. We hopped on the bus, ran
up the little front stairs and go straight to the back, ’cause that’s where the game room was. We had a game room, we had
a little TV, we had an Xbox. We had snacks.
– Stocked fridge. – [Kian] Stocked fridge. – Since the tour bus is so insane, we have no choice but to pop a bottle and turn the frig up. (horn blares) We met the bus driver, he was an older man and his name was Rusty. – His name was (beeps) Rusty. This guy was cool, top
notch, 10 out of 10. Rusty, said these words. – You’re the best guys,
I love you so much. – So as we’re leaving the venue in LA, millions, millions of fans are crowded all around the bus like we’re The Beetles. – So we start heading onto the freeway and low and behold, there’s
people following us. Millions of people following us and they’re still screaming at us. One car pulls up right
next to the tour bus. We kinda see them, ’cause
the windows are tinted but they’re flailing their arms, kinda pointing in different
directions and stuff. – [Kian] We think they’re dancing. – Can I get on the bus? – [JC] We just wave hi. Slow down, slow down. – [Woman] Wait for me. – We had just gotten
done with the LA show. We were feeling so hyped, we didn’t even think anything
of it, we just kept going. And so at this point, we’re
making a lot of ruckus and we’re being really loud. So the bus driver just closed door that separated the driver
from the rest of the bus. Closed it. – So a couple fans passes by. Rusty opens up the door basically saying, I think these guys want me to stop. These fans don’t have adoring
faces like they’re excited, it’s more of like a, oh my
gosh, you need to pull over, or someone’s gonna die type face. But we can’t see that. – And we’re a little tipped. – And our vision’s a little blurry so. – And the windows were tinted. – And we basically tell
him, no Rusty it’s okay, we need to go to San Diego
because our next show is the next day. – So we close the (beeps) door and we keep (beeps) going. – So now we’ve been on the
freeway for like 30 minutes. We’re still turned up,
we’re still chilling. – [Kian] At this point,
Rusty opens the door. Puts the bus on pilot, walks to the back of the room, he’s like. – Guys, I need to stop, these
girls are telling me to stop. – And we’re like, Rusty,
we’re (beeps) fine. Go back to driving the bus. – Rusty starts telling us, I think something’s wrong
with the tour bus itself, because people are pointing to the back– – Yeah.
– Of the tour bus. So we’re telling Rusty, no, they’re pointing to us in the back ’cause they wanna say hi. – Yeah.
– I was like, Rusty, it’s okay, man, like we said, this ain’t our first rodeo. – No.
– It was our first rodeo. – I’ve never been to one. – Me neither. – So at this point, Rusty walks back to the front of the bus. Closes the door, leaves
us to the party mode. We’re opening the window,
we’re closing the window, we’re like waving outside the window. We’re having a good time. Still parting, still having
a fantastic, (beeps) time. Rusty’s still up there freaking
out and all of a sudden. – We see red and blue lights
right outside the window, front and back and side to side. Rusty pulls over, before we know it, there’s four cop cars surrounding the bus, pretty much making us stop. Who would’ve thought Rusty was right? – The whole time.
– We had to stop. (exclaims) – It turns out a fan was riding on the bus the entire (beeps) time
we were on the freeway. Not inside the bus like a normal person, she was riding on the hitch in between the bus and the trailer. If you don’t know what a hitch is, it’s the thing that connects
the bus from the trailer. – A very small metal
piece that connects them. – She was standing on that. – [JC] On the freeway going
60 to 70 miles per hour. – Average.
– For like 30 minutes. Apparently, this girl
was videotaping herself and taking selfies while
she’s on the hitch of our bus going 70 miles per hour. – She almost selfied her self to death. – The delfie. – The delfie. – According to her YouTube video and yes, she did make
a whole YouTube video about this experience, she wanted to be in the
luggage compartment. – [Kian] Yeah, that was her first plan. – [JC] Or actually get onto the bus. – That was her second plan.
– I love you. – [JC] Those two plans failed
so she ended up on the hitch. – Which is the next best thing. – Yes, next best thing. – Yeah. So, she got arrested,
the cops took her away, handcuffed her, threw her
in the back of the cop car. And later we found
through the YouTube video that she was released
because she was underage. – 17.
– And yeah. – I will have to say you
are our most dedicated fan, if you are watching. – I firmly believe that you
are the most dedicated fan. You’re the most dedicated Kian and JC fan. – We don’t want anyone topping that. – Please don’t even try. (mellow pop music) – Thank you guys for
watching, he had a great time, I had a great time, I hope you did too. – If you wanna see more
videos, click up here to subscribe, watch more videos. – Click up there, guys. – I’ll be out here, we
love you guys very much. Thank you so much for watching. And if you wanna follow us,
I’m sure the links will be in the description or something like that. ‘Til next time. – Good bye.

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  1. Oh boy… why would you share this info… about the girl who made the video!? lol She used you for clout & views! (she may be a big fan, but she also, made a video bashing how boring she thought that show was!) She used you for views and personal fame.

    I can't 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  2. I used to watch these all the time and this was the corniest story. How was it great. Anyway watch all the others those are crazy funny.

  3. Why do they have to keep reminding everyone it was “millions” of fans…?, it was probably a couple thousand and they make it seem like they filled two FIFA stadiums. Also I remember when this happened and it wasn’t anywhere as crazy as they told it was and the tour bus didn’t look as big as they say it was…?? Idk if I’m mixing up stories but this smells of bs. Damn, shame they got so douchey in the last few years.

  4. ඔබේ ආදරණීයයන්ගේ විශේෂ අවස්තාවන්ට සහ ළඟ එන නත්තලට අළුත් අවුරුද්දට සුභ පතන්න ලස්සනම ලස්සන best wishes විඩියෝ අපෙන්.දැන්ම subscribe කරන්න යාළුවනේ

  5. the fact that i knew this whole crackass story and i still watched the whole thing..now that’s dedication ✊🏽😌❤️

    jk i love this story sm so its worth it xox

  6. Oh my god I vividly remember all the Snapchat stories from this incident 😅 and then seeing people share the videos on twitter of the girl just chilling between the bus and trailer 😬

  7. At the very end of the scene on Tatooine, Rey is approached by someone who asks her name. The moment reflects one earlier in the movie when Rey is asked for her "family name" and she says she doesn't have one since that's before she learns she's a Palpatine. Now, though, instead of telling the person on Tatooine she's Rey Palpatine, she sees Force ghosts of Luke and Leia and takes the family name of Skywalker. So she officially becomes Rey Skywalker.

  8. This is hot Footage… Stop… Think about it . God was checking into stuff and found and takes personally https://youtu.be/jOni4OvP7dA
    The sirened me into talking about a protest more . I'm stunned about that not being private.

  9. i hope videos like this expand their audience. being on mtv’s youtube channel is a big deal. so proud of my dads 😊

  10. They told this story when they where drunk un they channel and Jc did the Kian “you already know what’s up” favorite 😂😂

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of Kian and Jc since their O2L days… and this video was funny as shit the way they told the story. BUT If my kid did that I woulda whooped their ass. That is the stupidest thing you could do. Why can’t you just be a normal fan like everyone else, nothing is funny about putting your life in danger like that 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. I’m pretty sure they’re really weren’t 1mil cars going after them. Don’t think they really know how much one MILLION is. That’s a lot of cars chasing after one bus

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