A Fun Hobby – “Mexican Joker” – s23e01 – South Park

This sucks balls. Ever since you guys moved,
everything just keeps changing. I mean, how are us kids supposed
to have any hope anymore? All I think about is all the problems
our generation is inheriting. Climate change,
over fishing, Kyle… I mean, how are we supposed to
get happy about anything? Hey, there, Stan. You input
all the weed orders? Yeah, it’s all right here. Oh, huh… This looks like
our orders are actually…down. You sure you did that
right? Yeah,
I went through it twice. People aren’t ordering
as much as last month. Not ordering as much? What the hell
is going on? [ Doorbell rings ] Oh, hey, Randy! Howdy, Stephen!
How you been gettin’ on? Good! How’s life out
in the valley treating you? Oh, it’s early mornins’
and lots a hard work, but I gotta do
what’s best for my youngins. I noticed you hadn’t supplied up
in a while, Stephen, so I thought I’d deliver
your weed to you personally. Oh…yeah, no,
I actually hadn’t ordered any in a while. Why not? You’re not gettin’ all sober
on us are ya? No, I just– well,
here let me show you. What’dya think? I started growing my own plants
a couple weeks ago. I totally get it.
It’s a really fun hobby. That’s Diego,
my gardener. Oh.
[ Chuckles ] Hey. Fuck you. What? Is my weed not good enough
for you? Something wrong
with Tegridy? No, I just started
kind of getting into it. I just enjoy the whole — You’re stealing my idea,
Stephen! Come on, growing marijuana
is not your idea. Yeah-huh! While you assholes
were all screwing around, I went out
and made a living! When you grow your own pot, you’re taking weed out
of my children’s mouths! Oh, hey, guys! Sorry, the front door was open
so I just walked on in. Seeing if I could still get
those seeds from you, Stephen. What seeds?! Oh, I was gonna try my hand
at growing some weed, and Stephen said
he’d give me some of his seeds to get started. Fuck you guys! I’ll get you for this,
Stephen. You mess with my Tegridy,
then I’m gonna mess with you!

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  1. Thank God for South Park. I've my normalcy back in my life. Looking forward to the new season. Great start! Thanks Trey and Matt!

  2. Sometimes I wish Cartman could learn a lesson that cements into his cracked mind SO DEEP, it could either kill him or change his mind towards others.

  3. These guys are so fucking forward thinking. I can see a farmer feeling like this and wanting legal restrictions placed on non-commercial growers.

  4. “All I think about is the problems our generation is inheriting: Climate change, overfishing, kyle “ KYLE=JEWS Cartman is the quintessential GenZr of today, truth.

  5. Show has lost it's way, now it's just, meh. Now more of a political platform, I've watched since season 1,and now,I'm done, thanks for the memories. RIP Southpark.

  6. I basically grew up with this show and consider it an all time favorite but I just don’t find it…….funny anymore. Like at all.

    The greatest episodes in this show’s history were when the absurd would happen out of a totally mundane event. Now they’re trying so hard to make the relationships all tense and drama filled. What the fuck is up with the music? Oh and they destroyed Cartman after that whole fiasco with his little girlfriend. One of the greatest runs in T.V history – but nothing stays great forever.

  7. Weed is great for keeping the pore pore they spend a bunch of money on weed and snacks and which makes it so they can't get jobs or if they do get jobs they only get one to buy more weed it makes it so they can't progress in life

  8. I miss pot so much, I dont think I can go on I rlly want to end it. Its not worth it, and my new job is too hard. I'm taking 30 benadryl pills watch me

  9. idk South Park doesn't feel like a parody anymore. Season 14, 15, 16 & 19 were my favorites and the last seasons I enjoyed. Please go back to your old roots.

  10. I feel like this is a fuck you to all the liberals pro weed fighting for the legalization but when they get what they want but realise they will not get all the profits they become assholes blaming everyone else saying ''you took muh idead''

  11. it will be so great when it is legal everywhere and everyone can grow their own. put all of these greedy "Stan Marshes" out of business

  12. This is what I'm going to laugh at in the future. So many people want to do what Randy's doing and will flood the country with way more weed than anyone can sell. Soon it'll be worthless to grow and live off weed unless you can provide quantity or quality and only those willing to take the heavy risks will end up on top and be hated for it.

  13. Come on you all know the words!!!!

    Kyle's mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch
    She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world
    She a stupid bitch, if there ever was a bitch
    She's a bitch to all the boys and girls

    On Monday she's a bitch
    On Tuesday she's a bitch
    On Wednesday to Saturday, she's a bitch
    Then on Sunday, just to be different
    She's a super King Kamehameha biyotch!

    [Eric Cartman, spoken]
    Come on! You all know the words!

    [Eric Cartman, kids]
    Have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom?
    She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world
    She's a mean ol' bitch, and she has stupid hair
    She's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

    [Eric Cartman]
    Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
    She's a stupid bitch! (Whoa!)
    Kyle's mom's a bitch
    And she's such a dirty bitch! (Bitch!)

    Talk to kids around the world
    And it might go a little bit something like this:

    Kǎi ěr de māmā shìgè biǎo zi yīgè biǎo zi

    Elle est la plus grande chienne dans le monde entier

    Ze is een stom kutwijf, als er iemand een kutwijf was

    Yeye ni Bitch yote ya wavulana na wasichana

    [Eric Cartman]
    Have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom?
    She's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world
    She's a mean ol' bitch, and she has stupid hair
    She's a bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

    Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
    She's a stupid bitch!
    Kyle's mom's a bitch
    And she's such a dirty bitch!

    I really mean it
    Kyle's mom, she's a big fat fucking bitch
    Big ol' fat fucking bitch, Kyle's mom
    Yeah, chaaaa

  14. Nice going SJW's…you've managed to transform GREAT COMIC WRITERS Trey Parker and Matt Stone into COWARDLY PUSSIES… hopefully MORE people like Dave Chappelle come along who you CANNOT INTIMIDATE into being PUSSIES… one thing I CANNOT STAND…is a FUCKING COWARD!!!!

  15. The pot part of the episode was funny, however blaming Trump for an Obama era policy is pretty typical if far left ideologues. Sad to see Matt and try have lost the plot. SP is ass now anyways, guess it makes sense they went full liberal.

  16. Rather disappointed that SP went along with the media lies about child separation and detention centers.

    Children are (were) separated at the border because of how commonly people kidnap children to get mercy when illegally immigrating, or to traffic them. The seperation was meant to protect children until the people they were with could be verified as heir legal guardians.

  17. What I’m confused about is that Randy killed all the people that started growing weed which means he killed butters parents, Mr Mackey Jimbo etc.

  18. Hatets gonna hate, but goddamnit this season rocks.
    They gave us Joker, Godfather, Avengers, Breaking Bad, Chinese thingy vibe…I am in love with South Park all over again

  19. And with the delay in the Amazon deliveries 📦, increased the number of people who want Tegridy from Tegridy Farms 🤣. Unicorn Kisses 🦄💜

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