A hot werido wants to marry into my family, everyone agrees, only I know this is a trick.|ep27-3

Actually I think Dongfang looks pretty. If he came to propose a marriage Maybe Master Zhu and Master Nine agreed. What did you say Close your eyes, you see everyone the same People who look good are not necessarily kind Greeting old lady Zhu Free I heard that your business is doing well in Suzhou. What are you doing here today? Zhu Fu has always been a business leader I also hope to have the opportunity to ask you Not to ask Our family still owes your family money I should ask you for advice Many years ago Grandfather once made a good relationship with Zhu Fu But unfortunately Some misunderstandings occurred Grandpa has always been gloomy I came here today to resolve these misunderstandings. I’ve reached the age of marrying a wife this year, but I haven’t made a marriage No wife It’s all because of the family relationship we set with Zhu Fu I have been waiting for Miss Zhu Marry her A little misunderstanding My children are dead for this My grandfather has always loved Xue Fei When Xue Fei fled My grandfather wanted to find her and marry her Just when he chased after Xue Fei is dead The grandfather had checked her body Found that she did not die But a chronic poison The poison in her is the same as the poison in Zhu Zhu You already know who poisoned it, right? No wonder when I saw Miss Xue later, she was in poor health. It turned out to be poisoned So Xue Fei cannot blame my grandfather Grandfather was momentarily angry, Master Nine took Xue Fei to flee Led to Xue Fei’s death He also loved Xue Fei before he issued the hunting order But in the end Isn’t it because you first betrayed your faith and abandoned it? do not worry I owe you money I will give it back to you! but this life I will never marry my granddaughter I came here just to resolve the misunderstanding between the two Since my grandfather was angry for a while Made the wrong decision I am here to pay you And give you back alone Just one more You can also think about it, I will leave first Don’t hide, dongfang He has been convinced by me, two years later You can order a wedding dress now I won’t marry He loves to marry, he marries You won’t marry me Do you want to marry the heroine? Didn’t I persuade you to get rid of this idea? I either kill him Or let him kneel before me as a slave Girl, so many businesses do n’t do business with you How much money can you make in a year one million? two millions? The court’s tax revenue is only over 20 million a year. You have to evacuate the treasury. Woman Born to spend money at home Marry me obediently Stop dreaming unless Unless what Unless my mother and uncle tell me to marry you go look That person is not dongfangshi Master reminds us of him There must be something in Prawn following him You follow up and see What did you finally tell Master Zhu He looks surprised Why do you want to tell my dad I’m just curious and don’t mean to spy I did not mean I told him I can make it redundant. Do n’t let it happen, it ’s a shame for men What a shame and shame if Grandpa knew he would definitely disagree By my skill If I enter the Zhu family Not only did she marry her, all the property of the Zhu family will belong to me

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