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But you say he’s just a friend- oh baby you Hi friends, happy June- oh god, what is it- 23rd. I should know this Currently I am on a walk. It has been quite a long walk I usually walk down like a main road and then go onto this bike path near Lake Shore Drive and then I Go as long as I want to and there’s a lot of different like exit points on different streets so you can exit when you Want, but the entrance that I normally go in was closed Like I don’t know, they had it all dug up and I’m like who designs this, like Why would you work on a bike path in the middle of summer when people need to be using it? So I had to Keep going and find a different path Sorry, I didn’t get to finish, but I Went on the different path and then I didn’t really know where I was going I knew the direction I was heading but I didn’t know how to get off the path So I just kept going and going and going and that made my walk turn into a two-hour walk almost and now I’m Exhausted but I need to go to Target in a little bit so I’m probably gonna do that. Here is the intro Oh my god. Oh my legs hurt Hello, I’m back. Let’s do a Target haul, I’m so excited. First of all, got some cold brew The best thing is going to Target and getting your Starbucks before you start grocery shopping and then you’re like, yes I’m caffeinated and I’m shopping- I haven’t eaten a lot today I’m really caffeinated and then I always grab some extra Splenda when I’m at Starbucks because why would I pay for it When I can just take it? We will start with this bag. I got some aluminum foil We needed more. You guys know how I feel about hummus. I needed more So of course I got some. I walked by these in the frozen aisle and they looked so delicious I couldn’t pass them up and they were like two for seven or something, which isn’t that bad So it’s just these frozen meals. One of them is truffle parmesan mac and cheese. Are you kidding me? Yes And the other is butternut squash and sage ravioli, heck yeah So I will be bringing these to work at some point next week. I got some Crunch bars Impulse buy, you need chocolate in your house, you do. I needed more gum I love cinnamon gum, but they were out of the kind I usually get, so I got Big Red I don’t know if I’ve ever tried this, but hopefully it tastes good. Got some avos Of course, can’t live without those. Got some more bananas cause I ate the last one today. Fun fact, tonight We are throwing a party for me, sort of like a late birthday gathering And we are making this sangria so we can pregame with it and hopefully Not spend money at the bar because we had a lot of sangria here. That’s the goal And then last night we were talking like, how can we pre-plan for drunk food? Because we’re not gonna be able to drive Somewhere, we’re not gonna be able to go to McDonald’s. Like what can we do for drunk food That won’t break the bank? So I picked up A giant bag of dino nuggets and if anyone needs some drunk food afterwards, we will pop these in the microwave And everyone can have some nice dino-shaped chicken nuggets. Okay, moving on to bag number two: napkins Important. This is part of our sangria. I will explain later when I make it. This is also part of our sangria I got some sweet potatoes cause you guys know I like to roast those up as a snack or a meal Now, I kind of went crazy with the yogurts but I’ve talked about this before I like to have them as a snack instead of ice cream or chocolate or something late at night So if I’m craving something sweet, I will eat one of these instead of ice cream. Is it really healthier for you? Probably not, but it just seems like it is cause it’s yogurt. It’s not ice cream. I don’t know, they were on sale for A dollar and then it was buy five, get one free so of course I got six, but all of these flavors just sound so good I got chocolate haze craze Mint chocolate chip Cinnamon bun fun, yeah. Almond Coco Loco S’more s’mores and Nutty for Nana. I am pretty excited about those. Got some eggs cause we were out of eggs Am I even in the shot anymore? And then this giant bag of organic peaches was on sale for two dollars and we needed some for the sangria Anyways, so I think that was a pretty good find and that is everything for my Target haul I need to shower and then make the sangria, put it in the fridge to chill And then Lily and I have an apartment tour later today so that is exciting. It’s gonna be a great day I am so excited that I have a Saturday off and I don’t have to worry about anything. God, it feels great Okay, I will talk to you later. Alrighty, I am showered and it is sangria time This is definitely a flower vase But we don’t have any other Pitchers and I’m pretty sure we’ve made sangria in this before so I just washed it out really nice and then We’re gonna use it for our drink so I cut up some Peaches and strawberries And those are gonna sit in the bottom. This is our bottle of rose that came from Graham, thank you Graham So we are going to put the entirety of this in here, mix in a cup of vodka We have just a little bit left, whoops In these, I don’t know if that’s a cup, but we’re gonna put that in here I also have some leftover rose in the fridge that we’re just gonna put in there as well and then you put two cups of This peach juice. So let’s see how this goes So this is what we’ve got, I’m going to put this in the fridge to chill until The party begins and we’re ready to drink it and then when you drink it, you put it in your cup and then you top It with some champagne which is why I bought the champagne earlier and then if it’s a little too strong I don’t know how this is gonna taste, you just top your glass with more juice too So that is the recipe Amy told me to make and that’s what we did. So I’m very excited You know you’re gonna have a good night when your drink has used up four bottles of liquor I mean to be fair, three of these were only up to here But I mean, that’s pretty good Hi, we’re like breathing really heavily cause they like moved us through that really fast, it was kind of like Awkward. It was really pretty as you saw, but also like the bedrooms were really uneven and I don’t know how we’d figured that out But they were pretty, the kitchen was really nice, the laundry room’s kind of creepy And that’s a lot of stairs with laundry to get down there. Right. I- that’s why we’re out of breath Cause she took us to the basement Then took us back upstairs and it’s just so out of our price range like Yeah, it’s at the top like base price and there’s no utilities included So that would be an extra at least fifty bucks each Just to use water and heat and air and with air like, it would be so expensive Yeah, so it’s already a no. We’re not getting it so doesn’t even matter- doesn’t matter. Alright well, talk to you all later I’m watching Adam Levine carpool karaoke and eating hummus. Leave me alone You having a good time over there? Wait. Can we turn around. Can we turn around You don’t know this song? Hey it’s me Lily, it’s Tewwellen Um I’m filling in for Paula tonight and being in charge of her camera so she can enjoy her belated birthday celebration But I’m just trying to be her so today it’s Tewellen’s vlog, not Tewsimple Tewsimple! Wait, go back Tewsimple Is that tewsimple across the way? It’s not tewsimple, it’s tewsummer! AHHH What do you love about Paula Tews? Oh my god, Paula Tews is first of all, a fashionista and we all know it And I would like Paula to decorate like my life Sounds weird, but I would like her to decorate my bedroom And buy all my clothes Yeah my clothes are pretty basic, I’m wearing a black tank top and jean short- or jean pants Yeah, because like we know that they match and black tank top and jeans match But Paula knows what’s up Besides that um, she drinks Miller Lite I know you want Miller Lite to sponsor you but um Spotted Cow. Spotted Cow’s too bougie for us Spotted Cow may be too bougie, yeah Ya bitch, we’re cheap. Paula Tews is like The funniest, nicest Prettiest gal in all the land Hello everyone, it’s Lily taking over Paula’s channel So we got a free drink- me and Amy We got a free drink at a different bar so we took that really quick And now we’re at The Apartment with Paula as you saw We will keep you updated through the night, but Paula’s having a great time I just don’t want her to worry about her camera tonight so I’m in charge I will keep you updated with her night, love you all

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  1. That juice idea was adorable! I've never thought to put punch/juice in a vase! I love that – I might do that for my wedding! Lol love the singing – you all look like you're having so much fun <3

  2. Two thoughts: 1 I’m so sad I missed this!!!! 2 we need to make that sangria again and go out and celebrate your birthday again. It’ll be like Paula’a birthday part 3.

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