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  1. Why is this ugly lady looks like she's going to cry? All of a sudden, the left are worried about costs?


  3. How about we address the dead rat on her head she calls hair and let's address her nose situation….
    If our president and the country wish to celebrate our 223rd anniversary I dont see a problem with that. After all the people that died so you can spew diarrhea out your mouth deserve high most respect

  4. How about the cost of the Mueller investigation???!! Based on a FAKE dossier! How about the Iran "deal" huh????
    Ugh, can barely stand this talking head. Going back to watch the amazing show in DC. God Bless America!

  5. Does she even mention the fact that $750,000 worth of fireworks were donated?? More than what the ones President Trump originally planned doing?? 🙄 Can't we be proud of our military, and those who fought in the past, and our INDEPENDENCE? Shut up already!
    There's something dead on your head… 🤦

  6. Happy 4th of July and God bless our military! I think the rain was God’s tears coming down on the Capital or it could be God pissing on Trump. I hope it’s the latter.

  7. Yes it’s soo unusual to be proud to be American 😒 sad that’s true. why didn’t they wait and see because his speech was not political in any way and the tank /military because he said France our allied did this not NK or anyone else the left tried to say it was like

  8. EXPENSE. What Trump used for this parade are peanuts comparing to trillions Obama send to Iran from our treasury. ANYBODY NOTICED OR COMPLAINEF ABOUT THAT?

  9. Trump wants a few tanks to celebrate our Military on the 4th: Dems panic… Obama bombs more Countries then any Pres since WW2: Dems silent.

  10. The Independence Day celebration was a huge, inspirational success. The tribute to our military, the awesome speech by President Trump and the wonderful music was all wonderful in every way and undoubtedly touched the heart of every patriotic American. The Democrats and their media wing promised a terrible turnout for the event, that the streets would all incur expensive damage from the military vehicles and that Trump would give a partisan, campaign speech. NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED ! The gathering of proud Americans was enormous, packed wall to wall as far as the eye could see to both ends of the mall. The military was perfectly capable of moving military vehicles around with ZERO street damage. Our President gave a thoughtful, inspirational, completely NON-POLITICAL speech. Even CNN was forced to acknowledge this. Once again, CNN, MSNBC, the rest of the Democratic wing of the media along with the Democrat party comes away with egg on their faces. It was a great day. Thank you Mr. President from each and every patriotic American.

  11. Watch the video to see a pathetic whiner complain about too much fireworks this year and then admit the fireworks were donated for free and they were in fact 'Made in China'.

  12. I wonder what he had to use to bribe Melania, the First Lady in Absentia to get her out of her gilded hermitage across town?

  13. You know I'm about sick and fed up with these pos fucks protest every damn thing that he does or says. Maybe i should get some people together and take these ungrateful bitches out

  14. What was unusual about a HomeTown style Fourth of July parade, an excellent historical speech, and great fireworks? All you haters can hate. It will shorten your life! We love you Mr. President!💞 Keep up the great work 👍💞🇺🇸🎆

  15. I'd rather spend my tax money on something for our country & people than spending it on illegal immigrants.

  16. Why doesn't every President do this? Why isn't this a standing celebration of our amazing country? Having lived in a third world country, where I'd be expected to cover myself from head to toe and walk two paces behind my husband, I'm honored to live here. It is TRULY the greatest country on the planet. I'm all for spending a few bucks on this type of celebration, and I'm grateful for the history lesson President Trump gave. He knows that there are too many among us who don't know our inspiring history. And, if Independence Day isn't a day to celebrate our military, then what the heck is it? We wouldn't have broken free from our oppressors were it not for our military forming. TRUMP 2020!

  17. Funny here in Berlin we had the thirty year parade celebrating g the fall of the Berlin Wall
    We had military parade etc so why is it wrong for the US to do the same
    It was awesome

  18. Unusual? It's now considered unusual to liberal's to celebrate the birth of our nation But it's perfectly fine if American's celebrate Cinco de mayo!
    Let that sink in!

  19. God Bless America thank you President Trump for a beautiful Fourth of July celebration hip hip hooray

  20. people calling this unusual clearly have never visited or paid attention to other countries. America is so bland and unpatriotic compared to most and its pretty sad to live in such a low spirited country with people who practically despise each other… It was good because this is what any other well off the country would do and its fun to be 1 on such a historical day. But people just love to be negative and point out hate because thats what this country has come to. Thank past Presidents for that..

  21. I think him rebuilding our economy, foreign relations, calling out the hysterical left and their media, all while not taking a paycheck is more than sufficient and justified to expand the celebration of our Nations birthday and its' great servicemen and people.

  22. Do you have any idea the money spent for holding, securing, and cleaning up after Pride???… Drop in the bucket compared taxes spent just cleaning up afterward

  23. what is he, I mean she talking about? All presidents spend money on these things but now it is our Leader and you freak. Come on 2020!

  24. Trump losers love paying taxes for military shows on how great America is but hate paying taxes for healthcare for all, and they love presidents who don’t even pay taxes

  25. Who asked for your anti-Americn opinion? We want to see the beautiful event on Utube, not you! Another example of Google attempting to stifle us Patriots.

  26. OK people (yeah, I’m talking to you)… NOW is the time to let your VOTE be heard.  DO NOT be persuaded by any BS.  Have you not had enough?  Do you want 4 more years of Trump’s nastiness, bellowing, and BS????  If not (and I’m counting on you), you gotta VOTE VOTE VOTE your conscious.  If you don’t… it’s SS-DD… Same Stuff–Different Day.  True, “I am the oppressor of the person I condemn”, but this is a not how we want to portray our beloved United States of America in 2020!!!!
    (he’s still a mess and a narcissist).

  27. So happy to applaud our soldiers and apparatus’ that we have in order to KEEP our independence. Be proud! Go America! I’d rather see us spending $ on celebrating our country than on illegal aliens.

  28. I'm proud to help pay for a celebration of our independence! Stop trying to ruin our 4th of July parade!! Trump 2020!!!

  29. 1:28 does this dummy think everyone is gonna have a "4th of july parade tax" what planet is she living on?

  30. Why is it Democrat newscasters look like Loons WTF COST Democrats are spending 99.9 MILLION dollars renovating our suburban High school. Now the Dems are raising School Taxes for the next several years!!! I will be paying thousands MORE for DEMS parade school!!

  31. WTF the Blue Angles Fly all year LONG!!!! We pay them no matter where they fly Their schedule
    June | 4 • 5* • 11 • 12 • 18 • 19* • 20 • 21 • 25 • 26*
    July | 2 • 16.
    August | 7* • 8 • 9 • 13 • 14 • 20.
    September | 4* • 10 • 11* • 12 • 13 • 17.
    October | 16* • 22 • 23* • 29 • 30*
    November | 5 • 6 • 7 (2:30 p.m. CST for End of Season Week)

  32. So NO extra cost for this Fireworks they were FREE!!!! Blue Angles fly everywhere. All we spent 'extra" was jet fuel , diesel fuel to move Tanks!!!! we pay our armed service personal no matter where they go, its a weelk pay check all year DAM DUMB DEMS

  33. For sure he gets one dollar a year so to bring Americans together he throw big event good. He just spent what other presidents would have made if we elected them.

  34. If it wasn't an American tradition it should be, our far left people want to delete history so president Trump just gave a history lesson to America to remind the left what our forefathers fought for.

  35. I dont mind as a tax payer paying to celebrate our independents of our Nation. We pay billions on supporting nonworking illegals. So if we have to pay for illegals. Then its ok to spend to celebrate our Nation. And Trump 2020!!

  36. So he held a speech on which he revelead he thought the Americans occupied airfield in 1776 and he made the day about himself.

  37. She had a lot of ideas but she kept putting two different ends of sentences together, making it a sentence that meant nothing but had words that would make it sound negative. It's so weird.

  38. 1.7 million $. What a waste of money.. Yeah..like the wall. 25% tariff on fire works. I am not a Democrat..just someone who knows what is fair. That money could have helped fellow Americans.. .. You don't think about that? That parade also depleted the fund used for possible terrorist activity in D.C. oh well…… That's making America great again!!

  39. "unusual 4th of July" I forgot that patriotism is a disease to the left MSM screw you washington post

  40. Of course they bash him on Washington post! It’s 4th of July! I’m down to spend extra for our incredible country!!!

  41. No one objects to celebrating the indepence day or the American military . The problem is the one person who is pushing the parade and propaganda is a coward crook who bought himself , of course with daddy's money , one deferment after another until the war was over and his feet suddenly healed overnight .

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