A Look Back at Crete Carrier’s 50th Anniversary

A young 25 year old entrepreneur, Ken Norton,
and his cracker jack attorney, Duane Acklie, filed the articles of incorporation that gave
birth to Crete Carrier Corporation. I had the opportunity to purchase Crete Carrier
and the owner was not sure what he was going to do. I asked him if I might be considered to be
a purchaser. He agreed to sell it to me and we agreed to
close three days later. Then I went to Union Bank and in three days
they made the loan and we closed three days later and I was in the trucking business. In 1974, Duane applied to the interstate commerce
commission for the permission to purchase Shaffer. The organization took the next technological
leap forward, when computerized dispatch replaced the marker boards lining the walls used to
manually track the truck loads and trailers. Technology continued to provide break through
advancements, profoundly changing how we managed the business and served our customers. In the fall of 1993, Crete began installing
QualComm satellite communication systems in the cabs of our trucks. In the fall of 1992, we moved into our new
maintenance facility and in November of 1993 into our new corporate headquarters. It was and exciting time and launched our
next phase of growth. Crete rounded out our offerings of transportation
services by acquiring Hunt Transportation, a flatbed specialized carrier. We could now offer our customers dry van,
protective services/temperature protective services, and flatbed equipment. It’s really incredible to think about the
transition from small company above the creamery building in Crete, Nebraska, to the nationwide
company we are today. The foundation that Duane and Tonn have laid
for all employees is a solid one built on integrity and determination. The focus has always been to be the best trucking
company in the industry, not the biggest. That mentality is what has set us apart for
the last 50 years and will be the inspiration for our next 50 years. And on behalf of our family, I want to recognize
and thank each of you here tonight, our teammates. And our teammates at the shops, at the terminals,
I want to thank all of our drivers out on the roads tonight and all of the incredible
people and personalities who’s contributions over the past 50 years allowed us to enjoy
this celebration tonight. God willing and with a lot of hard work from
the great teammates like all of you that are here tonight, I know the next 50 years will
be as exciting and rewarding and successful as the first half century. On the road to success there truly are no
shortcuts, and I thank you all for being here tonight. All the best and god bless.

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  1. I was with Crete for 18 yrs, leaving in 2015 for a local job driving for the USPS. I look back on those years fondly and with some great memories of trucking all over the USA. I may never have spent that much time on the road if it weren't for the great support that Crete always tried to give me as a driver especially during the slow years following 2008 when the economy went sour. If I were to go back over the road, Crete would be my first choice of employment.

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