A marriage is broken by a child’s death, but kept alive by memories held in grape soda. | Grape Soda

Why don’t you just button up your shirt. And get out of my house. Right Now. Four and a half years… …We’ve been together, Sherry. Four and a half. You never said that you liked strawberries. You’re doing it again. I need to go to mom’s. The problem is not me and it’s not my computer, it’s your crap software. Sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. Leo I have checked all stupid little boxes on this screen. It is still not working! I can patch you through to a software representative, If you’d like. That would be great. Thanks for your help, dickhead. c’mon! The machine isn’t working, again! It is taking my money. It is not much, but i worked hard for that. See you at your cubical everyday man, I just… never said hi Case of the Mondays, huh? Ya, I feel you man. Rodrigo Mine’s Bobby Life’s a mine field my friend. Looks like you stepped on a good one. It’s not always the explosion that gets you though. It’s the debris, all that fallout. Radiation’s a bitch man. Did you know that radiation could actually give you cancer? The medicine that they give you, and that you pay for, can poison the potential in you. It’s a military weapon man. This world, ain’t no circle of life it’s just a dead end. My daughter had cancer. I’m sorry man. What was her name? Claire Look I ain’t, I ain’t tryin to preach to you or nothing but um, there’s this, this little pond, right where I live at. And, I love to just, hop in there and take a dip, get the day off. Might want to wash off some of those shitty days you’ve been having. You finally did it. I’m not gonna sign ’em. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for not being there. For not talking. For not listening. I’m sorry No, I, I drifted. (child’s laughter)

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  1. It's not just about the cheating. Their daughter passed away and they're both coping with it differently. But that's why it's so sad for him, because after she died everything falls apart

  2. A mother lost her child; a father lost his child… All the rest follows from that. No judging unless you have lived through it.

  3. To me, this wasn't about her cheating, which of course no matter what the situation is that is wrong, however, it was about what brought them together, destroyed them and brought them back together. He was grieving alone, she needed him. They are a couple, he lost his daughter but he forgot she lost her baby too. Moral of the story you dont just throw away something that's not working you try and fix it. Marriage is expensive if you compare it to money. You put your time, your feelings, etc. Into it you cant just walk away when it gets hard.

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