A Marvel Star Wars Marriage Story

– [Kylo] What I love about Natasha. She is a mother who plays, really plays. – [Natasha] He loves being a dad. He loves all the things
you’re supposed to hate, like waking up at night. – [Kylo] She knows when to push me and when to leave me alone. – [Natasha] He never lets
other people keep him from what he wants to do. – [Kylo] She’s not the
world’s greatest chef. – [Natasha] He’s a great dresser. – She’s brave.
– He’s brilliant. – [Both] He’s very competitive. – I don’t know what there
is left for him to say. (upbeat music) Are you incapable of letting go of your ego for one goddamn second? – You never know. You hope for the best then
make do with what you get. – Nothin’ lasts forever. Hey fellas. (screaming) – Why’s the force connecting us? – Part of what we’re gonna do
together is tell your story. – Love is for children. – You know I can take whatever I want. (screaming) – How are you doing? – I tend not to weep over that. I’m Russian. I realize I didn’t ever
really come alive for myself. I was just being his aliveness. – Traitor. – Whatever it takes. – You’re still holding on, let go. I wanna be free of this pain. – Are you kidding? I’m working. – It’s time to let old things die. – [Natasha] It’s not as simple
as not being in love anymore. – Eventually it’ll be the two of you having to figure this out. (gentle music) Together. – You know if you asked
Kristin out from statistics, she’d probably say yes. – [Kylo] By the grace of your training, I will not be seduced.

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