A Party with the Days of the Week – Foil Arms and Hog

Tuesday! You made it to the party! How’s it going man? Grand, still recovering from the last one we had of these to be honest. Somebody get this man a beer! It’s party time! You know Sunday? Hey Tuesday, has anyone seen my phone? What time is it? Can someone make me a cup of tea? And that’s Wednesday and Thursday Friday’s coming right? Yes, Friday is definitely coming stop asking. Okay. Come on in! Has anyone got any berocca? Guys Friday’s on his way, he’s coming straight from work, he’s not even going to go home to change! WHAT A LEGEND! Has anyone got any paracetemol? Alright everybody, I’ve been pre-drinking since 12 this morning so you losers gotta catch up! SHOTS! YEAH Has anyone got any nexium? Oh yes! Friday’s here baby! Come on! Whoah!! Chanting: FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Hey Friday man, good to see you Sorry, what did you say your name was? I’m Wednesday I thought he was Wednesday? No, I’m Tuesday Sorry, keep on getting you guys mixed up That’s okay… happens a lot. You’re the best man Thanks Thursday I love you Friday I love you I… I wish I was you… Yeah… Sometimes I forget, I think that I am you, and then I remember that I’m not. WOO-HOO-HOO! Lets’s crank up the volume in here! Hey guys. Ah no… Who invited him? Em Monday… You wanna beer? No thanks, I might just stand here Maybe put a wash on. Guys isn’t this a Bank Holiday weekend? Chanting: MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! Hi we’re Foil Arms and Hog, thanks for watching We’ve a new video every Thursday if you want to make sure you never miss a video please subscribe to our Youtube channel Just here If you cannot press this, It means you’re watching on Facebook so the least you could do is give it a like also we’re doing some gigs in the UK in places like Exeter, chester, London in the Eventim Apollo! WOO! Big night! Big night out! Shots We’re also playing in Durham, and Birmingham Come please and we are doing the 1st ever gig in Vicar street on Good Friday! DOOMDAH!

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  1. it's the opposite for me, my Current job (trying to get out of it) has me work Friday-Sunday with me sometimes picking up the slack on Thursdays or Wednesdays

  2. How do you crack up that brains of yours to come with such creative and yet totally relatable sketches! Just marvellous

  3. I feel like the bank holiday joke doesn't quit work. Surly that'd just make monday like sunday and sunday like saturday. But even so, very funny sketch and sorry for possibly over analysing it.

  4. Surely on a bank holiday weekend Sunday becomes an extra Saturday and bank holiday Monday becomes sunday and Tuesday becomes the ultimatre Monday

  5. Would someone please reply to this: See, I have watching Foil Arms and Hog for quite a few months now, but I'm still not sure who's is Foil, who's Arms and, and who Hog is. My guess is that Foil is the one who plays Sat and Thurs ; Arms is Fri and Mon ; and Hog is Tues, Wed, and Sun. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thanks, it'll be greatly appreciate.. And it'll be even more greatly appreciate if no one berated me for asking; we've all got questions in life here we should have already known, but we don't.

  6. I know all your videos are amazing but this…i don't know this is like too good even for yous hahahha! i say this every week ha the way tues and wed are mixed up and fri taking his lanyard off haha you nailed it #asper

  7. The guy with the curly hair was in a queue before me at the chemist … he bought sudocrem and a packet of lockets.

  8. i got to first know you after watching "right song/wrong lyrics". really thanked youtube for randomly suggesting your video. then i watched the next suggested video which was Tea Addiction. that was epic, i immediately subscribed after that. then this, my third. never really thought about the days that way cause im off work thursday and friday but this was just so intelligently laid out, so clever. im definitely clicking on that notif bell icon

  9. I think Sunday should be freaking out about Monday. I know I get really anxious about Monday going back to work and being late tired and needing to be highly caffeinated to function不
    Also the time factor waiting for Friday goes soooooo slow but you get to the weekend and it goes like the blink of an eye.

  10. I love the really tiny things, like Friday gets cheered on by Thursday, but Monday gets cheered on by Saturday and Sunday

  11. Another gem 歹 PS: Found out – through profound studies – that Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays get so much better by watching FAH videos. And Thursdays obviously are the best days!! The poor guy definitely should be more confident 弘

  12. Who are you? Wednesday.
    I thought it was him and you are Tuesday. I often get confused with you guys and mix up.

    Its okay. That happens a lot.

    Savage! I'm dead!

  13. I was gonna do a poll to see who thinks is the best…

    But then I though- wait, they are all the best, foil as a chef or a teen, arms as the German/Russian dude (how can you even be that good) , and hog as a snob and a really annoying mum

    U guys r the best

  14. If it was a bank holiday weekend wouldn't Sunday be the new partyer and Monday be the new hungover guy?
    Also, Thursday is the best day of all. It's the day we get a new FAAH video!!!

  15. The part where mondays face put up when he found out it was a bank holiday is literally everyone when that happens

  16. Hog looks gorgeous in this one. And I love how Thursday fanboyed about Friday and that Monday of course drank coffee. You guys are great! Also: When Hog as Friday starts to party, he looks like the average Irish know-how-to-propper-party-guy you can see in movies. I knew you Irish are badasses the very moment when I was in Dublin 8 years ago around St. Patrick's Day and it was shitty cold outside but still some elderly Irish people were swiming in the Irish sea! Dear god, I got pain from looking at it. I swear it was super cold but also the school girls did not wear tights just bare legs. I would not have survived school and I am from a part of Germany which is not warm and where it rains a lot.

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