A Romantic Valentine’s + Birthday Dinner Date at Home | Steak + Pasta Mukbang | Team KaSha Vlog 41

He’ll slice the cake He said I’m already hungry because I bought the cake Yes, she’s the hungry one So we’re just going to eat here in the because it’s a little dangerous and we don’t want to go to crowded places since it’s Saturday and maybe there are a lot who already reserved their slots for dinner so we’re just going to cook our own food here in the house Yes, it’s hard to go outside and the wife is pregnant, you know. Later, join us in our dinner! Okay! To end our day, So this is our dinner date! So it’s a combination of Valentine’s and my birthday! So like what we’ve said, we didn’t go outside because she’s pregnant so it’s hard when there are a lot of people and so we can eat peacefully. So what I’ve cooked is Steak, we bought it in Landers What I did is I just fried it in oil and butter So it’s up to you, Well done, medium rare, it’s all up to you By the way, the steak I bought already has marinade It’s garlic and pepper That’s the one posted in the description We already bought the marinated one so we will not marinate anymore Then I cooked the mixed veggies where I cooked the Steak Those are just frozen mixed veggies It turned dark a bit because it absorbed the sauce of the Steak The the Pasta is from Clara Ole Red Pesto so, it’s our first time to taste this It smells good though
..It still has pesto guys It’s just, it’s Red Sauce Yes, red pesto because it has tomatoes on it Actually I just bought it by mistake What am I supposed to buy is the green one but when I realized, I am already at the counter So I just paid for it, then I saw it’s more expensive Then we added some Olives I didn’t put meat anymore You can put some tuna, (if you want) or something Because we already have Steak, so it’s more on side dish So we didn’t put meat anymore And then, we have Miso Soup Shaker:Cheers
Karen:Cheers So let’s taste the soup first! Good for appetizer! It’s delicious! Let’s taste this! Common! What will I eat first?
..Me, of course Steak! It’s tender!
..Yes, it is! It’s yummy! Lander’s steak is really yummy! and it’s cheap! 3 pcs for 200 plus (pesos) It’s really yummy, the marinade is really good because it really penetrated the beef so you don’t need sauces anymore We didn’t put anything at all, we just cooked it. In fairness, it is really delicious! Promise! Yummy! Shaker and I are both beef lover so it’s hard to please us when eating beef but this one is delicious Have you eaten the mixed veggies? Did it (mixed veggies) tasted like the sauce? So maybe we spent 500 for two We still have pasta in the kitchen, not just this serving We just didn’t put everything here But maybe 500 for the both of us? We’ve already saved a lot, Valentine’s and Birthday Not bad So we’re going to taste the pasta Don’t mind our clothes, well, we’re just in the house We didn’t think of dressing up anymore Let’s now taste the pasta! Yummy! It’s also yummy.. It’s just in the green pesto, there is a taste you know, like some leaves (LOL) Yes, the pesto taste is stronger? This one is not like that.. ..Because it has Red But it’s still yummy There are some people who don’t like pesto, so this is for them The taste is milder than the green pesto It’s not like a pure pesto It’s has a touch of tomatoes yes, but it’s not that sour yes, it’s not that sour like the green pesto Perfect Combination!!!! My husband is really good at inventing some dishes! I just though of it while in the supermarket if what will I cook He just thought of it
..well, it was a a success The beef is so tender The beef is so tender..
Maybe because it has been soaked in the marinade for a long time And the taste really gets until inside the beef. Really tasty inside Then the thickness is just enough It’ll do I know, the more expensive ones are thicker but…. ..next time
Next time Why did we just buy one? Huh?!? Why just one order? We should’ve bought and stocked a lot We’ll guys we just bought one because we’re not sure about the taste yet, but.. it’s yummy. I think this is the only one with marinade, the other ones don’t have anymore I can’t remember anymore. Let’s see next time! Oh, we’re going to Landers again! LOL Landers is life.
Actually there is an S&R near our place It’s a coincidence that Landers gave us free membership So…
..Thank you Landers for the free membership and PayMaya She has no more pasta
..It’s so yummy! The pasta is so Yummy! and because we’re just in the house, no need to think of our poise! You just eat there At least we don’t have to think of people on the other table (restaurant) There’s also miso soup I eat fast. I eat faster than him now I agree, before she’s really slow to eat Well, they are already 2 Seriously He’ll just be surprised that my food is already done Then, our drink for today since, we’re not allowed to drink wine we just bought Tamarind Juice from Locally From all the ones we’ve tasted from Locally, this is the one that we really liked.
..Yeah, this and Pomelo Well actually, there are a lot more. They have new ones But this is out new favorite The taste is really distinct The taste really is like a tamarind guys Do you know the tamarinds that are sold in a box (processed ones) The tamarind snacks The taste is like that Cheers Happy Valentine’s! Really delicious! All are delicious! Because I cooked it! You will eat everything today! I don’t have someone by my side anymore because she go and get pasta These recent months, I don’t know, she really eats fast before, she’s not like that I also asked her to get me some pasta, I almost finished too Second Round! Of course, his part is already included here! I’ll get some here But if there’s no camera, this would all be hers! more?
..yes Okay, let’s do the last bite! Cheers! Yummy! The baby just kicked! Worth it! Lander, I’m speechless Guys, there’s no food that we can’t eat in what we served today He’s really good at preparing meals Thank you for joining us on our simple dinner date So always remember that Valentine’s date doesn’t need to be too pricey, right? Yeah, you don’t need to spend too much Even though this is not Steak, even a simple dinner would do, it’s about the effort It’s about you being together, talking to each other, bonding. It’s already okay You’re together. The important thing is.. you have time to talk to each other Don’t forget that every day is Valentine’s day Not because there’s an occasion, that’s the time you’ll give your effort For us, it’s Valentine’s day every day And this is something you can do at least once a week, twice a week you don;t need to go outside, it depends on your schedule you don’t need to be stuck on traffic
..it’s also cheap! Because other say, “we don’t have time to go outside” At least this idea You are just in the house? Then you can cook Make it special Let’s cheers to that! Happy Valentine’s again and belated Happy birthday to me I’m already old Does he look like old? I’m already old. I’m 18! So thank you for joining us, until next time Until we eat again! Love, there’s some more! I’ll get the saucer! Yumi will eat a banana! She’s already eaten 1 whole banana

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