‘A Soldier’s Child’ sends gifts to Wichita girl for her birthday

IT’S A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION THAT MAKES BIRTHDAYS EXTRA SPECIAL FOR KIDS WHO HAVE LOST MILITARY PARENTS. A WICHITA GIRL WAS SENT TWO BIG BOXES FILLED WITH 13 GIFTS FOR HER 13TH BIRTHDAY KAKE’S MONICA CASTRO ATTENDED THE PARTY FOR THE BIG REVEAL. BIRTHDAYS CAN BE TOUGH WHEN YOU LOSE A PARENT. AMANADA SANCHEZ LOST HER DAD IN 2007 WHILE HE WAS ON ACTIVE DUTY. THROUGH SOLDIER’S CHILD — HER BIRTHDAY ISN’T FORGOTTEN. every year a box like this is sent to Amanda’s door. Each gift hand picked just for her birthday “it feels like I’m getting a present from my dad.” “it kind of makes it like my son is not really gone. It’s like he’s still serving in Iraq or some place else.” THESE GIFTS SENT WEEKS IN ADVANCE. “it’s really exciting when the boxes show up and it’s hard not to try and peak in.” INSIDE — NOT JUST PRESENTS BUT A SPECIAL NOTE We at a Soldier’s Child want you to know we haven’t forgotten about how big of a deal that is. AMANDA SAYS IT’S HARD NOT TO GET A LITTLE EMOTIONAL OPENING UP THE GIFTS… “when I open it , it makes me a little bit sad.” IT’S NOT ONLY A REMINDER OF HER DAD — BUT THAT STRANGERS CARE. “they take their own personal time to wrap every single gift and put it in a box and ship it.” A SOLDIER’S CHILD HELPING TO MAKE AMANDA’S BIRTHDAY MUCH MORE A SOLDIER’S CHILD HELPING TO MAKE AMANDA’S BIRTHDAY MUCH MORE MEMORABLE. THE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION SENDS OUT GIFTS UNTIL THE CHILD TURNS 18.

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