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your Breakfast Today I’ve come up with another vlog and it has been a long time since I did a vlog video so I thought for a vlog and also there’s a big surprise for me today you are so excited what’s the surprise Since I’ve scored good marks in exams you have given me a gift and now its Bhua’s turn. so she is gonna to give me a surprise gift today Anantya, your Bhua sent this Mickey’s t-shirt for you you can try it so I am ready and this Micky Mouse top is given by my bhua and I’ve wear this ripped denim jeans with it and this kitty hair band cause my hair are wet so I’ve kept my hair open now lets see when my bhua would come? and I am so excited to meet with my bhua and Anu now you think why I am studying? Actually she has got too late so meanwhile I am doing my homework and keep waiting for her wow she has come bhu you told me that you’ll bring a gift for me where is my gift? I’ve planned a surprise for you Anu what may be the surprise? I am gonna take you to a picnic wow!! and you know there are so many new slides & swings in that park where I am gonna take you today so both of you will enjoy a lot shall we go?? we’ll take these toys there ok pack your stuffs I’ve packed my bag lets go for the picnic. I am so excited Feeling hungry Bhua this surprise is too little. I want one more you know bhua it has been so long time since I gone for a picnic and today I’ve enjoyed the picnic today’s weather is so awesome and the park is well too bhua plz tell me what’s the surprise?? ok I’ll give you a hint do you know Mickey Mouse Birthday is coming on 18th November yes bhua but… think a bit more.. its a surprise whose box is this? Dadi who has kept this box in my room? whose box is this? I don’t know!! lets open it I am sure this bag pack is for Anu Wow this Mickey Mouse sequence changing t-shirt is so awesome and this is for Anu didi have this cup too. now Anu too will drink milk in this cup Anu this bowl is for you wow!! this is my childhood picture did you like my surprise?? I’ve seen it online and I need this bottle do you know Mickey’s Birthday is coming thats why Mickey has send these toys for you ok guys now get sleep with your Mickeys now Send Kashvi & Priyan to my place at 6 O’clock as we’re planning a surprise party leave Mayra to my place at 6’O clock yeah we’re planning for a surprise party everything gone perfect till now have they sleep well? yes.. I’ve called her friends at 6’Oclock now you wake them up and make ready for the party bhua all the gifts are best but that photo frame and ear phone are my favourite but bhua why do you making us ready? I thought to take you to outdoor somewhere bhu thats why you kept me there for so long do you know that Mickey’s birthday is on 18th November thats why I’ve planned for a party earlier so we’ll enjoy and then on Mickey’s birthday you’ll enjoy his birthday as you like so how was my surprise?? do you like it yeah its so awesome I’ve enjoyed a lot with my friends you know when I was a child I love Micky Mouse and whenever I see Mickey mouse toy in your hands and I feel like I become a baby again like you Anantya have you gone to Disney land in Paris? so have you met there with Mickey and her girlfriend Mini?? yes bhu I’ve met them I too met with one of his best friend Anaya do you know the meaning of FAB five No didi FAB five means Mickey, Mini, Donald, Goofy and Pluto Wow!!! FAB Five Walt Disney who have made Mickeys they wanted to do something different but no one had trust on theirs new and different thinking but they’ve strong belief in themselves and then they’ve made Mickey and then Mickey becomes world popular if you like this video let me know in the comments below also hit LIKE to this video and get this video to 100,000 LIKES also do let me know what vlog you want me to make Thanks Disney for these awesome and cute gifts follow me on Instagram to enjoy Behind the Scenes also SUBSCRIBE to my channel Mymissanand also SUBSCRIBE to my bhua’s channel Shrutiarjunanand will see you in my next video

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