A Super Fun Detour & Hangout With Lady-Friend in Phoenix

yep same old pricks here in Arizona what’s going on everybody that’s right
we got saguaro cactus here don’t get triggered but uh I’ve taken a little
detour about a hundred and forty miles south of route 66 here we are in Mesa
Phoenix area of Arizona I’m utilizing another one of my thousand trails
benefits here at Mesa spirit RV resorts I’m gonna be straight up with you this
is the nicest thousand trails I have ever been to and I hinted that kind of
route 66 being the theme but also don’t be surprised if I change things up
because I’m not holding myself to it I’m gonna want to try some other things and
as it turns out tomorrow my Seattle Seahawks are in town to play
the Arizona Cardinals I’ve never been to a football game in a stadium anywhere in
my entire life what better way to root on my Seahawks in the Red Sea territory
of Arizona yeah but there is something really unique about this facility right
here and that is that it is basically a 55 and older Plus community but actually
they’re referring to it as an adult only RV resort because as a Thousand Trails
member they actually void the 55 and older restrictions so I am probably the
youngest person here right now this time of year it’s still kind of empty the
snowbirds aren’t even here yet in Phoenix it’s still too warm upper 90s
still actually which reminds me I’m gonna sit under the shade here where
it’s a little less I’m actually nearing that time where I almost have to renew
my thousand trails membership and this isn’t really gonna be a review of that
or anything but in the next couple months I will be telling you why I’m
going to be renewing my zone pass my 575 annual and part of that has to do with
what’s going on right now with these prices I want to share some of these
quotes here the actual prices if you’re not a Thousand Trails member which is
most of the people here $86 a night to stay here or 621 dollars a week to stay
here let’s just pause right there 621 dollars a week to stay here the annual
pass for a thousand trails is 575 total for the entire year so you spend one
week here and you’ve made it back up your entire thousand trails membership
Oh plus electricity if you’re staying longer than four days get to pay for
your own electricity at your box the annual cost is seven thousand five
hundred and eighty eight dollars to stay here and there are people doing it
that’s crazy cost aside though we’re all different we
all have different things we want to do how often we want to move and stuff like
that for me the zone pass a thousand trails I am just killing it I am taking
advantage of it in so many ways and I’m still happy with it like completely
happy with it I’m gonna hit the pool later and cool down and tomorrow gotta
find a way to get over to the stadium the State Farm Stadium I think it’s
called in Glendale where the Arizona Cardinals have lost more games than any
other NFL team its fact but anyway I never used to really care
about pools when I heard about amenities like that and now I’m hooked on it I
mean now I’m actually now that I’m a Thousand Trails member and I get to see
these all over the country I love cooling down in these pools they’re
almost always empty for me on the road to that’s a hot tub
the Jets aren’t going right now but that is the largest hot tub I have ever seen
that’s pretty nice huh this room in here is one of four for exercise recreation
wins and it is massive one of the nicest fitness rooms I’ve ever seen look at all
these treadmills I wouldn’t know what to do with it look
at this place the ellipticals more treadmills they got some free weights
over here hey guys and some rowing machines this is pretty
amazing there’s also a golf simulator in the building next door this is just one
unit there’s four these units it is a massive RV resort if we take an aerial
look here there are hundreds and hundreds of sites with RVs tiny houses
single wives permanence rentals and travelers like me it is a May
see how big this complex is it is a true resort each site gets a gravel piece to
back up onto a concrete patio and a place to park your car and individual
mailboxes the individual mailboxes you bet I am taking advantage of that
because they have Amazon one-day delivery here in the Phoenix Mesa area
I’m using it and Amazon delivers their own Amazon delivery in one day with
tracking it shows you where they’re at how many stops are coming so stocking up
on a few things to make a future upgrade – and right outside my site like an
orange tree not exactly the healthiest of oranges but look there this is all my
section right here that’s my driveway if I had a car I mean this is this is one
of the nicest Thousand Trails I’ve ever been to every site here has 50 amp full
hookups I’d have to use my extender to get my sewer to reach over there but
yeah you better have an adapter because they don’t even have 30 amp here it’s
all 50 avid working on a few different projects like I like I mentioned I just
finished one of these smaller projects over here on this side got the idea from
campervan Kevin actually this is the coachmen mirada outdoor shower area and
hookups for water and dumping all that and it’s a it’s a full-time job keeping
the windshield clean so when cameraman Kevin showed what he did with his
outdoor shower I finally decided to just kind of copy what he did here so I took
the shower nozzle off the outdoor shower and replaced it with a 3/8 inch coupler
right there and then a 3/8 to 3/4 inch garden hose attachment then I got my
hose hooked into it to a standard sprayer nozzle here and I can just spray
I can get about what 10 15 feet there or go like this and spray down the
windshield or I can go wash the entire RV off my own water in the desert so
much better use with this than the outdoor shower I’ll never use the
outdoor shower but another handy use of that would be if you had a campfire you
know I can be one of the more nerd people out there to have the hose
ready just in case it starts to get away from me or something or we want to kill
the fire out real quick we’ve got this so that was one easy quick project under
eight dollars in parts there the other monster project is going on inside here
I’m just kind of storing some things right here right now well will I clean
it all up I got some holes to work on and stuff and I want to prepare this
area but I want to wait till it’s totally done and it’s an office before I
share it so you gotta wait a couple more videos while I’m still building this
okay Catman Jax hey buddy I’m gonna go to the game tomorrow okay
so you got air conditioning here in Arizona you’re gonna be a cool cat all
right I’ve made one change originally I thought that I was just gonna take the
motorcycle over to the stadium but just there’s two things going on one it’s
sports and I’m probably gonna want to drink so in it’s about 38 miles somehow
from this part in Mesa to the stadium in Glendale 38 miles I’m gonna take an uber
its $38 per trip but then again if I brought the motorcycle I would still
have to pay for parking the motorcycle it’s gonna mean so gonna get it uber it
tomorrow and go route on those Seahawks I’m just gonna keep working on my new
office space over here and I’ll cut back in in the moment well here I am in
Glendale Arizona home of the Cardinals but you wouldn’t think it because it’s
all Seahawks here I mean look this whole bar is full of
Seahawks fan Seahawks jerseys it’s a sea of blue here
in Glendale yeah that’s I love it and plus I love all the little shops around
here you know you can you can get your free game drink on or your postgame
drink on it might be meeting with a another youtuber here also gonna try to
track her down hanging out here at the Seahawks bar
here and there it’s a sea of Seahawks here hanging out with my new friends
Vanessa check it out I’ll put a link in the
video description there it is State Farm Stadium here in
Glendale Arizona little fun fact for you the Arizona Cardinals have lost more
games in that building than any other NFL team that is a fact really effects
let’s go enjoy the game well that’s it the game is over but it’s
quite here I can’t talk about what happened
necessarily I did my co-ops do Cardinals fans here we are downtown Glendale
celebrating a Seahawks win Vanessa celebrating the Seahawks win right now
we’re going to celebrate so she say it bitch you’re all did you
know you’re happy oh yeah yeah I had a great time at the game
obviously kind of tell my words were slurring there at the end a little bit
in the bars but now we we made the most of it stayed till late but this is a
really good sport about it too I’ll give her props for that I probably wouldn’t
have taken a loss as well as she did so that’s good and I’m glad I met her but
it’s time to get back to route 66 so that was a fun little break really
enjoyed my first professional football team stadium experience and it is an
absolutely gorgeous facility there it was so hot outside that they can just
close the roof and had air conditioning on in the stadium there it is a
beautiful beautiful place I would love to see another football game there I
highly recommend that one but yeah gotta get back on the road another video
coming in a few days take care guys you

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  1. Uuuuuuuhhhhhh Erick did u get some at least 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  2. Messa and Tuscon have some mighty nice RV parks. I've stayed in both areas. Spring Training in Messa is a great time to watch a baseball game.

  3. If you ever take in a home game….I know it's in the winter time and not fun in PNW…let me know! Even if you don't have a ticket to the game come tailgate!

  4. Dude that is an Encore Park not a Thousand Trails Park. Yes, it is part of your membership but it costs an extra $200+ per year 💋

  5. That looks like a really cool resort for someone who likes being around a lot of people. Unfortunately I'm not one of those people,lol

  6. Wow! Mesa and Glendale are so much different than in the 60's, when I was a teen. I've been able to see modern Scottsdale, also. I will forever miss the adobe style buildings along the street, and all the vendors in the courtyards. I have to stop waiting to see those great things, as they are gone forever.

  7. Welcome to The Bird Nest Eric!! Wish we coulda had a lil can o' whoopazz for you at the stadium. Lol. All kidding aside, that stadium is really awesome, is it not? Only been to one game and had to carry tissue for the nosebleeds and elevation meds we were so close to the roof, haha. Thats ok, tix were freethirty and the video screen is ginormous.
    Glad to see you had such a good time.
    Beware oranges that look too good to be true in Phoenix/Mesa. They are sometimes just ornamental and bitter as the tears from and old maid. 😯
    Love your side trip. It was great, you wouldn't like it she said to the triggered folks. 😘
    🌵🌵🌵 Safe travels Eric n Jax. We got pests here in AZ. 🦎🦂🕸🦟🕷🌞

  8. Do they have no generator times at these sites? I couldn't be parked next door withe someone running a genny 24/7.

  9. This is one of your BEST VIDEOS EVER MAN VIVA EL SALVADOR haha I hope you see this Eric ur a cool guy man , i feed off ur enthusiasm

  10. Your such a nut!! Lol great video!!! I sold my 2016 Coachmen and just bought my new 2020 Jayco!! Heading to Arizona November 1st!! I will join Thousand Trails!!!!!

  11. Wow! That stadium is amazing, as well as the outside bars and shops! That's how it's done. I predict you will go to many more games now. Hell you can plan out a trip based on the Seahawks schedule.

  12. WHile I thought it was wierd that your seats were in the Cardinals area. There was a lot of red in the stadium. I was wondering where all the Seahawks fans were in the stadium. Glad you two hung out together and had a good time.

  13. Looks like she was fun to hang out with. Here, we go to Indianapolis Colts games, nice stadium there too.

  14. Nov 11, Eric. A date that you can flag. Hope you can get a ticket. Levi Stadium will be a real sea of red. Seahawks v 49ers.

  15. If you decide to take Jax out during the day, test the cement first. If you can stand on it barefoot for 7 seconds then it’s okay for him otherwise wait because the cement heats up and holds the heat. You don’t want his paws to burn. 🙀

  16. Your friend is a very awesome nice and fun person. Is she available for you to date? It looked like you guys were having a great time.

  17. Close the roof? A/C? You have to come to a Green Bay Packer game sometime…now that's an experience ! 😉 Thanks for sharing, and scratches to Jax. ……peace

  18. Wait don't leave Phoenix yet! Let me show you around my neck of the woods and buy you dinner how about PF Chang's? I also just picked up some of the best MM… Check me out on Facebook Judy Lee Biltmore area in Phoenix. I'm one of your biggest fans but I don't write or comment very much. I'm glad I found out you were here. I hope I didn't miss you. Stay in touch if you can. Bye for now.

  19. Also, I used to live in Mesa. Live in North Phoenix now. But you can't leave Mesa without seeing Goldfield or the Superstitions. Let me show you these places. We would laugh our heads off I already know.

  20. Next time stay in Sun City. The place i work is owned by els who owns thousands trails. And.we are very close to the stadium. Address 10950 w union hills dr Sun City AZ

  21. Finally we're getting to the good stuff. What Rv nomad life would be complete without an office/workspace area.

  22. Eric, with your Zone pass, how did you get into the Encore Park there? Just curious, unless you are a Trails Collection member as well.

  23. Great vids Eric. It may have been a video or two before where you had the drone recording while you your driving showing the RV on the road. Amazing. It was like 2 seconds but you put in some time to do that. I respect those little things. Shows you care so much to put effort like that in. Nice work!

  24. Dude I'm a new subscriber from Scotland in the UK. Love your channel. I'm currently working my way through your back catalogue of videos. One thing I don't get…. Why all the online haters? Jezo, some folk really have it in for you. I can't understand why. If they don't like you, just don't watch your videos.. It's that simple. They are actively seeking out your videos, even tho they dislike you… That's just weird.

  25. Yahoo ! I’ve been following Seahawks since Pete Carrol took over (okay I admit it I think he’s good looking).
    Fun video

  26. Been following you for a month now and have watch a number of you older videos and really enjoy your travels. I am wondering if you have ever been through my city in Washington State, Spokane on the East side of the state? If you have not I think you followers would really enjoy River Front Park located in downtown Spokane. It is the location of the 1974 World’s Fair. It is beautiful with the Spokane River flowing through it, and the city has just put 17 million dollars in awesome upgrades and improvements. Just an idea for you to consider. If you were to come through Spokane I would love to meet you and Jax.

  27. I live in Mesa currently on the border of Apache Jct., but I never heard of that Mesa Spirit RV resort. I was at the State Farm Stadium once FOR AN RV SHOW. 😂 i used to live in Buckeye AZ. Glad you had a good time. Enjoyed your video.

  28. * Love the "bling" necklace…..I will have to get one in "America's Team" colors……..always enjoy your videos….*

  29. I was traveling through Mesa in January, stayed next to the superstition Mountains, in bulldog canyon, you do need a permit to camp but it's free and easy to get. Beautiful place.

  30. Love this video, love the resort. Mesa usually is cooler than some places in AZ. Your videos are so much fun now. Yes! Hug to Jax. Vanessa was fun. Have a great time. 🤗🐈🙋🏼‍♀️💖😻

  31. Well, you have convinced me to get the Thousand Trails pass. You are so enthusiastic about it. You should become an affiliate.

  32. Ty….ler Lock….ett…Kansas State University product. Yep The WildCats are my college team. Glad you are a Seahawks fan.

  33. Lots of fun at the game! My husband is a fananic when it comes to Seahawks! He's the sports editor at The Fairbanks Daily-Miner and gets to cover games at ground zero. Looking forward to meeting you on the road next year!

  34. I remember going to my first professional Game I preformed during half time I was in high school. Its was just amazing! Safe travels.

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