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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world so
here’s a little Thanksgiving Day tip for you you know lots of times there will be
an adult table and a kid’s table and you know the kids are usually seated
someplace like in the kitchen or wherever and they’re all by themselves
so here’s an idea for keeping your kids occupied and happy why not create little
tiny goodie bags for them at the table those little goodie bags can just be
very simple things they could be coloring book and crayons they could be
a little Lego set they could be dice and a little book on
playing games with dice they could be playing cards lots of little different
things maybe little craft projects like little beaded necklaces whatever it is
that you know intrigues your children who are sitting at that table number one
it makes them feel special number two it gives them something fun to do if they
are done with their dinner and you don’t want them coming and sitting in your lap
while you’re eating your dinner so that’s my quick tip for your
Thanksgiving Day create a little something special for each of those
little kids who happens to be sitting at the kids table for more great ideas
check us out Sophie-world.com

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  1. It's so funny that "the kids table" is an international term. I remember when I "graduated" from the "kids table"…. I was like…. "wait…. No….. What?????" 🤣

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