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  1. I hope you're okay Cupcake. Please hold on and keep your faith, patience, and strength against this evil Camille. A survivor to a survivor; you will make it out and through this predicament baby girl. This is only temporary. Evil cannot snuff out the magic that's within you. You are fire, you are everything. Hold strong and steady!!!! Please stay well, please dont let go

  2. So glad to see so many people trying to help find this baby. I so wish it wasn't even necessary. I've been praying since I first heard of this Sat night and I will continue to pray until she's found and this is resolved. This is happening all too often. Once is too many times. #bringcupcakehome

  3. I had a dream this morning seeing a man leave a house with a young girl and a woman was given money and she left the house in the opposite direction. It was a woman that gave her the money.

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