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One of the problems I face as a woman is being objectified. I always feel that I am more than just my physical appearance, colour or weight. Any choice you make if you are a woman, you will be questioned because you are a woman. For example, I was told not to go for journalism or Mechanical Engineering because that’s not a white-collar job. And that’s not meant for women. I was raised without a father and mother. I started working since I was 6 years old. During my good old days, I remember being harassed by men on streets and it was the temerity in us that kept us going. Though my parents did not make me feel any less of a girl, my extended family, I saw a lot of instances where women toiled in the kitchen all-day and they were not even allowed to eat first. In my younger days, the men used to feel that it is their duty to look after women and so we were not expected to go out and work. Right from my childhood, one thing the bothered me was being a girl, I was not supposed to make noise, speak out loud or even laugh out loud. I feel I was told all these on me because I was a lady. In my work place, as a woman, I have to make sure that I do not appear bossy. Like it is very stereotypical of women if they are giving out their opinion, sometimes they are considered bossy. So I kinda face that in my work place. I am a person who works for daily wages. Maybe because of that, I can’t remember a time when I was happy about being a woman. I am happy to spend my time with my children and grandchildren and I always feel proud and accomplished to have been able to give them good education and good qualification. I feel all mothers should make it a point to educate their children, both boys and girls and start from their homes the idea of gender equality. Everyday I do a lot of things which makes me feel good about myself being a woman, like putting on the red lipstick, going to the parlour, putting on a nice dress and also meeting my girlfriends where I can be just myself and as a woman I feel feisty and fuller and just myself. My idea of celebrating womanhood is by having a strong sisterhood in my life and having women role models whom I can look up to and celebrating the little things in my life. My idea of celebrating womanhood is to support and uplift the women around me speak for them, lend them a helping hand whenever they need it, in which ever way I can, speak for them, lend them a helping hand whenever they need it, support their ideas and businesses, and celebrate their little little achievements.

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  1. Being a woman and live as a woman are quite challenging! Family restrictions, prejudices regards gender roles, social barriers, violence against women are still prevalent in the society. This video is an excellent illustration of women's problems, opinions and their idea of celebrating womenhood. Proud to be a women# Hats off to the hands behind this short vedio# Nice vedio!

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