A Very Expensive Dinner

(upbeat music) Hi, Merrill, you were charged with doing a 31 miles an hour in a school zone, on Reservoir Avenue. Yes. And the speed limit is 20. Yes. So, how do you plead? I am guilty of that. That was actually-
You’re guilty? From what I remember, ’cause I know I had two of them, one of them I’ve already paid. Oh, you’re a repeat offender. Pardon me? You’re a repeat offender. (Merrill sighing) You’re an incorrigible repeat offender, is that what you are? Yeah, I’ve been very careful since then. (Frank laughs) But, the second time around, I do remember following the vehicle that was in front of me. I’m not sure if it’s shown on the video. So, they were leading you down the wrong path in a way. Pretty much, I wasn’t paying attention. So, I’m admitting to my guilty. So, you followed the person in front of you. And I tell my kids, you can’t be a follower in life, you have to be a leader. And so you’re supposed to set the example. I was in my thoughts at the time, while I was driving. You were in a fog? Yeah, I just got out of work and I was on my way to get dinner. (laughs) Oh, it wasn’t on your way to work. So, food was on my mind. It was four o’clock in the afternoon. Yeah, I get off work for four. All right, so you’re guilty. I am. How guilty are you, like really guilty? Well, in this case, I’ll pay the 50. Merrill, not withstanding the fact that you plead guilty and you’re throwing yourself on the mercy of the court, you know, and saying I’m an honest person. I just was late and I ordered dinner, and I wanted to make sure that dinner was on time.
Yes. And that it wasn’t cold, and I worked all day, and I work so hard, but I’m guilty, I was speeding. The answer is, you’re not guilty, okay? On this reason, you were charged with doing 31, which is one mile over, so I dismiss all the tickets at 31. Okay. So, I’m gonna ask you again, are you guilty or not guilty? Not guilty. You’re not guilty, of course not. And why are you not guilty? ‘Cause I am innocent. (laughs) No, but why, what’s the rationale? Let’s see if you were listening to me. Yes, the rationale was, you know, I worked all day. No, no, no, I understand that you were tired, you worked all day. I was tired, I was working all day, I had a lot on my mind and I wanted to get home and have dinner. (Frank laughs) That’s her story and she’s sticking to it, judge. Who wants to care about the plus or minus, the 31? But, what’s the legal rational, the legal rationale? The legal rationale is that you dismissed a speeding of 30 miles per hour, I was at 31, one mile above. (Frank laughs) All right, the legal rational is that I assume that the city exercises its discretion in every case. Thank you. I give the motorers the benefit of the doubt. Unless you don’t want the benefit of the doubt? Do you want the benefit of the doubt? No. No. Of course you do, don’t listen to him! He’s the prosecutor! He’s leading the people the wrong way, I guess! He’s trying to get you to pay the $50! He’s worried about his-
I’m a little nervous so. I’m the one fightin’ for the guilty. You’re the one fightin’ for the not guilty! (laughs) (laughs) Oh, goodness. He’s fighting for his penchant, he must need to pay the 50 bucks. I need a lot more contribution than that $50. I’m here to do justice, he’s fighting for his penchant. (prosecutor laughs) The matter’s dismissed. Thank you so much. Come on, how cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune in to Caught in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Caught in Providence is also a TV show? Oh, wow, you’re life just got substantially better! To find out what channel we’re on, go to caughtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your home town, then start doin’ your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it, nice! All rise and hit subscribe, so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one! Share these videos and weigh in on the cases! You be the judge, subscribe now!

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  1. The Judge first says the speed limit is 20, but then dismisses the summons for having done 31 in a 30 zone.

    Was the dismissal correct?

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  3. She was looking to Inspector Quinn and he said no. That was funny. Inspector Quinn is just awesome. 😂😂😂😂

  4. I don’t understand this one like many. She was doing 11 MPH over the school zone speed limit and they are dismissing these. I guess the children don’t have to to be safe like the parents picking them up as well.

  5. I don't like this, not at all. This is School Zone for God's sake. This is encouraging wrongdoings even in school zone and potentially to children.

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