A Week of Cheap, Healthy Dinner Recipes

This one bag of groceries costs less than
50 dollars and makes five healthy dinners. So what’s on the shopping list? Find out now.
To cut down on your grocery bill, here are the ingredients to put in your bag this week.
Don’t worry, we’ll give you the full shopping list at the end of the video. Make sure you
have these pantry staples before you shop. On Monday, coming in at under $2.50 per serving,
is meatless Brussels Sprout & Potato Hash. All you need is an onion, frozen shredded
hash browns, Brussels sprouts, Parmesan cheese and eggs. This dish provides your recommended
daily dose of vitamin C, too. On Tuesday, try one-pot Chickpea & Chorizo Fideos for
under $2 per serving. Using whole-wheat pasta, garlic, tomatoes, chickpeas, scallion and
chorizo for that smoky flavor, this is a delicious Spanish spin on spaghetti with meat sauce.
On Wednesday, you’ll serve up Pork Milanese with mashed sweet potato, using pork tenderloin,
one egg, dry whole-wheat breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, sweet potatoes, reduced-fat sour cream
and fresh sage. On Thursday, you’re using the other half of the whole-wheat pasta for
Creamy Mustard Chicken. You’ll also need quick-cooking thin chicken cutlets, shallots, reduced-fat
sour cream and fresh sage for this meal. Smother everything in a velvety light mustard sauce.
On Friday, you’ll make Chard & Chorizo Frittata with our remaining grocery ingredients: eggs,
scallions, Parmesan cheese, chard, chorizo and hash browns. Coming in at under two dollars
per serving, this easy budget meal is the perfect way to end a long week. Get these
five healthy recipes plus a shopping list for the whole week at www.eatingwell.com/onebag.

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  1. This tiny bag of groceries with one leaf in it costs just under 50$ that's very cheap and extremely healthy 😉 not

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