So it’s Monday night and tonight’s dinner
is a very quick, easy, healthy but also yummy dinner. I picked up one of these when I was
shopping. It’s an Old El Paso set and it’s a soft taco one, so basically you just buy
this. It comes with a few of the bits that you need, like the spice for the meats and
the tacos themselves, and the salsa. And then it also tells you what else you need to buy
to create these tacos. And I love this because I can just have it in my cupboard by the ingredients
that I need and it takes about 10 minutes to create a whole family dinner, so I’ll show
you how it is all laid out. Basically in this kit here you get the soft
tacos, the salsa, and also the seasoning that goes onto the meat and then you just have
to buy the mincemeat itself. We’ve got the 5% mince meat, and then some sour cream, some
tomatoes, some lettuce, and then some grated cheese or basically whatever you would want
in a taco. And then basically you just have to build them. I put these into the microwave
for about 15 to 30 seconds just to make them soft and then you can fill them up. And it’s
a really yummy dinner. So it’s Tuesday now and tonight we’re having
two different dinners. I’m making Gammon steaks and a rice and veg for the boys, but we are
having a spicy tuna pasta that we really love. It’s just a recipe that we really fancied
but obviously because there’s chili in it, it’s too hot for the kids. So it’s a really
quick one and it takes 10 minutes to make and it’s a Gwyneth Paltrow recipe.
So all you’re going to need for this recipe is some pasta. We’ve got some brown pasta,
some tuna in oil, some capers anchovies, crushed chilies, a lemon, and then some green olives.
And we just buy the most basic ones that are pitted, they taste just as yummy in this pasta.
Okay, so I think I’ll talk this one through with you. I normally put on some brown pasta
and then heat up the capers until they pop and then I’d take them back out of the frying
pan and put in some garlic paste, crushed chilies, and then about four to five anchovies
depending on how big they are. And then you basically heat that altogether
until the anchovies breakdown and it’s kind of like a bit of a paste as well. Then you
add in the tuna in oil, which you have drained. And then the green olives as well. I like
to cut mine just so that they go that little bit further. And then you add the capers back
in and basically just serve that on top of pasta. It doesn’t look very saucy, but it
is so delicious. And then I just squeeze on some lemon before I serve and yeah, it’s really
yummy. For the boys pudding I’ve got them each, a
little gingerbread man. Whenever I go into Costa’s, I can’t help but pick these up at
the till, one for each of them. So I’ve got a Godfrey one and an Annie one and Caleb’s
already got his one as well. So yeah, they love these.
Right? So tonight for dinner we’re having a sausage casserole in the slow cooker. This
is such an easy recipe. It’s just the one that is on this Colman’s sausage casserole
sachet. So you add in a pepper, eight sausages, onion, mushrooms as well water. And then like
the contents of the sachet. And I’ve just left it on low for eight hours and we’re going
to have it with some mash and then Fraser is going to have rice because he prefers it
with that. But you can kind of have it with either. So yes, that is dinner. And I’ve actually
gone into more detail about exactly how to make this and I show how I make it in my last
video. That was get it all done in a day video. So if you want to see it like in more detail,
you can check out there as well. Hi guys. So it’s Thursday night now and tonight
I’m making our favorite one pot recipe. This is a pasta dish that is vegetarian and it’s
so delicious. I’ve made it every single week since I discovered this recipe in Women’s
Health Magazine. I also showed this in my dinner hacks video, so you may have already
seen this. But you basically do exactly as it says. You put everything into one pot and
cook it up and it’s so delicious. I’ll show you what goes into it.
This is the pot that I use for my one-pot recipes because it’s nice and big, so basically
in that I’m frying up some red onion and three different types of peppers. Then you also
put in some vegetable stock to cook the pasta in and you put in some garlic paste, some
tomato puree, loads of cherry tomatoes that just completely cooked down and some parsley
as well. And you just cook it all in there for about 12 minutes. And then I add in a
tiny bit of cream and a ball of mozzarella cheese and it’s honestly so yummy. You have
to try this one if you haven’t already. So yes I’m just going to cook it all out and
I like that I only dirty like one big pot. Hi guys. You might notice I’m a slightly different
skin tone now because in between the filming of the other meals and this one we’ve been
on holiday. But I really wanted to carry this video on and just add another meal. Because
in the week that I was filming, we went out for dinner one night for pizza for Matt’s
mom’s birthday and we had leftover pasta one night. But tonight we’re having a very easy
simple like snacky dinner. It’s a Friday and at school for the boys on Friday they have
fish Friday, so they either have fish and chips or a fish finger Friday. I think a lot
of UK schools do that. So because they’ve had quite a good lunch, they’re having these
little English muffin pizzas for dinner. I talked about these ages ago on my channel.
It’s just a really simple, quick like snacky dinner. So I’ll show you how we make them.
So all you’ll need for the English muffin pieces are some English muffins, which I’ve
cut in half and toasted. Then we just put a little bit of tomato puree on top of them
and spread it out. Some grated mozzarella cheese and then any toppings your kids like
tonight I’ve just got some ham, some red pepper, some olives if they want to do a face or some
eyes. And then I’ve also got some red pepper for the side because my kids really love red
pepper as you probably noticed in this video. So yeah, I normally let the kids make these,
stick them under the grill for a few minutes and it’s just really simple pizza.
Right. So that’s it for this video. I really hope you enjoy some of my ideas. If you did
give it a big thumbs up because that’s a really good indicator to me whether I should make
more content like this. But yes, thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you in my next
one. Bye guys. Bye bye. Bye bye.

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