A World Of Difference 都市狂想 EP 01 – Marriage License 结婚执

(Marriage Licence – Part 1) Want to get married?
Then you need to get a marriage licence We have a series of courses lined up for you
at True Love Licence Centre Only 20% of our graduates
end up in a divorce We have the latest AI facilities…and well-equipped classrooms
with virtual simulationTrue Love Licence Centre –opening doors for marriages Look I’ve successfully registered an account
on this app called “True Love” Quite a few pretty girls are using it These dating apps are all the same Those girls only look good in photos Haven’t you heard that
photos (zhaopian) can be deceiving (pian)? They’re meant to trick fools like you Oh, please You have to get a marriage licence
to register an account on this app Also, the girls on this app are serious
about finding a partner Look at this Amanda Wu, 28 years old Not bad, right? Doesn’t she look familiar though? I feel like I’ve seen her before She’s the office lady I dated last year I’m Eason -I’m Amanda Or you can call me “boyfriend”,
if you prefer No wonder she looks familiar Turns out she’s from your list of… What do you mean “list”? I neither cheat nor have one-night stands She’s an ex-girlfriend, okay? Why don’t you help me take a look? Let me know which of them
are your ex-girlfriends That’ll save my blushes You’re exaggerating I don’t get you Why do you want to get married so badly? They say marriage is the tomb of love.
Why dig your own grave? I’m sure you’re aware that… only married couples enjoy
housing subsidies and tax rebates And the higher the marriage licence ranking,
the higher the tax rebate I know When two people with
Class 5 marriage licences get married, they can purchase a flat
with an interest-free loan Right? -Exactly Unlike you, I don’t have a rich dad Excuse me I haven’t taken a single cent from him
since I started working Right There’s no point in discussing
the meaning of marriage… with a playboy like you anyway You speak as if you’re an expert, but you only got
the lowest-ranking Class 3 licence You think it’s easy
to get a marriage licence? How hard can it be? I just can’t be bothered to get one I’m sure someone like me
can get a Class 5 licence easily Mister, your body’s weak
if that hurts so badly And Class 5? I doubt you’ll even get a licence at all Excuse me, masseuse, you’re using too much strength SorryIt’s the last performance
of your dad’s European tour the day afterWe’ll be back on WednesdayRemember to be home for dinner
this weekend Got itAlso,your dad and I will be celebrating
our 35th anniversary at the end of the monthRemember to make time for thatAnd your dad wants you
to bring a date along Again? Any woman will do, right?You know what your dad’s likeI’m sure you know his standards Why do we always follow his standards? Mum, you’re a person, not his accessory Don’t centre your life around him He doesn’t treat you as his equal.
Why celebrate this unhappy marriage? If you decide to divorce him one day, I’ll throw a celebratory party for youWhere’s my ginseng tea?It’s ready.
I left it on the bedside tableIt’s cold. Make another cupWhy is the TV still on?I told you
the noise from the TV distracts meAlso, the room’s a little warm.
Go and lower the temperatureI’ll go and help your dad first Sure, go and help him We can chat when you’re backTake good care of yourself For a client as pretty, smart
and classy as Ms Ong, we have to produce the best concept We can’t let you down You’re such a smooth talker.
No wonder the company’s doing really well Don’t worry, Ms Ong With Eason on this project,
I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed All right, I’m counting on you then Thank you Thanks Bye Take care Wow, Eason. You rock, man She was so grumpy when she arrived I thought we were doomed To think you managed to make her
leave with such a big smile We’re better off
without demanding clients like her, who thinks she knows everything What a waste of our time
explaining things to her All right, our most capable
creative director Ms Ong likes you so much,
and her company has set aside a big budget Please just bear with it Eason, we’re counting on you
for our annual bonus Anyway, we have a meeting
with another client in 10 minutes You guys can start preparing for it.
I’ll wait for them outside Okay Thanks, Lynn Oh, by the way, you must do your best
to clinch the deal They’re the most popular
jewellery brand in Asia We only got this opportunity… because their previous ad agency
failed to meet the standards Don’t worry. Leave it to me She’s Claire Tan, AC&R’s marketing director He’s Melvin Sim, our managing director And he’s Eason Lim, our creative director Hi, I’m Eason Nice to meet you Let’s talk inside This is our flagship product
for the second half of the year – the Blue Sapphire series Blue sapphire isn’t mainstream
in the jewellery market, but we realized that… more and more consumers
who prefer unique products… are choosing blue sapphires
to mark important occasions Blue sapphire symbolizes
faithful and everlasting love, and has always been a suitable choice
for wedding rings The pure blue tone we chose
also symbolizes loyalty We’re hoping that this series of rings
will be couples’ top choice Take Edward Lim and his wife for example I don’t think… they’ve worn blue sapphire jewellery It’s true that they haven’t But Edward Lim is
a world-renowned pianist, and he and his wife have been married
for over 30 years They’re the model couple today I think they can really bring across
our brand’s key message this year – “pledging to stay together
in life and in death, “hand in hand forever” I hope this series will come to be synonymous
with a couple’s commitment If we can use the song My One and Only
that Edward Lim composed for his wife… in our ad, it’ll come together perfectly
with our theme Linking the gem with love is a great idea Unfortunately, this isn’t a unique concept I think it’s a pity
to limit your target audience to couples A lot of people today
don’t strive for everlasting love, and there’s also
a new wave of feminism Why not take this chance
to change your key message? AC&R is the top brand for wedding rings Couples have always been our target audience,
and that will never change Besides targeting couples
who are preparing to get married, we also hope to attract more
long-time married couples with this series, like Edward Lim and his wife We want them to consider
buying our Blue Sapphire series… when they celebrate
their wedding anniversaries I’ve always admired
how AC&R dares to try new things Weddings used to be associated
with the colour white, and people didn’t think much
of your Black Gold series, but you managed to use
a series of marketing tactics… to make a black gold ring
the in thing for proposals Similarly, we can market
blue sapphire jewelleries… as the must-have fashion accessories
for modern women today I must admit that you make sense, but that isn’t enough to convince us
to change our marketing strategy Okay Give me one week I’ll come up with
a comprehensive marketing plan We can continue our discussion
if I manage to convince you then How does that sound? Okay, you have one week Thank you for this opportunity I’m looking forward to it It’s truly my lucky day today I got to meet a gorgeous
and remarkable woman like you May I have the honour
of having dinner with you? Are you available tomorrow night? Tomorrow night? I’ll be in town tomorrow night Maybe next time See you then This painting uses bold and distinct colours An excellent piece of work indeed I didn’t think you’d actually find me Town isn’t a small area, but I know that it’s the opening night
of Master Ma’s art exhibition You definitely won’t miss out on
the work of such an amazing artist You’re that confident I’d show up? I’m not only confident… but also patient I’ve been walking around this exhibition
for two and a half hours, and I’ve seen every painting
at least three times But I believe… I’ll eventually see… the person I want to see most There’s a unique perfume scent
wafting through the air It told me you’re here… even before I saw you Is this how you usually pick up girls? I’m only honest with the girl I like Is that so? Then do you have a marriage licence? Marriage licence? Claire, we haven’t even started dating Aren’t we moving a little too quickly? Don’t get me wrong What I mean is,
I hold a Class 5 marriage licence So, I prefer to date someone
who also has a Class 5 marriage licence How else would I know
that he’s worth my time? Surely I don’t need a licence
to prove that? Are you afraid that you’d fail? I’m not afraid Fine, I’ll woo you
with a Class 5 marriage licence You’d better not reject me then Well, we shall see This is ridiculous Why haven’t I passed
after so many attempts? And now I’m not allowed to retry? I’m free to get married.
Who are you to stop me? This is an infringement of my rights! I want to talk to your supervisor! Hello I’m the supervisor It’s the government who mandates
the need for marriage licences, not us We’d also like to inform you that… our series of tests have shown
that you have severe violent tendencies I advise you to see a psychologist You’ll have a better chance
of getting a licence then I have violent tendencies? Who said so? Can’t a person with violent tendencies
get a licence and get married? Don’t be rash, sir Who are you?
This is none of your business! You’ve failed seven times.
Do you know what that means? That means you have
severe violent tendencies If you’re allowed to get married,
you’ll harm yourself and your partner Once again,
I advise you to see a psychologist Security! Let go of me! You’re going to pay for this! Thank you for your help -Are you here to get a licence?
-Yes Aren’t you the guy in the ad? I thought you were the spokesperson Turns out you’re the supervisor Besides being the supervisor,
I’m also a qualified marriage consultant Since we’ve crossed paths today,
let me help you process your registration Please follow me Mr Lim First time? Yes Congratulations on moving on
to the next phase in life We’d now like you to provide information
for your simulation test What’s that? The information helps us simulate
a virtual environment specially for you If you have a girlfriend, you can give us her information, and it’ll be very exciting If not, you can give us the information
of someone you like Just a reminder – it’s all just a virtual simulation It’s not real Okay I’ll send you her photo I’ve received it She’s very pretty You look great together Okay We’ve got the rest of the information Perfect! I’ll now send you the test manual for men You may study that for the theory test “In a marriage, it is important
to listen to what your partner needs “It is less of ‘me’ and more of us’ ” This is easy. Everyone knows this You have to pass the theory test
before moving on to the simulation course I’ve done the test before,
so I can tell you this – don’t take it too lightly, because it’s not easy
to get a marriage licence But the contents aren’t difficult These are all old-fashioned theories“In a marriage,
you have to be willing to contribute,“make promises…“and be understanding and forgiving
of your partner’s actions“True or false?”Of course it’s true“If your partner makes a mistake
that angers you,“you should…“A – reprimand them,“B – stay rational…“and wait for your partner to calm down
before communicating,“C – give your partner the cold shoulder
and wait for their apology,“D – talk things out immediately”I would go with option C,but the model answer has to be option B Time’s upLike I said, the test is a piece of cake Hello We meet again I’m not only your instructor today
but also your examiner This virtual simulation facility
is where we conduct practicals Based on the information
you’ve provided, we’ve created a test environment
just for you Hold up your hand Everything’s ready Please put on the VR goggles Your test will begin shortly Wow! This is so realistic! It looks just like my apartment I’m married? Hubby You’re back. Dinner’s ready Did you just call me… “hubby”? What else should I call you then? This test is way too realistic! Huh? Oh, nothing You can call me “hubby” Come on, let’s have dinner Wow, this is so real What is so real? I mean, I’m really happy to see you I hardly cook,
so the dishes aren’t very presentable I’m not sure if they taste good Can you try them? I’m sure they taste delicious These look like they were prepared
by a five-star chef They’ll definitely taste delicious Does it taste bad? That’s not it I’m just wondering… how it’s possible
for you to be such a good cook This tastes great You’re so good at cooking Really? It’s so salty! Is it? Sorry, I must’ve forgotten
and added salt twice Don’t eat this.
Try something else No, it’s okay Look, this fried egg looks great Smells great too It’s delicious I feel so blessed Dear, what happened? Dear? You’ve failed the test How can the fried egg be delicious
when it tastes sweet? Yes, you should praise your partner, but aren’t untruthful praises
the same as lies? When you do that,
she will not only feel uncomfortable… but also not feel your sincerity You’re talking to your wife, not a client Let’s move on to the next testWow, this test is awesome!I get to see Claire in her pyjamas Hubby, I’m so angry What happened?
Who made my darling angry? That annoying boss of mine I don’t know
how he got to that position He doesn’t do any work in the office He only knows how to nitpick He was the one
who approved the proposal, yet he feigned ignorance
when the CEO raised questions… and then said I didn’t run it by him Isn’t he horrible? Yeah, he’s horrible Oh, my poor darling We’ll go and eat your favourite
Japanese cuisine this weekend, okay? Okay Hubby, do you have time
to go shopping with me? I want to buy a pair of shoes We can also buy your mum’s birthday gift
while we’re at it I saw this pink wool coat
the other day It’s very pretty She can wear it
when she travels with your dad Hubby? Okay What did your wife say just now? She said… She complained about her boss… not doing work Good And what did your wife want to do
during the weekend? What did she want to buy, and why? What colour did she choose? She said she wanted to eat out
and go shopping during the weekend She wanted to buy slippers You’ve failed the test She wanted to buy a pair of shoes… as well as your mum’s birthday gift, which is a pink wool coat
that she can wear when she travels Well, you’ve failed Morning Why isn’t the marketing
and advertising proposal… for the Blue Sapphire series
ready yet? Relax. Have a seat and I’ll explain The ad agency suggested a new concept They’ll pitch it to me later We might not use it, but there’s no harm reviewing the options
for our marketing campaign The CEO is paying a lot of attention
to the Blue Sapphire series Don’t worry I’ll complete the proposal
before the CEO’s deadline I’ll hold you to your word You’re on your own
if the CEO isn’t satisfied with it It really isn’t easy
trying to get a marriage licence I told you And it’ll only get harder But you can take the chance
to relax today -Don’t think about…
-Hey! What’s wrong with you? Are you giving me a massage
or venting your anger on me? I’m sorry.
Let me get you a different masseuseEh?What a familiar scent I remember the scent of your perfume… and how you like to break chopsticks I think… you need this Don’t worry Your secrets are safe with me Subtitles: CaptionCube

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