A World Of Difference 都市狂想 EP2 – Marriage License 结婚执照 II

(Marriage Licence – Part 2) Don’t worry Your secrets are safe with meMy parents have high expectations of me I’ve not been allowed to cry, make a fuss
or lose my temper since I was little I had to be the best at everything,
be it studies or sports I’m not sure when it began, but I started breaking things
as a way to release my pent-up emotions Actually, it does help to relieve stress No wonder you’re so strong Have you forgotten? I got a taste of your strength myself I think breaking chopsticks is no longer
enough to help you destress That’s why you’re working as a masseuse
at Vicky’s dad’s massage parlour Do you think
there’s something wrong with me? No People are so stressed nowadays It’s normal to get emotional At least you’ve found a way
to release those emotions Society has set
too many restrictions on us We should give ourselves
more space and freedom So, that’s why you suggested
changing the target audience to singles That’s right I think freedom’s more precious
than the idea of “forever” Love shouldn’t have any constraints Only then… will we not miss… the one who matters I’m going to go and shower Don’t worry I’ll be quick Why are you here? You’ve failed the test How could I have failed? I’m very confident of my ability in bed There must be something wrong
with your apparatus Nothing’s wrong with our apparatus Nothing’s wrong with your ability either You’re just too self-centred Your wife obviously wants you
to stay in bed with her and hold her, yet you only thought of showering Aren’t you too selfish
and inattentive to what she wants? Okay I admit I didn’t do well enough, but this is only a little thing Just deduct a few points. Why fail me? Well, a lot of men overlook the fact that
they are inattentive to the little things Excuse me Can you not point down there
when you say “little things”? You know, love is usually lost
because of the little things Okay No one’s ever told me all this Now that I think about it, I really have been too self-centred
and taken everything for granted Eason, you don’t come home often,
so eat more now Thanks, Mum How are the dishes? You cooked them.
Of course they taste good But, Mum,
you just returned from Europe You should rest more Don’t tire yourself out This chicken thigh… Did you only marinate the meat
for two hours? It’s lacking flavour I’m sorry And the bean sprouts
weren’t plucked cleanly Come on You think this is “not plucked cleanly”? I had a home-cooked meal a few days ago Now, that’s terrible A home-cooked meal? Who cooked for you? Your girlfriend? No, just a friend Oh, you… Always so mysterious You never tell us
when you have a girlfriend I’ll go prepare some fruits You have a girlfriend? No I’m full Mum, let me help you No need Mum Sweetie, do you, or do you not,
have a girlfriend? Actually, I’m taking a test (kao)… Stop thinking things over (kaolü) You know your dad’s anxious
to see you get married You mean, he’s anxious to maintain
the image of us as a happy family Dad, have some fruits Come, sit and have a chat with me So? Do you have a girlfriend? Didn’t you ask that just now? I don’t -You’re already 30 years old Stop fooling around When I was your age, I already had a career, a wife and a son A man must have responsibilities, and those responsibilities include
having a career and a family An unmarried man isn’t whole, let alone one without kids Dad, if I said I didn’t like women, would you still tell me
to get married and have kids? Don’t try and be funny You change girlfriends
faster than you change clothes What do you mean
you don’t like women? It’s precisely because I don’t like them
that I keep changing girlfriends Even if so, you can still find a partner
and get married Marriage and love
are two different things So, you just want me to get married? You don’t care about my happiness at all? That’s exactly why
I don’t want to get married Am I supposed to be like you and Mum? Putting on an act
and pretending to be happy in the public eye? It must be Ms Tan
from the jewellery company -Hi, Ms Tan
-Sorry to impose on you, Mrs Lim Come in Eason? -Oh? You know each other? I’m going to go since you have a guest Eason Eason How could he just walk away like that?
Oh, that boy… Sorry, Ms Tan He’s probably just frustrated
because he’s been busy with work I understand Sorry I really didn’t know Edward’s your dad My CEO didn’t like your suggestion, so I had no choice… but to go to your dad… and ask if we can use the song
he wrote for your mum… as the theme song for our ad I guessed as much
when I saw you and Vicky at my house Sorry… for leaving so suddenly that day My parents may look loving and happy, but it’s all just a facade The truth is, their relationship has been
as cold as ice for years I can’t feel the love between them at all No wonder you were so against
the previous concept Everyone thinks they’re the model couple, but to me, they’re merely prisoners of marriage My dad treats my mum like a maid
more than a wife, and my mum just accepts that Her world revolves around my dad She’s just choosing
to make life hard for herself They might as well divorce Your words have kind of
shattered the illusion I finally understand why
you refuse to get a marriage licence Let’s forget about it We’ll not talk shop today Can I take you somewhere? Where? Just follow me Consider yourself lucky today I’ve booked the entire place, and I’m giving you a message
to thank you for keeping my secret Okay Then I’ll enjoy this But, masseuse, don’t use too much strength It’s not that I use too much strength It’s that your body’s too weak I suggest that you drink less alcohol,
and don’t stay up at night Your body’s your most important asset Sure it is Why do you like massages so much
when you’re scared of pain? I like feeling good after suffering The feeling of total relaxation
after experiencing pain… is great I remember you saying that… getting married is choosing
to make life hard for oneself It’s actually the same
with foot massages There are no absolutes There will always be
some joy and some pain Is that so? I don’t think there’s much joy in marriages Who told you so? Because I saw something interesting
at your house the other day I bought this cake specially for you That’s so sweet of you,
but you didn’t have to get us anything This cake looks delicious I’ll go and cut it Wait Isn’t this a walnut cake? -It is This is one of the healthier-choice cakes
that’s trending recently Aren’t you allergic to nuts? You’ll get rashes if you touch it I’m so sorry.
We didn’t know about your allergy -We’re really sorry about that
-It’s all right -He’s making a mountain out of a molehill
-No, I’m not You really have to be careful You can’t just eat anything Sorry You say you can’t feel
your dad’s love for your mum, but what I see is that
he cares for her deeply Maybe they have their own way
of getting along with each other What I see is a one-sided relationship You say that your dad orders
your mum around every day, that he needs her
to take care of everything But have you ever considered… how your mum’s actually
very important to your dad? Who’s the one
who can’t live without the other? A couple’s relationship
is like a pair of feet They’re used a lot every day,
yet it’s easy to forget about them For a relationship
to be able to last this long, I think there’s definitely
some happiness there Maybe you can’t see that
because you’re too close to the situation I have a new idea You’re simply wasting your time I don’t approve of it I’ll resign if this doesn’t work Really? You’re that confident? I believe in him And, of course, I believe in myself too You know, you can’t take back
what you’ve said… now that you’ve said it I’m a woman of my wordSince it’s jewellery,
we should emphasize its perfection Be it cut or colour,
our series is the best I don’t think we need to
particularly emphasize that We’re putting across an attitude
with this creative brief Relationships aren’t perfect Like gems, they have to be tested That’s the point I want to make -No Why don’t you understand
what I’m trying to say? We’re a jewellery brand Of course we must focus on
the jewellery’s perfection Okay, sorry, let’s pause… and take a five-minute break, okay? Hey, Eason What? What’s with you today? You’re not usually like that with clients That wasn’t like you at all Have you forgotten
that Claire’s our client? I don’t know what’s with me today Am I not treating her as a client? Then what am I treating her as? Lim Yisheng! You didn’t squeeze
the toothpaste properly You also didn’t put
the toilet seat cover down And how many times
do I have to tell you? Turn the socks right-side-out
before washing them Also, I told you dinner would be ready
at 7 pm yesterday night I put in so much effort to make dinner,
yet you came home at 7.30 pm The food’s all cold by then All right Don’t be mad, dear.
I was in the wrong You’re always like this We end up arguing
because you don’t take what I say to heart, and then you tell me not to be mad How can I not be mad? I’ve had a tough time since I married you All right, enough I’ve already apologized.
What more do you want from me? It’s not easy being with you either I’ve lost a lot of freedom What do you mean by that? Are you saying that
I don’t give you any freedom? Have I ever stopped you
from going out and meeting your friends? But what about me? Why do I have to do all the housework? You need to work, but I do too Why must I also take on
the role of the housewife? Am I your wife or your maid? Dear, I’m sorry This is all my fault I’ll take you out to dinner tonight
as a way of apologizing to you And I’ll do the housework
on weekends, okay? You always do this I’ll choose the restaurant -Okay Whatever you say Very good You displayed patience
during the argument, and the data shows that
you were sincere That is a very important element
in a marriage Congratulations.
You’ve passed the test When I deal with clients, I’ll often tell myself
to bear with it no matter what, yet I lose my temper easily
when I’m with my wife But she’s actually the one
who’s truly important to me Once I remember that, I won’t argue with her as much
or lose my temper as easily Very good Let’s move on to the next test What happened, dear? You look old You dare say that about me? Look at yourself I’m old too Hubby, you’re acting so strange today Dear, even though we’re both old now, you’re still as cute as ever Look at this Wow! You did extremely well for this test The data also shows that
you meant everything you said, and that your words were filled with love That’s very important
in a married couple’s relationship Congratulations.
You’ve passed the test Our protagonist is a 30-year-old woman Right from the start, we’ll see her wearing a ring
from the flagship series And she’ll narrate… her long-distance love story
with the male lead A long-distance relationship
is a common test for couples nowadays The male lead will have proposed to her
before leaving to work overseas And for the sake of their future together, they’ve decided to work hard
at two different locations The female lead will then be at the airport,
waiting to welcome her fiancé home, and she has a surprise for himToday’s the day that he comes home to meI’ve decided to tell him something I’m back I have something to tell you Two years ago, you wanted me to wait here
for you to marry me I’ll tell you my answer today It’s my turn to ask you this today – will you marry me? Yes You’re still my one and only (The pure blue gem represents my heart,
symbolizing my unchanging love for you) (You’re my one and only) I like it Claire, well done on the ad’s
concept and marketing strategy Thank you, Boss We’ll let your company handle this ad Here’s to a happy collaboration Mr Lim Yisheng, Ms Tan Sixuan, please recite your marriage vows Claire, I love you Thank you for agreeing to marry me I promise… that in this lifetime… Eason, if you can’t make the promise, you’ll fail this test Do you want to try again? I… You didn’t ask me out today
to talk about work, right? I took the last test
at the licence centre yesterday So, you can officially date me now? I’m sorry I… promise… Sorry I can’t do it Sorry, Eason, but you’ve failed this practical Therefore, we can’t issue you
a marriage licence The old me… would’ve said anything
at a time like that… to achieve my goal But I realized that… I’ve really fallen for you I guess that’s why… I didn’t know what to say
in that moment To me, those are promises for the future, and I can’t guarantee
I’ll be able to fulfil them But for you, I’m willing to try I know you’re a girl
who seeks perfection, and you deserve perfection But I’d like to ask, can you make an exception for me? Because you’re the first woman… who made me want to get married I haven’t got my licence, but I’m willing to continue
working hard for you Claire, I want to know… if you’ll give me this chance You’re asking me… to go against my principles? It’s all right I don’t want to put you on the spot, and I won’t expect you to wait for me I still have a meeting to attend, so I’ll get going Okay Go and do what you need to do No way My buddy who thinks marriage is a prison
is actually sad because of a woman? Hey Come on, this isn’t like you at all That’s enough I’ll buy you a drink after work today I know a bar with a lot of pretty girls I’ll take you there for a distraction Forget it I’m really not in the mood Eason, I have a package for you Thank you Put this on my desk Don’t you want to see what it is? Oh, looks like it’s from Claire’s company Yes! She said yes There’s nothing written on it Are you psychic? How do you know what she said? Subtitles: CaptionCube

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