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Wait! Wait! Wait! “5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Happy New Year!” Cheers bro! Cheers! Cheers!
– Happy New Year! – Happy New Year, bro! Jaiyetri, Happy New Year.
– Where’s Jaiyetri? – Over there. What’s wrong?
– Shoban, it’s New Year’s Day. Yeah, just like any other year.
– But not for me, I’ll have my b’day this year. Oh, yeah.
– But the birthday happens every year? Not for me. Do you know when is my b’day?
It’s on the 29th of Feb. That’s a leap year. It happens once in every four years.
It’s happening this year. Shoban, this is my first birthday since we started dating.
I don’t know if we’re gonna stay together until my next. Jaiyetri, what are you saying?
– I want my b’day to be grand, is that okay? Fine.
– Oho, it’s my birthday! February is here. It’s my birthday month.
My b’day is 4 weeks away. He’s already calling to wish me, silly fellow. Hello!
– Hey, Jaiyetri! What’s up? I’m getting ready for the office.
– It’s b’day time. – I didn’t expect you to remember, Shoban. Well, he bugged me to attend it.
– Who? Vamshi. It’s his b’day.
Didn’t he invite you? He did.
– You’re coming, right?.. Fine then. Shoban? – Yes?
– Aren’t you forgetting something? Do you mean we should give him a gift?
Do we have to gift him? Fine, bye.. Doesn’t remember that it’s my
b’day month but remembers someone else’s b’day. Why isn’t she here, yet?
What took you so long? Don’t talk to me.
– What happened? You even hung up on me this morning. It’s my b’day month,
can’t you wish me? On b’days, yes. But who wishes on the start of b’day month?
– To me, you should. As a BF, it’s your responsibility. Jaiyetri, why make a scene?
– I’m really disappointed, Shoban. What do you want me to do?
Erase his name on the cake & write yours? You don’t have to. My b’day is in 4 weeks.
And the next one is after 4 years. So.. – So you want me to gift you
for the next 4 years in this 4 week, isn’t it? You got me.
– You’re cool, now? Looks like the cake’s gonna finish, let’s go.
– Sure. Happy B’day, Vamshi! – Thank you.
– Happy B’day! – Thank you. ‘Where is it?’
– What are you searching for? Well..
– Are you looking for the gift? I collected it when you threw it away.
– Sorry, Vamshi. I was upset about Shoban. That’s okay. Here, have it.
– Oh, chocolate. I want a red velvet cake on my b’day.
My b’day is fast approaching. When is it?
– It’s on the 29th of Feb. That’s your b’day? – Isn’t it crazy?
– We should crank it up that day. Really?
Thank you. Shall we leave? You guys carry on.
– Okay. Bye!
– Okay, okay. Don’t you forget about it! Jaiyetri, why be so blunt?
– He wouldn’t mind. Did you hear what he said? He wants it to be a blast!
I’m so excited, only 4 more weeks for my b’day. it still 4 weeks away.
– That isn’t far. Close the eyes and.. Feb 29th?
– What’s with 29th of Feb? It could be some deadline for a project.
– But the boss would inform that to us. Could it be an anniversary?
– Or maybe someone’s b’day. Whose b’day could it be?
– Maybe our boss’s b’day. He might be hinting us to throw him a surprise. I don’t think it’s boss’s b’day.
It could be some employee. Some cute employee, maybe?
– Cute? Does our office have any cute staff? Jaiyetri!
Jaiyetri, what’s wrong? This one’s nice too.
– Why is she sharing links? These are dresses. Jaiyetri.
– Shoban, aren’t those dresses gorgeous? So beautiful.
– But my wallet isn’t full. It’s almost the end of the month.
– But I want to wear that for my b’day. You asked me to organise the party, what’s this now?
Ask your dad to buy it for you. My dad is already buying me 2. If you buy me 2 more, I’ll have a total
of 4. My next b’day wouldn’t be here until 4 more years. You’re annoying me with this 4-year thing.
As if it’s some Olympic game. My b’day party better be
as grand as Olympic’s opening ceremony. Sure. I’ll carry the torch
and rest will wave the flags. All I want is
you to buy me the dress. It’s still 2 weeks away.
– Only 2 more weeks Shoban, only 2 more weeks. Just close the eyes and..
– Feb-29th? One week to go. I don’t get what’s about it?
– Why doesn’t he get it? Get what?
– What do you think the countdown is about? Maybe a deadline?
– Not all countdowns are project deadlines. Think positive.
– Why yell at me? Well, that count down is for my b’day.
– Oh! – Don’t tell anyone. But I didn’t write it down.
– Okay. – You know these guys are trying to impress me. ‘Why doesn’t she react?’ I can inform but they’ll
come up with some grand celebration. I hate all of that. Me too. I don’t like celebrating b’days.
In fact, today is my b’day. – What? The celebrations, cakes..
I hate it all! Makes sense.
– Sense? Tell me that if b’day comes once in 4 years. Why did your parents decide to have you on that day?
– Am I a movie to plan the release day? That makes sense too.
– Shoban, can I have your phone. Mobile?
– Yeah. ‘Jaiyetri’s 6th b’day celebrations.’
Did you create a group for your b’day celebrations? If you plan any surprises for me,
do that in this group. And share updates with me. My b’day is only a week away.
– We still have weeks time. How long is a week?
Close the eyes and.. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
It’s my birthday! I wonder how many messages I got
and how many stories people have made about it? Nobody has posted anything.
Is it 12?.. Yeah, it’s 12. Even Zuckerberg has messaged me from California.
Where the hell are these guys? I’ll call him first. Finally, we’re done.
– It’s 12 already. Hello, Jaiyetri!
– Are you asleep? Seriously? Crack a joke, I’ll laugh while I sleep.
– Idiot! It’s 12! It’s 29th, my birthday You didn’t even wish me.
– Oh, it’s 29th already. Happy B’day Jaiyetri! Wish me properly.
– Jaiyetri, I’m sleepy, bye. Hello!
– Hi, Vamshi! What’s up? What’ll I do at this hour? I’m asleep.
– But your last seen is two minutes ago. Do you want to say something?
– ‘It’s you who is supposed to say.’ Vamshi, I’m watching Crank movie.
You remember? Crank it up. Are you nuts? Calling late in the night
& talking all rubbish. Hung up now. I feel bad for her.
– Chill. Don’t forget to put these gifts on the stairways. What are these?
– My love-filled letters. – Whatever. Why don’t you wish her already?
– As she loses hope ’cause we’re ignoring she will have a surprising look when she sees all these.
I want to cherish that reaction. She might get emotionally
after reading this letter. Jaiyetri, I know what’s it about? What’s it about?
– 29th of Feb, it’s special. They are paying us bonuses
along with our salary. ‘She will remember for sure.
She will definitely wish me.’ ‘She’ gonna call me.’ ‘Why doesn’t she call me?’
What’s today’s date, Senorita? 29th?
– Oh, that special day. The extra day of the year. Extra work as well. Jaiyetri, please come over here. Do you know what’s special today?
Jaiyetri, our very own jaiyetri. She got us the project in a single meeting. Please give her a round of appluase. Nice work, dude.
– Thank you. Hey, happy birthday. Who is gonna wish me?
Maybe I should wish myself. Happy birthday!
– Thanks. Surprise!
– Thank you so much, guys! Where are the gifts?
– First, take a bite. Jaiyetri, happy birthday!
– Thank you, thank you. You give your present as well.
– Thank you guys, why were you ignoring me all day? That.. It was part of Shoban’s plan.
– Thank you Shoban. Jaiyetri, where are the gifts?
– What gifts? The gifts I bought for you
& the letters I’ve written for you. Letters? Not just the next 4 years,
we shall be together for the next 40 years. And I thought nobody knew my b’day. Thank you, Shoban.
– But the gifts I got you. We’ll find them, don’t worry.
Anyway, you’re gonna buy something for my b’day, next year. Next year?
But don’t you celebrate it once in four years? That’s my leap year birthday.
Every 1st of March, I’ll have a normal birthday. Hi, guys! I’d find it difficult to celebrate
my b’day once in four years. But were you born on 9th of Feb?
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  1. My friend is also having a birthday and always fells sad for the birthday she got for four years and also be jealous for my and other friends

  2. Same to pinch to my friend because his birthday also on leap year Feb 29th but he celebrates on July on every hear

  3. My friend manish Bday on 29th Feb. We planned for Party but he was in vacation with his parents. Enjoy your vacation & We Miss u Manish Joshi..

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