Abdullah’s surprise birthday!!! فاجأنا عبدالله في عيد ميلاده

Salama Aleykum, how’s everyone doing? Today we have a wonderful surprise for our son Abdullah Poor Abdullah on his birthday he was sick with his mother in the hospital so we said we would celebrate today inshAllah So first we need to take him to the swimming pool And we need a cake, and I think party center have the decorations and balloons for the room and for dinner Abdullah’s favorite food “Pizza!!” Yalla guys, where are we going? Play area? Ok now it’s time to take the kids so we can finish all the planning I love you so much… Before we get to work do you want to grab some coffee, to wake us up a little? Yes a Frappucino without the coffee There’s Khalid… Did you get my coffee? Khalid: There you go, enjoy.

Salama: Wait, where’s my caramel? Why would you get me a Frappuccino without Caramel? Come back, I will drink it without Caramel…come back I forgive you, come back Do you want the Caramel or not? I will give it a try… Why didn’t you get my order right the first time? You ordered a Frappuccino without the coffee The make frappuccino without caramel? Salama: Basically milk and creme?

Khalid: You could have told me Caramel Frappuccino? They have that on the menu you know! Salama: When have I ever drank a frappuccino without caramel??

Khalid: I’m sorry alright, I’m sorry Salama: I will try it, if I doesn’t taste good then go and get me caramel

Khalid: InshAllah I want Caramel inshAllah he got my order right this time Hello!!

Salama: I see they gave you the small straw again Khalid: See I put extra caramel on the sides so it could drip down and give more flavor

Salama: You did it or did the barista do it? Take your coffee now, thank you, God bless you. Oh fish! Abdullah loves fish! He will love this, he will really love this.. and you’ve got the dolpins, and the lobster Khalid: Shall we get the horse?

Salama: No lets keep it one theme, shall we get the seal? Khalid: Like seaworld

Salama: Yes! Khalid: We’ll get here too

Salama: Are you trying to say I look old? No it’s for our future anniversary! You want me to change the number to 30 or something? Abdullah is going to love these balloons so much!I I thought that was a real dog! We’ll get him this, so in the afternoon he can swim, then at night he can fill it with his balloons. Congratulations Abdullah! Congratulations! At the last second we changed and got him the three wheel bike. Question… Don’t make fun of me.. Kit Kat and Ferrero, what a great combination Look at what I go through for my little boy Should I go and pick Abdullah up now? Do you need help? Get out and close the door behind you! Give me a nose kiss 🙂 Why did they wrap the air pump??? 😀 That was Abdullah’s birthday, we hope you are happy every year, we love you!! Salam!

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  1. سلام اعليكم والله انتم حلوين ماشاالله الله يبارك في أولادكم 💖

  2. Khalid is the social media ambassador of the UAE…..he showcases what life is like for a normal UAE family and the love and respect they genuinely have for all the expats that work in this country……we need more such videos and the blessings will pour in by itself….God Bless & Loads of Respect!!!

  3. Really adds a lot of joy….watching your vlog…..sweet family. May God bless yall to the overflowing…much love

  4. حرام عليك يا ماما تعبتي بابا عشان
    شوية كراميل..صحة وهنا. 😋 👀
    ان كيدهن لعظيم….😆😆👌

  5. Hey, I’m trying to learn MSA, I apologize if this is a dumb question, but what does Isha’allha mean?

  6. This is sweet. On my son's 6th birthday, he had his appendix removed. We had the family party 2 days before and had our house plans for his special day. Instead we were in the hospital, CHKD. They were amazing of course but this reminds me of that birthday, once he was finally home. Mom and dad, doing their best as plans change, to make it special and comfortable for him. Much love

  7. Mashallah very beautiful family Allah bless your family with good health and lots of success #khalidAlAmeri

  8. I love you and happy birthday to Abdullah😅🤪❤️🐵🐒🦍🐶🐕🐩🐺🍕🥘🎁🎁🎉🎉🎈🎈;-) please reply also can i get a shoutout

  9. She didn’t tell him the right order. You should say Carmel Frappuccino without the coffee. There are many different kinds of Frappuccino and not all have Carmel. Complex Starbucks orders! Have her text you the order next time, then you can just read it off the text! Here in the states we can order off the online app and then pickup.

  10. Subscribers r also mad watching this kinds of vlogs i mean wtf is this why we should watch his personal life like loving his kids n wife every one does that some have a luxury lifestyle some have middle class but what i mean to say is dont waste time watching this stupid things on daily lifestyle bases

  11. N i feel is most of the time Khalid is being fake about loving n caring her wife n stuff ok i appreciate you love her n your kids but show that love on offline buddy why on camera why you need to show to public

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