Abuela Can Never Relax During Family Dinner

These onions are divine!

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  1. Hijo le puta I turned into my abuela literally I cant sit still when family comes over for dinner Im dead ass either picking up their trash, tryna wash the dishes, my mama hates it, but Im just as stubborn as she is especially when it comes to cooking, but in my grannys eyes (rip) somebody had to do the cleaning. I miss mi abuela y abuelo more than I care to admit, but I still carry on their traditions even though mi familia hasnt been the same since my grandparents died que pena

  2. This is my abuela! She can never sit down until EVERY SINGLE PERSON has been fed. Then hours after dinner she’ll be eating. Lol. No one can stop her 😅 gotta love em abuelas ❤️❤️

  3. Omg,that is so funny ! We used to tease abuela,and my uncles used to say " no se queda quieta oh Sentada un minuto porque tiene un resorte en el tracero "!

  4. I love that over time, the cast is starting to include more and more people. When is this getting picked up on CBS? 🙂 It's a natural fit Cuban Bull Shit artists, (which would make a great subplot) #CBS

  5. I understand her dilema, I mean who else gonna serve the food? Someone has to be the server/host, you can't be both server/host and guest unless you can split in two. Poor abuelita

  6. This is my mother. She never sits down whenever there's a family dinner. She serves my grandmother too and everyone else and by the time she sits down everyone is finished.

  7. Well my mom serves everyone then says I already sat down so if you want something then you get up and my Abuela and aunt do this (make sure everyone has everything) and my mom tells them to sit down and eat so I always get seconds and eat with them

  8. I don’t feel bad for Abuela. She’s ruining a perfectly fine meal of canned beans, boiled onions, Wonderbread, canned guavas and fried bananas.

    Meanwhile, she’s been feasting on roast turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie a la mode back in the kitchen. With a bottle of sherry.

  9. I'm russian but I can relate to this so much because there's always someone at the dinner table who can't just relax

  10. This is basically my abuela even though we're not even Americans, lol

    Holà d'Egipto!

  11. Jenny, I just wanted to thank you for making these videos. You have brought me back to my childhood so much the past few weeks that I've known about you. This video is absolutely spot on with mi abuela. This is her to a T.

  12. the only thing missing is at the end her getting up to heat up her food again because it's cold lmfao


  14. EVERY SINGLE SANKSGIVING AND NOCHE BUENA OF MY LIFE. Now I'm the one being told to "Sit Down". It must be a right of passage.

  15. Im turning into my abuela if you have friends or even family coming over and I find out expect some nice good food

  16. I think this is a mom thing. I have one son, that's only home for college breaks, but when it's dinner time, I do this too, like abuela. I end up eating after he's done. And I don't mind at all, I actually enjoy it. It's like a way to enjoy our adult kids as if they are still little.

  17. Not in my family once the plates are served we all sit n eat…n I'm the considerate one to actually wash my dish..

  18. Im like this when all my siblings get together im always standing and making sure everyone is ok.. I got the abuela in me..😊

  19. my family tradition is the young will serve the oldest, if my grandma were moving up down like that, we would really tie her down haha

  20. Lol my grandma also does this, she also insists to not sit in the table and eats like either in the kitchen or in the most uncomfortable seat in the table.

  21. My grandma, bless her, is 92 years old and still wants to do everything on her own. My mom is taking over for her, and soon I'll take over for my mom's.

  22. My family isn’t Latino but my grandmother is the exact same. And I’m not joking when I say some parts of this video literally triggered me 😂😂

  23. Ok I've been there, and I hate it. It's not a sweet thing, it's a control thing. Everyone is happy and until everything is ruined our finished people with that issue won't be at peace

  24. I don't think it's just Abuela who does this. My very Caucasian grandmother and mother did it. Now I find myself doing it. And honestly, I don't mind waiting until everyone's finished because at least then I know I won't have to get up to get someone something.

  25. That "Nonsenscial Cuban Spanish" it's, in fact, "Le zumba el merequetengue" wich is an expresion to say something like "What the hell is happening?"
    Greeting from Latin America. :v

  26. Ever since I became a mom I have become the most stereotypical mom / grandma . My aunt's and grandmothers are all like this too

  27. omg, Mima!! We are Puerto Rican, my grandmother passed away in 2018, EVERYBODY called her Mima. That was hysterical abuela was in between the girls about to serve them at the table and the grandson turns his head and she's magically back in the kitchen! haha.

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