Accenture at 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

I think what makes the Grace Hopper Conference
so special is that fact that so many groups of minority women actually get to come together
and feel common and feel included in everything that they get to do and I think that is so
powerful and empowering to everyone and it really makes you have to figure out what makes
you stand out among everyone else, even though you all have so many commonalities. Generally, when we are in any department
once you are a woman working in computer science, you are always used to being alone, but here
with 20,000 women all in computer science it’s an amazing feeling honestly. In my class I was usually the only girl and
it kind of felt awkward when we had like projects and all that, so being part of Accenture for
Grace Hopper feels so, so great. Here I see a lot of women in very high levels
in technology, so that makes me feel empowered. I think what makes it so special is just all
the people who come around and all of the connections you can make, it is really something
you cannot get anywhere else. I get to network and meet powerful great women
that come from diverse backgrounds. I never even thought growing up that a women
could be so successful in a STEM field, but seeing that all of these women are amazing
computer scientists, they are doing such great things like machine learning and AI. It’s making me want to dive deeper into technology
and see all of the potential that I can bring.

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