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Hey everyone! This is a double review because I really need to do these because I wanna make most of these videos as I release one per week and cannot do more than that. So today we have two reviews. The first one is about the movie Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. It’s a science fiction movie in which Pitt is an astronaut looking for his father, also an astronaut, among the stars. He’s been accused of causing disastrous storms all over the world. The military and NASA, or whatever it’s called in the movie, want Pitt to bring back his dad or destroy him because he’s insane. The thing is Brad Pitt’s performance is transformative. I still haven’t seen Once Upon A Time in Hollywood but it seems this was a great year for Pitt, as far as his acting career goes. As you know, he’s also a producer and actually he won an Oscar for exactly that, so he has been prolific there. But this is apparently “his year” as an actor. He has good chances of winning the Oscar as a Supportin Actor in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. The point is that this movie has a screenplay that leaves much to be desired. It’s not well made. They want us inside the protagonist’s head, they want us to feel his loneliness and how strange he feels with people. He says he prefers to be away, to explore the stars like his dad. He feels people don’t get his dad and that’s why the blame him. He starts making excuses for his father and he eventually realizes that he wants a human connection, he wants to connect with someone and there are 2 or 3 people with which he connects on his journey. He wants to have that but, like in a larger scale. He’s supposedly the best astronaut ever because because his blood pressure is always low but he lacks a lot. One for the other, I guess. He’s an incomplete person and it’s not something the screenplay shows that well. It doesn’t really explain the father’s actions. There was a moment I got lost and did not understand why he did what he did. It gets very complicated. Tommy Lee Jones’ performance is not that good. All the performances are very average or just not good. The only good one is Pitt’s. But the center of the whole movie, the screenplay, is not really well done so the rest of the movie is so-so. The ending is not satisfactory, it’s whatever. You don’t have to watch it that intensely. Although it does have great visual effects and sound design and an awesome cinematography. But all of that doesn’t manage to attract you that much and it seems just like in the background. It doesn’t really do anything. There are many scenes that seem to not be necessary. They seem to be there only to be jaw-droppers but nothing else. So, this movie is not that well achieved. The central story could be much more attractive. I remember hearing about this movie and wanting to see it because I love science fiction but it doesn’t really even feel like sci-fi. There’s like hints of that but most things could have happened in today’s world. They could’ve told the same story in another way, it didn’t have to be this way. There some things that are discussed, others are not. The screenplay is just flawed and that’s my review for Ad Astra. The second review in this video is for Marriage Story. I’ll put the poster here. It’s a Noah Baumbach movie, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. Here, a couple decides to get a divorce. She lives in Los Angeles and he lives in New York and they have a child. It has to be said it’s the best movie I’ve seen this year. I haven’t seen many, I haven’t had as much time as last year. I think it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen, not only this year but in a while. The performances are stellar, both Driver’s and Johansson’s. I’ve always loved her, even being a big fat homo. I love her, not only physically but also because she’s a great actress and I’ve always known that. I recently did a Top 40 of my favorite movies, which I will upload on YouTube at some point, and three or four of those movies have Scarlett as the leading actress. So I’ve always loved her and I’ve always known her to be a great actress and she really shows it here. She has this monologue towards the beginning of the movie and it’s excellent. Great breathing, seems like one take, it’s excellent. It’s certainly one of her best performances yet. She’s a frontrunner to win the Oscar this year. Her closest competition is Saoirse Ronan in Little Women and Renée Zellweger in Judy. But Ronan has been nominated like 3 times and has never won. And Zellweger has already won, so I think it’s a great chance to give it to Scarlet Johansson. As for Driver, I saw Girls once, and BlackKklansman last year and I noticed there he’s a good actor. His character in Star Wars is not that great but in this movie he’s simply amazing. He has amazing monologues and scenes and a physicality that’s amazing. I didn’t know he had been a US Marine and that he studied theater and cinema afterwards. He’s an incredible person and he has a certain attractiveness, a strange one that cannot be denied. And he’s magnetic in every scene. I haven’t seen Joker, which many people love, but I also think Driver is a frontrunner for the Oscar. The screenplay is impeccable, there’s not a dialogue out of line or unnecessary scenes. It all makes sense. Everything is very well paced. Every character and every supporting character and every setting is just perfectly done. The sound and the music too. Just excellent. There are scenes that take your breath away and they are from daily life, it’s about a divorce, about normal people. And that’s the union between the two movies I’m talking about. One movie has these larger than life characters, astronauts that do amazing things. And here we have two people that just realized that things are not working for them. They make bad choices and they get these awful lawyers. And the actors that portrayed them are great: Ray Liotta, Alan Alda and, especially, Laura Dern. She’s impeccable here. She has to win the Oscar for this. Jennifer who? After watching this, Jennifer Lopez is out. Dern really deserves awards and Liotta is horrible and he’s great doing that. Alan Alda too. They’re all great in this movie, except maybe for the kid who I thought was kind of annoying. He complains a lot and he seems too old not to know how to read… The truth is that there are many scenes that are very moving. The scene towards the end where he reads the “letter” she wrote, the scene where he sings, it’s all great. One would ask what that’s doing there but it works. The directing is great and the screenplay is perfect. I think it’s a good choice for Best Picture, but I wouldn’t know it it would win. That’s not guaranteed but it is a great movie and you cannot miss it. Marriage Story is available on Netflix and Ad Astra is available on Bluray and DVD. So these are my reviews for these two great movies. Well, one great movie and one not so much. But these are my thoughts. Write below what you thought about them and about my review. Give a “like”, share this video on social media and subscribe to my channel. And we’ll see each other again next week, maybe for another double review. Who knows. So thanks for watching and see you next week. Goodbye!

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  1. I have a problem with Brad Pitt, I can't see it in movies actually. I find it not credible as actor today. Ad Astra is one more space movie… One too much?
    But I like the Max Richter soundtrack :

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