Addy Finds Her Surprise Birthday Presents!

– [Announcer] Tic Tac Toy! – [Narrator] This is an ad for Mattel. – My, my you three silly critters, you got absolutely filthy
playing in that muddy field. It’s bath time for each of you. You hop in first puppy. Woof! Woof! We gotta scrub those
muddy spots off of you. In the wash bucket you go. Scrub, scrub, scrub, Puppy. You’re looking better already. Let’s get your other side. I think you’re ready to head
to your pet bed for a bone. There you go clean pup. Arf, arf. Oop, don’t forget your bone. Okay, sweet bunny, I’m coming for you now. I know you don’t like baths,
but you surely need this. Scrub a dub dub. All right, we’re almost all clean. And I have a crunchy carrot waiting for you when you’re done. – Wow, this Barbie
DreamCamper sounds so fun. – No kidding, and did you see
this Dreamplane over here? – Oh, Addy’s gonna love that. The Travel Barbies are so cool too, they even come with their own luggage. – Okay everyone, thank you for gathering for this last minute family meeting. – Where is Addy? – She’s actually not supposed to be here because this is a top
secret meeting to discuss Addy’s 9th birthday. – Which is tomorrow. – That’s right Maya. Now, is Addy occupied somewhere? – Yeah, she is playing with her new Barbie Play ‘N’ Wash pets so she’ll be up there for hours. – Perfect, because we have a lot to do to prepare for this Barbie extravaganza. We’re gonna need to divide and conquer. – Okay, tell us what to do. – And now you’re all clean too. Kitty. And look at the yummy fish I have for you. I hope you three are enjoying your meals. Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof! No, no, Puppy, now you’re all muddy again. I guess you’ll have to
go back in the tub now. Yep, look at all those muddy spots. Rub a dub dub again. Hmm, it seems kind of quiet in the house. Suspiciously quiet in fact. I need to investigate. – Okay, Jason, I’m going
to put you in charge of decorations, think balloons, banners, whatever you can think of to
add a nice flair to the party. – Ooh, I can handle that. – Perfect, I’m gonna handle the cake. I have something special up my sleeves. – Mmm, cake. – And Maya, you have the
most important job of all. Hiding the presents. Now we’ve got lots of
fun presents for Addy. There’s the Barbie DreamCamper which offers 360 degrees of play. – Ooh.
– Then there’s the Barbie Dream Plane which doubles as a vehicle and a playset. – [Jason and Maya] Whoa! – And then of course, we
have the Barbie Travel Dolls. – But Addy finds her birthday presents before the party every single year. – Exactly, that’s why
this is an important job. We need to find the
best hiding places yet. – Okay guys, I’m up for the challenge. – Oh, but I’m up for the challenge too. A Barbie Dreamplane, a Barbie DreamCamper and travel dolls, I can’t
possibly wait for this afternoon to open my presents. – Hmm, I know the perfect
place to hide the Dreamplane. Here we go. Wow there’s a seat for the pilot and two more for the passengers. And the seat actually
reclines like a real plane. I sure wish it was my birthday. Addy will never find it there. – Oh you could have done
better than that Maya. Barbie Dreamplane, you’re coming with me. – Okay now I have to find hiding spaces for the Barbie Dream travel
dolls and the Barbie DreamCamper Hmm, where could I put them? Ooh I know the perfect
place for the travel dolls. – OMG this looks amazing! It’s a vehicle, it’s a playset and it has over 15 pieces included. Let’s pop it open. Wow! Here’s a chair for the pilot up front it even has a seatbelt. And there’s so many controls inside. I bet it’s hard to fly a plane. And there’s room for two
passengers in these chairs. They can even watch TV or make a phone call or read a magazine. Oh wow, and it looks like
the luggage goes up here. These are overhead compartments. Let me grab a suitcase, put
the handle down and in you go. And is that the food cart back there? Aw, it sure is, this must be a meal tray. Ooh, someone’s getting sushi for lunch. And there’s all sorts
of beverages on top too. I just love airplane food
and I bet Barbie does too. Oop, I forget about these accessories. Barbie’s got a cute
traveling companion here. Ooh and a headset and a sleep mask. There’s even a magazine and some pretzels. And some blankets in case
Barbie gets cold on the plane. – Never in a million
years would Addy think to look in Collin’s room for these. Aww man, Barbie even
comes with a cute puppy. And a neck pillow for
traveling and a sleeping mask. And Daisy comes with a
cute kitty and a guitar. And stickers to decorate her luggage. Man, how many more months
until it’s my birthday? I know what I’m putting
on my birthday list. – I think it’s time for takeoff. I hope everybody’s seatbelts are buckled. We’re gaining altitude. Oop, watch out for turbulence. Bumpy, bump, bump, woo. All right, time to land. You know what, this would be even more fun if I had those Barbie
travel dolls to use in here. I think it’s time to go present hunting. – Okay I just have the
DreamCamper to hide. – So Collin’s room huh? Okay, where could she have put them? Not under the table. Nope, not in the tepee. Aha, here they are. We’re going back to my room for some fun. – Wow, the DreamCamper
really has all this. Outdoor patio, campfire,
bathroom, pool, bedroom, dining room, hammocks and a kitchen. I’d camp in this thing if it were my size. Time to find the perfect
hiding place for you. Hmm, I’ve got it. – Wow I just love this
Barbie Travel Dream set. Barbie’s got her camera
and she’s ready to jetset. Plus she’s even got a
puppy travel companion. Flying’s always more fun
when you got a puppy. Let’s see what other gear
you have with you Barbie. Headphones, sleep mask
and a travel pillow. Plus you’ve got your toiletries here. Let’s put your toothbrush and toothpaste in your toiletry bag. And now let’s load your suitcase. Pillow, sleep mask. Oop, can’t forget your phone. You may want to have
that handy, won’t you? There you go let’s not forget your
toiletry bag and headphones. I think you’re just about packed Barbie. Maybe later I’ll decorate your
luggage with these stickers. Now your backpack’s on too. I wonder if your puppy can
fit inside there, let’s try. You two are all set, now
let’s check on Daisy. Daisy’s got her guitar
and her adorable kitty. And you’ve got a lot of fun accessories we can put in your suitcase too. Travel pillow, headphones, your camera toiletries, and last but
not least, water bottle. I think you’re about
ready to go too Daisy. And I’ll add some more stickers
to your suitcase later. – This will be the perfect hiding space. She’ll never find it here. – Well you two look awfully cozy and seem to be enjoying the flight. Luckily everything’s going smooth considering you have two pets for pilots. You know what, I think
I’m ready for my meal. Time to bring the service tray out. Here’s your tray. Ooh thank you, can I have a salad, please? Coming right up. And a water bottle please. No problem. I’ll just take some pretzels. Sure thing, I have some in the back. Here you go ma’am. I hope you two are enjoying the episode of Barbie Dreamhouse
Adventures in front of you. It’s right on the seatback. Yay, that’s one of my favorite shows. I had a feeling. Oh, I think I’m about ready for a nap. No problem, why don’t
you recline your seats? Ah that’s better, this is relaxing travel. And don’t forget your
blanket and your sleep mask. Aw, this is the life. Wow this Dreamplane is so super fun but I’m dying to check out those dolls and that DreamCamper too. I think it’s time to go find it. – Here we go. – This is looking great in here daddy. – Why thank you, want to help
me spread some confetti now? – Of course I do. – Hey did you get those
presents hidden well Maya? – Oh yeah, there’s absolutely no way she’ll find them this year. – Super, that’s what I like to hear. – Hmm, nothing seems out
of the ordinary in here. Huh, wait a minute. Now this is interesting,
why is this bar stool here? Does that mean the DreamCamper’s in there? Well, only one way to find out. Ha, yes, I found it. Back to my room. Time to open up the DreamCamper. Wow, it’s incredible! Look you can sleep up here
under the stars Barbie. How amazing would that be? Is this a kitchen over here? There’s an oven and a stove and a sink. And the refrigerator opens. Wow, they’ve got a lot of food in there. Ooh, I got a great idea. I’m going to take the driver
and passenger seat out and reuse them somewhere else. It’s like a pop out table. It’s a window when you drive
and a table when you park. And if you go camping
you have to make s’mores. And we’ve got a fire pit and two stools. Ready to make some s’mores Daisy? Here are your marshmallows,
I think they’re almost done. Wait a minute, did someone say s’mores? I’m coming down for that. Ooh, I’ve got popcorn and water too. We are totally glamping Barbie. And OMG there’s a pool in the camper too! – I’ve got the cake. – So pretty.
– It is pretty, isn’t it? And so is this room by the way. Good work guys, Addy’s going to love this. – I think she will too. – And did you hide those
presents well Maya? – Sure did, I think we may
have pulled it off this year. – This might be the first year that Addy hasn’t found her presents
before the celebration. – Should I go get the presents now? – Well, there’s no rush let’s wait until after
we’ve had cake and ice cream and then we’ll open presents. – Well, I think it’s time to
go get the birthday girl then. – Addy, come on down. – So what do you think
of those hammocks Barbie? They look pretty comfortable. And I can’t wait to fill
this pool with water. You can have pool parties
while you’re camping. And I’ve got to go
check out this bathroom. There’s a toilet, a sink,
and even a shower curtain to take showers. Oop, and I think that’s
a closet right there too. It looks like you have
some board games in there. And a place to hang clothes. Plus if there’s bad weather We can move this dining
set back into the RV. I’m going to go ahead
and do that right now. I’ll have to move the
hammocks first, sorry Barbie. Now there’s a nice big dining space. And now for a couple of chairs. And there we go, our
dining room’s all set. Now what do you want to eat. – Addy, Addy! – Why isn’t she coming down? – She must not hear us. – I guess we’ll just go
upstairs and get her. – I’ll come too. – Okay, time to buckle up we’re going to get this show on the road. Here we go, beep beep, beep
beep, beep beep, beep beep. – Oh birthday girl!
– What? – Uh oh – That’s the Barbie DreamCamper. – And that’s the Barbie Dreamplane. – Yeah and these are
the Barbie travel dolls. – But what, how, how did you do this? – Man, you’re good. – Wanna come play Maya? – For sure!
– Ya! – [Narrator] This is an ad for Mattel.

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