Addy’s Fun Day Away from Toy School

(marker scribbling) – [Girl] Tic Tac Toy – It is Test Day here at Toy School. I hope the girls are ready,
because it’s a big day. (Maya snoring) (“Morning Mood” by Edvard Grieg) (Addy snoring) (alarm clock buzzing) – It’s Test Day at school. Addy, today it’s Test Day at school. – Oh, I forgot. (Addy coughing) I think I might be too
sick to go to school, Maya. (Addy coughing) – Oh no, I’ll just have
to do the test by myself. – Yay, time for some play time. Time for some play time. Yay, time for some play time! I’m going to play with
my Cutie Cars first. Wow, playing hooky is the best. Hello, is anyone here? Hello? – Oh, here’s my students now. Hello. – Hi. – Oh, where’s Addy? – She’s sick. – She’s sick? Oh no, well she’s missing Test Day, this is a big day to miss. Well, I guess it’s just
you taking the test today. Oh, you brought a friend with you? Who’s this? – JJ. – Oh, hi JJ. Welcome to class. Oh, what a cutie-pie. Wow, he’ll be a great
addition to class today. But listen, JJ can’t help
you cheat on the test, okay. (JJ barks) Okay, cutie-patootie, you can
sit here in Addy’s desk today. – Yeah. – Alright Maya, for our
first exam we are testing the Disney princesses. Have you been studying for this one? – Yeah. – Perfect, now I’m going
to show you a princess and you’re going to tell me her name, and for everyone you
get right, guess what. – You get a treat? – You get a squirt of Reddi-Whip Okay, here we go, our first
princess is a tough one. – Mer. – You’re right, that is Merida. – Belle. – Perfect! – Tiana. – You got it, you’re on fire! – Hm. – Uh oh, I thought you had studied.
– Pocahontas. – You’re right, it is Pocahontas. Squirt! Next one? – Snow White. – Snow White is right! Wow, I can tell you know your princesses. (Miss Lucy gasps) Here we go. – Jasmine. – Jasmine’s correct – Ariel. – Ariel is right. Who’s this? – Rapunzel. – Rapunzel. – Hm. – Uh oh, no cheating, JJ. Who is this? – Cinderella. – You got it, I was worried. Here’s a tough one. Uh oh, who is it? – Sleeping Beauty. – You’re right, close enough. Aurora Last one, you ready? (Miss Lucy gasps) – Mulan. – Mulan is right! You passed the Princess Test! A plus, and you know what
you get for an A plus test? A new toy! (Maya squeals and claps) For passing your first
test, you get this new Zuru Hamsters in a House. It’s Ham’s Burger Diner. Is that super cool or what? – Wow. – I knew you’d love it. This is all yours. Nice Job! Yay! – I’ll go put it in my backpack – Perfect. – It looks like I have
Ariel, and Rapunzel, and Belle, and I have Anna. (Addy hums) There, I don’t know
between Ariel and Rapunzel. I’m going to do half-Ariel, half-Anna. This is fun. I love being half-Ariel, half-Anna. Oh, it’s cold here in the ocean. I need to go for a swim. – Alright Maya, are you ready for your second test of the day? – Yeah. – This one tests your Trolls knowledge. Have you been studying your Trolls? – Um, no. – No? Uh oh. Well, let’s see how you do,
okay, and for every troll you correctly identify, you
get one of these Mashems. – Cool. – Are you ready? – Yeah. – We’ll start off easy but we’ll get more difficult as we go. Alright, our first troll, who is this? – Poppy. – Poppy is right. – Who is this? – Branch. – Branch is right, grab another Mashem! – Harper. – Harper is right, another Mashem! Who’s this? – Fuzzbert. – Fuzzbert’s right, I was
worried there buy you got it. – Guy Diamond. – Guy Diamond is right, another Mashem! – DJ Suki. – DJ Suki, awesome, another Mashem! – Harper. (Miss Lucy gasps) – Not Harper, I’ll give
you one more chance. – Smidge? – Smidge is right! Who’s this? – Biggie. – Biggie is right, another Mashem! – Last one! – Chenille. – You got it, girl, you got nine Mashems! Alright, have fun opening them, Maya. (Maya gasps) – Whoa, look at it. – [Miss Lucy] Wow super cool. – He’s see through. Look, I’ll open an Avengers Mashems now. (Maya gasps) Whoa, he’s scary looking. And another Avengers Mashem. It’s Iron Man. These are the Justice Leagues. Whoa, I got Superman. Let’s see if he’s super squishy. He is. I got another one. Two Supermans! Let’s see a superhero girl. Whoa, I never got this one. I think this one’s Katana. It’s time for Spiderman. Whoa, I don’t know who he
is, but he looks spooky. And I have two Paw Patrols left. I got Zuma. I hope I don’t get another Zuma. I got Skye. This pup’s gotta fly. Wow, I love all my Mashems. Thank you, Miss Lucy. – I’m glad you love them. Why don’t you add them to
your backpack now, Maya. (cheerful music) And, since you aced the Trolls
test and got them all right, you get a new Paint Maker toy! Go put that in your backpack too, Maya. – This was the best day ever. Boy, JJ, Addy sure
missing out on a fun day. – Hi Coral, playing dress
up is fun, but I’m hungry. I’m going to go make some cookies. I might share some with
you, maybe some crumbs. Oh that’s handy, it already
comes with chocolate chips. Butter in next, and last
but not least, the eggs. These chocolate chip cookies
are going to be so good. Now I need a baking sheet. (Sandy sneezes) Bless you, Sandy. Wow, these are going to be good. – Okay, Maya, it is time
for your third test. Are you ready for this one? This one is one Paw Patrol characters. – Yay. – Now, have you been watching lots of Paw Patrol episodes for homework? – Yep. – Perfect. – But, Miss Lucy – Yes?
– JJ can’t see. – Oh, well, put JJ up here. I bet he loves Paw Patrol too. – Yeah. – Now for everyone you get right you get a marshmallow candy stick. – Yay. – Are you ready? First one, who is this? – Marshall. – Marshall’s right. Get a marshmallow stick. Next up we have? – Rocky. – Rocky’s right. Get another marshmallow stick. Who’s this? – Chase. – Chase is right. Who’s this? – Zuma. – Zuma’s correct. – Rubble. – Rubble’s right, too. I bet JJ’s impressed. Okay, tough one. Uh oh. – Everest! – You got it, you had me worried though. Next one. – Skye. – Skye, one of my favorites. Who’s this? – Tracker. – Wow, you knew Tracker right away. And our last one is super tough. (Miss Lucy gasps) – Robot Dog – Wow, you knew that before
I had it all the way up. You got all the marshmallow sticks. Want to go put them in your backpack now, or do you want to eat them? – I want to eat them. – Okay, you can eat them. – JJ, do you want a bite? – Aw, I think JJ likes them too. – Mm. – What do you think, are
marshmallow sticks delicious? – Yeah. – I bet so. That’s for all your hard
work on Paw Patrol shows. (Maya giggles) – These are delicious. – I want to take these and put them in my backpack for later. I’ll stuff them right in here. – And since you aced the Paw
Patrol test, you also get this Mission Paws Action Pups Gift Set. – Yay! – I know, go put it in your backpack. – Alright Julie, our chocolate
chip cookies are ready. Here’s yours and here’s mine. Is it yummy? I think we’re pretty good at
making chocolate chip cookies. Let’s have some tea, Julie. It’s just pretend. Sugar cubes to make it taste good. Three scoops, one, two, three. What do you think, Julie? Is the best tea or what? Let me try some too. Mm Mm, this is good, but I’m
going to have a cookie now. Julie, I think playing
hooky was a good idea, so I could spend time with you. – Okay, Maya, are you ready
for your last test of the day. – Yeah! – Now this is a super tough one. This combines characters from all sorts of movies and TV shows, you
think you can handle that? Okay, for everyone you get
right, you get to pick a thing of Play-Doh or Flarp! Sound good? – Yeah. – Okay, first one, what character is this? – Sheriff Callie. – Awesome, pick one out. Who is this? – Mater. – Mater is correct. (Miss Lucy gasps) – Doc McSuffins. – Doc McStuffins is right,
help yourself, girl. Here it comes. (Miss Lucy gasps) Who is this? – Catboy? – Catboy is right, awesome job! – Alvin. – That’s right, from
Alvin and the Chipmunks! – Goofy. – Goofy is right, wow, you’re
getting all the free stuff. Okay, we only have three left, you ready? – Yeah. – Next one. Wah! – Cheshire Cat. – The Cheshire Cat’s correct. – Hm, Nahal. – Nahal is right, from Shimmer and Shine. Last one’s a tough one, who is this? – Officer Clawhauser. – Officer Clawhauser from Zootopia! Wow, you won all this Play-Doh and Flarp! Awesome job, girl, go
put it in your backpack! – Green. Green. White. And last but not least, pink. – And since you got 100 percent, you get this Soggy Doggy game! Wahoo! Alright, test day is over
Maya, you can head home. Don’t forget all your cool new toys. – Addy’s going to be so
bummed she missed today. (playful music) – I see Maya, I gotta pretend I’m sick. – Addy, are you feeling better? – Not really. (Addy coughs) – [Maya] Look at all the stuff that I got. I got toys, Mashems, and Play-Doh. – What, so cool! I thought I had a fun day but maybe I should have went to school after all. – Yep, you missed a good day. – [Miss Lucy] Have you
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