ADF 25th Anniversary Video

– We have the brass here
with us today, we have the heads of seven ministries with us. And, we’re here to talk about
the Alliance Defense Fund, which is something that all of us feel very, very strongly about. I want the ADF, the Alliance Defense Fund, to be as recognizable
as our other ministries. Alan begin by explaining why we’re all concerned
about it’s mission. The Alliance Defense Fund
is the coming together of ministries, individuals,
and organizations to raise an adequate fund
to defend religious freedom, sanctity of life, and family
values in this country. But we’ve gotta do far more than we’ve done up to this point. – We’ve been duped into believing that somehow you can
separate your Christianity, your religion, from what’s going on in the country politically, and you cannot they’re intertwined. – [Marlin] That’s why
this is such an important statement to the Christian community. We are saying we’ve got
to meet them in court. – I’m committed to helping
fulfill the great commission to help take the Gospel to
every person on planet earth. But at this moment in history, we’re in danger of losing
our religious freedoms here. – I think this is an idea
which is long overdue. This is something which is crucial if we’re gonna have our children inherit anything like the liberty and freedom that we have known and
enjoyed in this country. – [Narrator] To live is to
believe in something greater. Our words, our work, our homes, our lives shaped, guided, rooted, by our faith, our beliefs. To live by our beliefs
is a God given freedom. One that needs protecting in this generation, and the next. For 25 years, we’ve pursued this calling. A commission to stand, to defend, to persevere, to be a voice for faith, for freedom. Others said we were too late. – This is something that
should have been done 25 to 30 years ago. – Too many losing battles, too few allies, too big of a calling. They saw the opposition, but we saw the victory. That’s why we’re here. To be an advocate, a unified voice, a movement. You, us together. – Former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran wins a victory for his faith. – US Supreme Court
today, in one of the most closely watched cases of the term sided with a Colorado– – Jack, this has been a long road for you, started back in 2012, yesterday you– – Religious freedom is
a pre-political right that rests securely in our
dignity as human beings. It belongs to all of us. – Religious freedom helps everyone. It’s not just freedom for me, it’s freedom for everyone. – It’s about the freedoms for all of us to live by our conscience. – After I got a call from
the founders of the ministry, I said, are you serious about winning? I want to be engaged in something that is focused on the concept of winning. Which means long-term, deep. And in every case they came
back to me and said, yes. – At ADF, there are opportunities for real, generational victories. And if we stand up, speak up and show up, I believe we can keep the doors
open for the Gospel today. – I want to link arms with you, and others who care about our nation. – I pray that we would care
enough about future generations, our children, our children’s
children, and their children that we would be able to unify and putting aside all differences for the purpose of protecting their freedoms that were given to us. – These are the days of a movement, one collective voice, one Alliance Defending Freedom.

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