adidas | A Celebration of Boost

Shout out to adidas. (Crowd cheering.) You can feel the BOOST. You’re walking on clouds. (Crowd cheering.) They absolutely killed it on this. Super comfy. Honestly a dope sneaker. I love the BOOST. UltraBOOST. Whoo. BOOST. BOOST. BOOST. Is life. adidas boy. But I’ve been down with BOOST since the very first one. So fire. My hands are burning. Parley UltraBOOST. They’re made from upcycled plastic trash. Oh yeah baby. (Man screaming.) Oh man. My heart bro. I love the UltraBOOST. Whoa. Let’s get it. (Crowd cheering.) BOOST is best. (Phone ringing sound.) (Crowd cheering.) (Crowd chanting “three stripes.”)

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  3. Who the hell is paying this much for these ugly ass shoes? I actually put it at X.25 speed and looked at every one, there were like 4 nice shoes in this whole video. I bet these overpriced mesh mash of thread covered shoes cost 20 bucks or less for them to turn out in the sweat shops and they're flipping them for 10 times profit.

    Regardless of how many people you bribe to say these shoes are cool, they still ugly. That's the thing that matters to most at the end of the day.

  4. Why would any loser pay more than $60 for running shoes not good shoes running shoes so sad. Most of the time the newer & cleaner your shoes the poorer the person is

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  6. The most comfortable shoes is the black $20 shoes from Walmart. It last a year but for $20 you cant regret it.

  7. Imagine making a commercial about the culture that made Boost an icon and leaving out Teddy, lol! I hate the dude sometimes and even I have no problem crediting him with my Boost obsession.

  8. Where’s @ohitsTeddy BoostGod! C’mon the man nearly have all y’all shoes before the hype. Salute to u 100

  9. How can you leave out Teddy Safarian? OhItsTeddy gave so much free publicity and shined a light on so many of the smaller releases & collabs & Adidas snubs him out because he used to use the word "Boost" on his clothing, like they invented the word. Shameful move. Congrats to Foamie & Tony D for making the cut.

  10. Literally just saw this on tv and saw the millisecond of David So and yelled “omg David So!” And my mom was just like what? 😂😂

  11. Teddy was the only reason I ever bought boost, one of the best content creators to come from a boost background, and has created millions in sales for y’all, yet he isn’t even mentioned. Clownsss.

  12. They're really cool and comfy. Nonetheless the stock available on latinamerica sites is not as rich as usa or europe. Very dissapointed! !!

  13. For anyone that wants to here the soundtrack.
    Rocks Foe – Nitty Gritty

  14. They really did do Tedy dirty legit was there before the hype, my first pair of boost were a credit to him shame on Adidas

  15. Adidas. Why do you shy away from YouTube as an advertizement platform? Why makes you seriously think consumers would make a connection of your brand with the content of a video page? Insolence! Shame on you! Abandon your mindset of advertizer friendliness. Because that is nonsense.

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