Adley App Reviews | Toca Birthday Party | Cake Decorating and SURPRISE PRESENTS for my MOM

– Hi, I came to your birthday party. I got you a present,
do you want to open it? – Yeah! – Here you go. (fart sound) – (screams) (dramatic music) – (laughs) It’s a poop present. (jazzy music) – Look what the Adley got for you. – (laughs) Hey guys, we
got our couch downstairs so now we can play downstairs more. – I jump, jump, jump. – Yeah, like that. What game are we playing today? You said you had a new one. Let’s see. It goes this way. – Yeah, that’s it. – Oops! So, what do you do in the game? – I’ll show you. – Okay, can I do it? – No, I’m going to do it. – But then can you teach
me and then I can do it? – Yeah, okay. – You can do it once
then I can do it once. And then we can do it together. – Yeah. – Teamwork. (ding) A rainbow one? Okay now what do we do? – We pick the plates. – The blue ones? – Yeah. – Okay. Ooh, a present? A rainbow one? – Dad, blow them out! (blowing) – Yes! – Do you want to help me? – Yeah! Ooh, eat the cake. You need some juice. How about the pink juice. Hey, I wanted pink juice! You think I can make some? Aww, it doesn’t let me mix them. – ‘Cause I did it too full. – Can I drink it? Little bit of orange, little bit of pink. Little bit of orange, little bit of pink. Mmm, delicious. Oh, pop those. Party poppers! – And then we put these right there. – Can we eat the cake? Om nom. Ooh, a dinosaur? – A dinosaur! (roars) Dinosaur is eating his cake. Drink, drink! – No, eat it. Om nom. – Hey! – We have to wash them? – Mhm. – Wash wash wash. Let’s do a different present. – I got an idea. – Let’s do a dragon party. This is for everyone who
has birthdays this month. What month is it? May. Month of May birthdays, if your birthday is in
May leave a comment. This dragon party is for you. Ooh we’ve got castle plates. What do you think is in the present? – I don’t know. – Hey, it’s your turn to blow them out. Your turn. (blowing) Good job. – I don’t know what the present is. – What do you think it is? Oh boy. (popping) Let me eat the head. Om nom. – Hey, I need the head too. – It’s like a sushi dragon. – I’m eating his wing. – Kay, should we play another game? – Yeah. – Okay you pick another game. – Oh, I did it! – What one is that? – I’ll show you. – Toca Town? I love Toca Town. Okay, let’s play. Where should we go first? – The store. We’ve got to get our people. – Oh, ready for the birthday party, huh? Okay, let’s make birthday presents. – Oh, [Inaudible] – And then which one should I be? – Oh, that’s the mom. – Ooh, which one should I- – The baby is right there. – I want to be this baby. I’m a crazy baby! – Here’s the dad. – Kay, let’s get ready
for the birthday party. – Yay! – We’re going to have a panda
party and a dragon party. – Ooh, I want pizza for presents. Pizza present. Yes! Ooh, is that a paper airplane? Paper airplane present! Can I get a cheese present? I want a cheese present, yes! – Close your eyes! – Okay. – Close your eyes. Open them up. – Where’s the cheese? Did you eat my cheese? – No I did not. – I wanted a cheese present. Okay, let’s make a couple more presents, and then we’ll go to the birthday party. Donut present! – Donut, donut, donut! I like pink donuts. – Donut present! – Dad, that’s my present! – Okay, I want a dog present, woof! What? The dog is in a box. (laughing) Who wants a pet dog? Here, put him down. – I can’t. – No! (screams) You threw him away?! You threw the dog away! How do we get him back? – I don’t know. – You threw the dog away. – I know where he can be. – Maybe in here? – I know where he can be. – Where? Maybe he’s at the house? Maybe? – Maybe he’s at the house? – Oh, let’s go make a cat present. Look, there’s the cat. – Yeah. – Okay let’s go, we’re
going to make a cat present. – I hope he’s going to turn into a box. – But maybe there’s holes in the box so he can breathe, huh? Come here, kitty, kitty, but don’t throw it away. Where’d the cat go? He’s hiding. Hi kitty! Come here, kitty, kitty! There’s the kitty. Careful, don’t throw it away. Look, there’s holes so he can breathe. (laughs) Again? No! (screams) She threw the cat away. Okay, let’s get ready for the party. Do we need more presents? And then we gotta go make the cake. – Agh, go back! – Is that underwear? Oh, it’s a hat, I
thought it was underwear. He’s got underwear on his head! Tacos? – Oh my gosh, there’s two. – Two presents. Here’s more presents,
here’s a birthday hat, here’s your birthday hat. Ooh, cereal, I want cereal presents. (plop) Oops. Should we have the birthday party now? – Yeah, let’s go back home. – Okay, lets go home. – I got sugar! – Okay, I’m ready! Oh wait, bring your hat present. – Okay, boop! Home. You ready for the birthday party? – Uh huh. Oh! – Oh hi kitty, you made it home! Oh, she went pee. Eww! – I want her- (plop) – Eww! – We gotta go back. Okay, let’s go. (laughs) He’s holding it. – Nobody wants a poop present. – Yeah. – That’s gross. – Everybody’s here. Can I buy that present? – Ohh! Eww! – Can I buy that present? – Sure. We gotta bake a cake for the birthday! Let’s go home and bake. Oh, there’s all the presents. Let’s get the people. There’s the poop present. – I cleaned it up. – Where’s the family? (pop) – Found them. – There’s the baby. Hey, did he eat your hat? – Oh, there it is. Hi, I came to your- Oh sorry, I fell asleep. (laughs) I came to your birthday party. I got you a present,
do you want to open it? – Yeah! – Here you go. – (screams) (dramatic music) (laughs) – It’s a poop present. Oh, there’s our birthday hats. We need our party hats on. Party hat for him,- – Uh oh. – Ooh, can the cat wear a party hat? Party! Okay, should we do the dance party? I’ll turn on the music. Everybody dance! Yay, dance, dance! I’m jumping on the bed! (in a higher voice) I
want to jump on the bed Meow meow! Dance, dance! – Dance, dance! Thank you for making it
to my birthday party! (together) Thanks for watching, bye! (whoosh) (background music)

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