ADLEY CAN DANCE!! She Learns a fun Halftime Routine and performs at my OLD SCHOOL? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Yo, my friends want to
tell you guys something. Three, two, one Welcome to The Best Day Ever. (cheering) (thump) (cheering) – [Guy] Hey what you doing? Nico, where are we? (babbling) – [Girl] The lake. – [Guy] Okay. (baby babbling) Really? Oh here’s some. There’s a dirty here, huh? Yeah. – [Guy] Should we show them your trick? Oh yeah. – [Guy] I want a high five. High five. Yeah. – [Guy] Hey, I wanted a high five. This is our lake update for you guys. It’s starting to get close. Do you want us to show you around? Yeah.
What’s that. – [Guy] What is that? Oh it’s so bright. Oh there we go. This is our little lake cottage. It’s a shed. – [Guy] It’s a shed. So, this area is our shed area. We’re gonna have a couch, a little TV and a place to hang out
and rest and get snacks when you’re tired. Toys. I want it. And that over there. And then right here is our kitchen area. Black cabinets and handles. Or they’re blue. They’re blue? – [Girl] Yes.
Gotcha. See I haven’t been able to see them yet. And they cool gold play
station gaming handles. That’s the part I got to pick out. And then this is the favorite part. So, Nico you’re gonna run up here, “Mom, I want a Popsicle” and she’ll get you a Popsicle and she’ll hand it out here. That sound like a good idea? For eating. Yeah. And then this is a little window so we can see what’s
going out on the lake. – [Girl] Hi. Pretty cool huh? Anyways, this is the– what’s that. This is our fake skylight. – [Girl] That’s the attic hun. It’s to kind of look like. We’ll put glass there so
it looks like a skylight but it’s not. The ground skylight. Oh, do you guys want to see outside? Let’s take them for a quick tour, deal? (baby babbling) Right here there’s
gonna be a sand pit area where the kids can play. And then back here a little storage shed. And then we’re gonna
have showers right here. Shower, shower, shower. (baby babbling) Shower. Nico there’s a tunnel over here and you’re gonna ride your little bike through it next summer. There’s one tunnel and
then you go out and around this is going to be a
little stream with pebbles. It’s gonna be so fun. And that’s another tunnel and the track will go over the tunnels then
around and in the tunnels. Oh Nico you’re going to have
so much fun here next summer. What do you think, is this pretty cool? Yeah.
Yeah? This is gonna be exactly
like our backyard (babbling) we’re gonna spend so much time back here. The water. Oh, oh. (baby babbling) So, nice. What do you think Nico? Oh it isn’t cold. Isn’t it fun how much he’s talking? Good luck with these subtitles Brandon. (baby babbling) Nice water, oh. Look at him digging his toes in. (exaggerated squishing) Want to go bye-bye? Oh, good job. – [Girl] Adley (dramatic note) How was school today? I’m talking to you. I’m talking to you. Want to show them, the vlog what you made? Mm-hmm. This just. – [Girl] But look, it’s back to school. Adley in a school bus. And I gave her a hard
time for not smiling. But she’s still so adorable, huh Adley? (babbbling). – [Girl] What? Yeah, yeah. Happy birthday. Happy Birthday Adley. That’s so cute. It’s like a balloon with a little string. You already opened it? Eat it. (exaggerated eating) – [Girl] Guess what you have today? What? – [Girl] Dancing, dancing. Is daddy going to watch? – [Girl] Daddy’s going
to come watch, yeah. But first we have to wait for him. – [Girl] Yeah. We’re waiting for daddy to get home and Adley’s playing with her friends. Showing you what we usually do when we wait for daddy
to get home, huh Nico. We should show them. Yeah, I’ll go get the stuff. The stuff. (baby babbling) Are you ready? Let’s play. As you guys know I played softball. One of my kids is going to play softball. I’m determined so we’re
teaching Nico young. Yeah, yup. (mom cheering) Want to do it again? Do you want to put it on? Good job buddy. (upbeat guitar music) It’s way better than yesterday where he would just run and
steal the ball off the tee and run away. It was really funny. He thought he was funny. Getting in trouble and stuff. It’s his favorite thing to do. Like this. Where are you going Nico? Hey, give me that ball. You give me that ball. (both laughing) You little digger. Hi. – [Girl] Daddy. Is that the cutest thing ever? Hi, buddy. You playing baseball. Yeah. Okay, can I get a high five? (mom cheering) – [Girl] Can you show daddy how to do it? How do you do it? Put the ball on the top. – [Guy] Oh, right here? – [Girl] Oh he’s running away. – [Guy] He’s so cute. Oh now he’s playing soccer. – [Girl] No. Baseball to football to soccer. This guy is talented. This is so cool. (parents cheering) – [Girl] Good job Nico. Do you want to help me
put the motorcycle in? Vroom, vroom. Vroom, vroom. Okay, we go to park it. We did it, yeah. – [Girl] Good job, yeah. All done.
Now we got to go watch your sister dance. That’s what we got to do. And then she’ll watch you during your snowboard competitions. – [Girl] Yeah. Oh he like the horn, watch. (motorcycle horn beeping) All right, should we go? – [Girl] Yep, let’s go. Dil have you been having
the best day ever? – [Girl] Yeah.
Me too. Today was really fun. We had pizza for Holiday’s birthday. So, I’m going on a trip next week. I’m going to see some friends
that I haven’t seen in forever (whispering) Peter Mckinnon. And a bunch of other people
and it’s Holiday’s birthday. So, fun stuff coming soon. So, whoop, that’s kind of dark. There you are. So look, this is the lens. See when I turn it it goes close and then far away, see that? You twist right here. Try it. The big one right here. Close. Far away. Close. Far away. But it just does it a little bit see. So we needed to get a new lens like this that’s a really big
one so when we twist it it can look at really
far away like binoculars. I want to see it inside it like. You want to see inside the vlog. Yeah
Okay. I think it might turn off but
when you take the lens off this is what the vlog’s guts look like. You’re a monster. Vlog we saw your guts. What did it look like? Yellow. Yellow? So, we go to go find a big lens that way when you’re dancing far
away I can go zoom, zoom zoom, zoom, zoom really
close and watch you dance. – [Guy] What kind of snacks do you want? Energy. – [Guy] Energy? What would give you energy? This will give me energy. – [Guy] Oh, energy to dance. Hey let me see that shirt. That is so cute. A future falcette. I’m covering it. – [Guy] Hey, I want to see, hey No. – [Guy] Yeah, guess what? The school that you’re
going to dance at Adley I went to that school. Did you know that? Went to the green school? – [Guy] Yeah, I went to the green school. Is it very far away? – [Guy] It’s not very far away. We can’t take the motorcycle though. I know what your thinking. Are you excited? Yes. – [Guy] Your little girl’s
first dance recital. Keep in mind, not an
official dance recital. She’s practiced this for two
hours in a group of 100 kids. She’s going to have no
idea what’s going on but it’s going to be cute. Right?
Yeah. – [Guy] What are you getting? Paint. – [Guy] Face paint. – [Guy] You look so cute Adley. Way cute. See. What. Okay, let’s go. (retching) Horrible memories here. – [Teacher] Ready to dance? Look at the colors. Are you gonna dance good today? Yeah. Yeah, are you going to
blow the crowd away? – [Guy] Should we get out of here? Yeah. – [Guy] There’s too many
girls in here let’s go. I’m so excited slash so nervous. This is going to be wild. I can’t believe she’s going
to be here for an hour. I know. These are the flags of all the
stuff that my school’s won. It was a rough 90s and 2000’s
let’s just put it that way. The ’80s were great. We were killing it as
a school in the ’80s. (yelling) Welcome to the best day ever. Vlog I found Andy. Good luck. Let me see your face. Oh that’s tough, I like it. Now, we’re talking about the feels. Are you ready for this? First handrail I ever tried on a snowboard drop in right there, jump right here, I mean I’m not trying to do the whole kink that’s a little crazy. Drop in right here, boop, hit right there there’s a knot right
there, got to miss that. Boop, that’s legacy for me. My first hand rail. These are the Clearfield
High cheerleaders. They never used to talk to
me and they still don’t. Not much has changed. This guy talks to me. What’s up dog? (yelling) Look at this guy he’s some goggles. Clearfield pride. (cheering) Wait why is everyone wearing white? White out. Oh, well that’s weird I’m sorry. (cheering) Wow this is really busy. I used to be a football player. As a quarterback but they never put me in so we lost state. If coach would have just put me in we would have won state that year and it would have been on those banners. There about to play, watch. Grass. Going to film a touchdown
right now I believe. (cheering) I think that’s the opposite. They dropped the ball, fumbled the ball and then the other team got it. I know, does that make you sad? I know. We hate fumbles. How much more time do we have? I can’t even see
– [Girl] Seven minutes. Look there they are. – [Guy] They’re coming out. You can’t see. We got to switch to the
long lens, hold this. This is the long lens I
was telling you about. You can see super far away. (fans cheering) All right I think we’re– is that working? – [Girl] Yeah.
Okay. Let’s play a game called find Adley. (upbeat music) We’re not very good at this game. I found Andy. So far we’re losing the game. – [Student] I know you. – [Guy] What’s up dude? What’s up? She’s so cute. Oh and the school spirit vans. Morgan I like it. Oh yeah. You’re in the vlog now. Look at there faces, oh wow. Oh you hold the vlog for the picture. – [Student] Okay. This is my mom. – [Guy] Down here you
got to see here face. – [Mom] Cheese. – [Guy] Sweet. Got the picture. – [Student] Bye, thank you. – [Guy] Bye, high fives. – [Student] Your daughter’s so cute. – [Guy] Oh she totally is. I know. Three high fives. Four high fives. Ah, ah, ah. – [Student] She’s playing with Adley. – [Guy] Really? Your sister’s dancing with Adley? Good luck. Adley’s a crazy dancer. (cheering) I have no idea where Adley is. Pause it, screenshot it, tweet it. I don’t know. You got to find– There she is. (rock music) – [Guy] These guys hair it’s so cool. – [Boy] What’s up. – [Guy] What’s up. Welcome to the best day ever.
(exaggerated punching) Wait, what I got to film this. What’s up? We bought a Can-Am Ryker because of you. You heard that Can-Am. Me too. It’s like six now, okay. Let’s see it. Boom right there. – [Guy] Oh baby. Hashtag we need another ad soon. Let’s go Can-Am. Okay, let’s go. Yo, this guy signed the
hot tub one day, right? Yeah, follow me on Instagram. Halant_birdman. Follow me. – [Guy] Just follow him
he signed the hot tub. I don’t know who this kid is. (yelling) I think we’re going the wrong way. This is weird– nope right way. Hey, Adley. Hi. What’s up? You did so good girly. Give Nico a high five. – [Guy] You did so good Adley. That was fun to watch. She did so good. – [Guy] I saw you you did jumps. What was your favorite part? When I did the kick with my leg. – [Guy] Oh let’s see it again. Whoo that was so good. We’re you impressed babe? I was way impressed. I’m impressed that she
attempted to do the dances and didn’t just spin in circles. It was so cute that she was on her knees like the other falcettes. – [Guy] Hi. That’s my ice cream. – [Guy] What? I have lots of books in my little bag. – [Guy] Yeah that’s going to be so fun. We’re gonna read those. You can even see them through. It’s open. – [Guy] Oh I see them for reals in there. Okay should we go inside and eat? Yeah, I can’t get out. Oh I know how to. – [Guy] You know how to do it. You’re a big kid. Pretend Brandon pop on
my pretend Brandon popped up and I was already buckled but stays on. – [Guy] Okay Brandon pop
up that she looks like she’s already buckled. Okay. And then I want Brandon to put a white thing up so I just didn’t like you just help
me or I didn’t help me or I didn’t like– – [Guy] Oh, it just did it magic? Yeah, magic. – [Guy] Okay let’s have it be magic. I can’t get out. Oh I know how to. (poof) I’m back out. – [Guy] Wow. When I was in my dance school I learned how to run very fast. Watch.
– [Guy] Okay let’s see. Holy cow. Did you see how fast she just ran? So fast, I didn’t see her.
– [Guy] She learned that in her dance school. This is how fast I can learn in my class. That’s how fast you can
learn in your class. Wow. Dad.
– [Guy] What? Is the vlog ready? – [Guy] It’s ready. Yeah. – [Guy] Look vlog, Adley’s new pajamas and they have baby feet. I’m a baby. – [Guy] She doesn’t even need sock-ies. Goo-goo, ga-ga. – [Guy] Hey, you’re not a baby. Are those space pajamas. Yeah they have unicorns. Space unicorns. – [Guy] That is so cool. You have so much energy and it’s so late. I need a drink. – [Guy] Did you know it’s almost bedtime. Guess what. – [Guy] What? We’re going to the movies. – [Guy] No we’re not. No we’re going to the
pretend movie theater. – [Guy] The pretend movie theater? Yeah, like our house the movie theater. We’re in it. Right here is a movie theater. – [Adley] Yeah. – [Guy] And what are we going to watch? We’re watching Grinch. – [Guy] The Grinch. Maybe The Grinch. What else? Oh, I know. – [Guy] What? Mini Mouse. – [Guy] Mini Mouse the movie. Let’s watch it. What tiger do I like? – [Adley] Tiger, rawr. Tiger mouth is going to pop up. – [Guy] What? (imitating tiger roaring) – [Guy] Brandon did you
pop a tiger mouth on Adley? (imitating tiger roaring) – [Guy] Brandon do that? Yes. (imitating tiger roaring) – [Guy] Mom, welcome to our movie theater. Is Nico asleep? He is. Our house is a pretend movie theater. – [Guy] And we’re going to watch a movie. I’m going to the movies, bye. – [Adley] We need tickets. – [Guy] (imitating tiger roaring) We have to pay for these tickets. – [Guy] Oh, ticket please. One for the vlog and one for me and one for my dad and one for mommy. Here you go. – [Guy] Okay, welcome
to our movie theater. I’m guess what is the
movie already starting? – [Guy] No, not yet. We have some comfortable seats
right over here for you guys. I watched them when you
guys were on your date and Grandma watched me with it and not you and vlog or mom. – [Guy] You watched it
without me, mom and the vlog? – [Adley] Yeah, but I just watched it with Nana and Nico and me. – [Guy] That’s fun. Okay should we find Mini Mouse? Yeah, when the movie starts Matilda it says they are very
mean parents to Matilda and Matilda is very nice. Aww. – [Guy] Yeah. Are you parents very mean? Nope. You guys are very nice. – [Guy] Aw. Mom you found it. She found Mini Mouse. Okay should we watch?
– [Adley] Yeah. – [Guy] Okay, let’s end the vlog first. Can I do it or you do it or mom do it? Who do you think? Me. How about I do it? No I want to. How about it’s mom’s turn. No ma … You? – [Girl] You almost said mom. It’s mine.
Oh, I’ve got an idea. Maybe you could do a cool
dance move from your dance and then end it. Let’s do it. After I do it. – [Guy] Your coolest trick
and then we’ll end the vlog. Wow. I can’t do it with my
pajamas only in clothes. Watch this. – [Guy] What. I’m going to kick you
guys for the vlog ending. Thanks for watching, bye. (rock music) – [Girl] (laughing) In her striped shirt. Oh good. – [Guy] That was a fun one.

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