ADLEYS 3rd BIRTHDAY!! did ya miss us :)

– It’s Adley’s birthday, she’s three. – We’re gonna surprise her with balloons. – We do this every year, it’s tradition. – [Shaun and Jenny] Happy birthday! ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Shaun and Jenny] It’s your birthday! – [Shaun] Happy birthday! Are you ready to have the best day ever? (Adley mumbling) – [Jenny] Look, how fun! Balloon fight! – [Shaun] Balloon fight! Yay! – [Jenny] Get your hair to stand up. (Shaun laughing) Agh! Happy birthday! – You have lots of presents. – Wait, wait, wait, I want a birthday hug. (kissing) You’re such a big girl. – Okay, should we go get breakfast? – Wait, what do you want for breakfast? – Cake? – You almost said cereal.
– We can’t eat cake. – (laughs) All right. Best birthday ever. – [Shaun] Where are what? – [Shaun] They’re hiding. – [Shaun] It is your birthday now, but your party’s later tonight
when all your friends come. – [Shaun] You wanna watch videos? – Okay, it’s your birthday,
you could watch videos. See, normally we tell her
no Adley videos this early, but it’s her birthday so
she gets Adley videos. – [Jenny] Big sister! – Hey. – [Shaun] Say happy birthday! – [Shaun] Adley, it’s your birthday! (cheering) Did we do balloons when you were a baby? – [Shaun and Jenny] Happy birthday! – Oh no, I just made Adley a quesadilla for her birthday and she’s asleep! (laughs) You’re silly. This is my favorite part
about making videos. Well, I guess that they’re memories, but also it’s so fun to
watch her rewatch ’em and smile and stuff. She has all those memories, just on the phone whenever she wants ’em. – [Shaun] You want to ride the scooter? – [Shaun] ‘Kay. Adley, do you like riding scooters? Whoo, wheee! – [Shaun] We’re gonna go see the horseys! What do we got? – [Shaun] And what are you
going to do with the carrots? – [Shaun] We’re gonna feed
the horseys for your birthday? – Fast? (“Deja Vu” by Dave Rodgers) ♪ Deja vu ♪ ♪ I’ve just been in this place before ♪ ♪ Higher on the street and
I know it’s my time to go ♪ ♪ Calling you ♪ – Horseys! – We got carrots! – Is he coming? – Hurry, let’s get a carrot ready! Aw, he wants some carrots? Aw, is that yummy? – They’re flies.
– That one has lots of flies. – [Jenny] Hey! – Hi buddy, do you want some carrots? – Here’s a big one. Oh, he likes those. Or should we go to this
one and give him some? – There you go. Oh, he likes those. – [Jenny] Tell him it’s your birthday. – Guess what, horsey,
it’s Adley’s birthday. Do you want a lot of carrots? Oh, there’s a lot for you. – Bye, bye horseys! – Say Happy birthday! – [Shaun] And how’s Niko doing? – He’s so good, all bundled. – [Shaun] Aww look, he
doesn’t have oxygen anymore. Just a healthy little baby bear. – Happy birthday Adley! – [Shaun] Hey, where you going? – I think she wants to ride
through the sprinklers. – Come on, ohhhh, you’re gonna get wet. Look, she can ride it all by herself! Good job! Watch out sprinklers! Oh, watch out, don’t get wet, oh no! Watch out, it’s gonna get wet! Are you picking pretty flowers? Are those birthday flowers? – [Shaun] Do we put your flowers in a cup? – [Shaun] That’s so pretty! – [Mom] What are you doing? – That’s so fun! – [Mom] That’s okay, we can clean it up. And then, this is Adley’s
cake I’m working on. And look at Daddy! Daddy’s on Niko duty! Huh? – Mm’hmm, that’s my favorite job. – [Mom] He’s so cute. We are done with the cake. I’m letting Adley do the honors
of putting her topper on. Are you ready? – [Mom] Put it in the middle. Whoooo, good job! Tell them all what kind of
birthday you’re going to have. – [Mom] A mermaid birthday? – [Mom] Like the mermaid
on top of your cake? – [Mom] And they’re still
chillin’ over there. – Yeah. – [Mom] What’d you do? – [Mom] Go give it to him. – Is that for Niko? – Yeah! – Thank you, he’s going to love it. (mom giggles) – [Shaun] (laughs) do you
remember what step you’re on? – I think somewhere close to step one is where I left off. – Update, I have to build
a stove and a fridge, and a microwave, and
there’s all these pieces. I’m glad I’ve got Mike, ’cause
I have no idea what I’m doing Also, took a shower, shaved
and put on my Adley shirt! Look at that! Reppin’ for Adley’s birthday, you know. I think a fan sent this
to me like two years ago. Alright, let’s build a stove. Actually, start building the stove, I’ve got to bring the
refrigerator out here. Adley’s favorite thing is to
play with kitchens and toys, and so, we got her like
a real-life kitchen set. We kind of got a stove here. – Yeah, we’re building! – [Shaun] Look at this:
refrigerator ready! You cook it, and then you
store it in the fridge. – We’re almost ready! – [Shaun] Oh yeah! We’re cookin! Happy birthday Adley,
you’re going to love this! – It’s time for Adley’s party! I’ve got a surprise! Your carriage is outside. – Yeah, come on, I’ll show you. Your ride is ready! – Oh, we’ll turn it down. There you go! There, is that better? – Yeah, we’ll go fast, deal? – No deal, no fast! – Jenny’s stressing, she’s a good mom. So, don’t troll on the comments. The lake is one minute down
the road on these back roads. Not scary, but Jenny’s still stressed. You keep an eye on us, okay babe? – Okay. – [Shaun] Okay! Are you ready? – [Shaun] Is this your
first time in Daddy’s car? – [Shaun] This is going to be so fun! What do you want to listen to? – [Shaun] Jasmine? – Jasmine it is! Let’s roll! (Montage music from Aladdin) – Are we going fast? – [Shaun] Are you having fun? – Hi Mom! We’re at your birthday party! Should we go see everyone? Look, everybody’s here! – [Mom] Let’s go! – [Shaun] Okay, let’s go! – [Shaun] Adley, who’s that from? – [Shaun] Maggie and Erika? Thanks guys! – Open this, there’s a
bunch of stuff in there! – [Shaun] Oh that’s so cute! – Oh my goodness! – The perfect hat for her! – [Shaun] Oh that’s so cute, Adley! – It goes with your new swimming suit. – [Shaun] Aww, you got new swimmies? – Look at this one! – [Shaun] You’re so cute! – What’d you get? – [Shaun] Mermaid dolls? – No, it’s Tangled dolls! (Shaun laughs) – I thought it was Eric from Mermaid. – It’s Flynn Rider! – She’s wanted that at
my house for so long. – [Shaun] Did you say Thank You? – Give her hugs! – And Maggie! And Maggie! – [Shaun] Adley, who’s it from? Is that from Papa Todd? That’s so nice. – [Shaun] Oh wow! And she talks? – Ahhh (kisses) – Welcome to Adley’s 3rd birthday. – [Shaun] Cute! – We’ve got crab sandwiches, – [Shaun] Crab Sandwiches! – Starfish – [Shaun] Starfish, I like it! – And then there’s your
fish bar over here. – [Shaun] Oh, and Swedish Fish, I like it! – And her birthday cake! – [Shaun] You did good!
– Let’s party! (upbeat music) – [Shaun] You having fun? – Mm’hmm Look at his
cute little shark outfit. – [Shaun] ♪ Baby Shark, do
do, do do do do Baby Shark ♪ – [Shaun] That’s cute, babe. Do you think Adley’s having fun? – Yes. – [Shaun] Look, she’s out
there in the water swimmin’. – Yep – [Shaun] You crushed it! – Fun party. – Oops, I got you! – (laughs) stop! – [Shaun] Do it for the vlog! Now it’s going to be even dirtier! – It’s now your fingers! I would have eaten it off the grass. No. (laughs) – [Shaun] Adley! Do you
want to do presents? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Go tell your friends
it’s time for presents! – ‘Cause you’re so excited! – Help me put your crown on. – [Shaun] Babe, explain this crown. – I got it for her when
it was her first birthday. And she wore it her second, and she’s gonna wear it her third. And fourth, and fifth… – [Shaun] Yeah, I was gonna say, how long is Mom going
to make her wear this? – Yep, until she’s 18! (upbeat music) – [Shaun] Oh pretty! – Open it! – Ooohhh – Whoa! – [Shaun] It’s Peppa Pig! – Okay open this one first. What is it? – Peppa Pig toy! – This is behind the
scenes, behind the scenes. – [Mom] Wow! Do you know what that is? – [Mom] It’s baking,
so you can cook things. – I didn’t know I got that boomerang. – From Mom and Dad! You guys remember earlier in the vlog? I’mma show you. Okay, this is from Mom and Dad. Whoa! – Do you know what it is yet? What is it? (together) You’ve got your own scooter! – Yeah, it’s for you,
do you want to see it? – And we can take this
to go see the horseys. – That’s your scooter! Look! Woooooo (laughter) – [Shaun] That’s going to be so much fun! – Happy Birthday!!! – Hey I want a hug too! – [Shaun] Adley, what are we doing? – [Shaun] Okay! Let’s light ’em up! (All together) ♪ Happy birthday to you – [Shaun] Blow them out! – [Mom] Make a wish! Good job! (Cheers) – [Friend] You officially
have a three year old. – We have a three year old! – [Friend] You are parents of
two, with a three year old. – We have Kids!
– Kids, plural! – It’s crazy. – Get wrecked. – That’s for your lips, not your toes! – [Shaun] She was putting it on her toes? Adley, that’s Chapstick,
that’s not for your toes. – That’s lip gloss. – [Shaun] Oh but now
you put it on your lips. – There you go! So, now you have pretty
lips and pretty toes! Can I see your toes? – [Shaun] Oh, okay. Adley, did you have so much fun? And did you have so much fun? – Yes. – [Shaun] And Niko, did
you have so much fun? – Yes! – [Shaun] He’s doing awesome. There it is, another Best Day Ever! And another one of Adley’s
birthday on the vlog! Best Day Evers, join the vlog! (upbeat music) (lip smack sound)

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  1. so happy to be back ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks for all the tweets and emails and help
    and huge thanks to everyone who stuck around!!
    p.s. Adley just posted a video with her new toys and you will love it:

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  14. wow bro thats crazy stressfull i couldnt imagine my channle being Hacked!? gosh im so glad you got yours back!!! Happy DAYS!

  15. Hi. We love your videos. I watch them with my daughter liliana who is going to be
    3. I feel like we know you. Lili always talks about her friends Adley and Niko ( who is also so beautiful.) Thanks for sharing. Your friends in Albuquerque New Mexico

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