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  1. hehehe, the truth is that their relationship is very funny, but they both care about each other and that's nice

  2. "Adrien, there are better ways to tell people…" Is the funniest thing ever and I feel like he would too! 😂😂

  3. Adrien: “Marinette acts different in bed.”
    Marinette: “WHAT THE HECK ADRIEN?!?”
    Their family and friends at the engagement party: “…”

  4. 1:50
    Well to be fair he could have said something worst beeing Adrien.
    Like….. Mari is now unfriended to me
    2:01 or we are uncoupled
    2:07 or mari is no mother no more

  5. Adrien we can't be together it's to dangerous
    But I love you wait what are you doing
    Inviting alya to our wedding we're about to get married

    😂😂😂 LMAO 🤣🤣🤣
    I love it

  6. Dear Spatziline,

    Hello! I am A G E N T G R E E N!
    I would like to ask if how do you do your amazing comics like that? I've always seen your beautiful works in comic dubs and in other channels and it's very interesting! I am just wondering on how do you make your comics? Like, using ibis paint or something else? Just wondering! Your works are very beautiful! Keep up the amazing work, Spatziline -kun! Love ya!~❤️

    Have a great day/night! Plus Ultra to you!❤️

    To: Spatziline
    From: A G E N T G R E E N (your fangirl!❤️)

  7. You'd think by the time they were having a baby Marinette would have realized not to let Adrien tell people any good news. Ever.

  8. This comic is the best. I love it!
    I laugh at the part when adrien said i love you for the first time and then mari calling alya inviting her to their wedding

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