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hey what’s up everyone I am super
excited because my husband Israel is coming out with his new album called
road to DeMaskUs and we are throwing him at the sickest listening party and I
can’t wait to share all my party planning ideas with you most record labels would hire a big-name
event planner for a listening party like this but you know I’m a DIY kind of girl
so guess what I’m taking over this one and the first thing I’m going to show
you is how to create an art installation you may be asking yourself what exactly
is an art installation well to be honest it’s really anything you want it to be
go with your theme and create a really cool spot that people can stand in front
of take a picture put on Instagram you see a lot of these at blogger events you
definitely saw them at Coachella with like the floral cars or the floral bikes
that people took pictures in front of the theme of our party is Israel’s album
title which is called Road to DeMaskUs so there’s gonna be masks involved
there’s going to be a very rustic journey feel which looks like his album
packaging you know what the album cover looks like in all the pictures inside
yeah that so we decided to take those photos and actually put them on display
honestly most people don’t buy CD form anymore so they never get to see all the
photos that people took for the album so we decided to show them off we got these
easels and we decided to blow up the pictures from the album artwork the cool
thing is you can use this idea for any kind of party I actually got this idea
from my sisters 30th birthday where we blew up pictures of her and put them all
over the place and people actually signed with metallic pens and left her
messages until this day she actually still has those photos we got our
pictures done at Costco but you can get the easels at Michael’s has really cute
wooden ones and these we ordered on Amazon now we’re moving on to the props
now you want to create an atmosphere we’re actually creating this in the
foyer downstairs in the house so when people walk in they’re gonna be like wow
so we are renting a bunch of vintage luggage you can do this for whatever
your theme is ours is travel if someone’s having a going-away party or
if someone is studying abroad this is a really cool thing to do we are going to
stack up all this luggage and put it around the photos we even got some of
the vintage props that we used in his album photo shoot like this old video
camera he’s holding up in that picture right there and then we’ve also got a
vintage compass and a pocket watch there’s also some cool binoculars that
he used in the photos I love how these are gonna look all stacked up it’s gonna
be so cute you guys know how I absolutely love candles so this is
another really cool idea for decor we actually went and got these rocks which
are symbolic for the road to Damascus you know on the road there’s gonna be
some pebbles and some stones so we got these rocks actually at the Dollar Tree
they were each $0.99 we got these downtown LA and you can actually order
these candles on their own online we’re gonna be placing these on the steps I
love the fact that we have different sizes because it creates different
levels the key is for safety purposes you want
to make sure that the base is taller than the candle so that God forbid if
your candle flickers or moves around this way it’s kind of encapsulated the
fire will be inside of the glass as opposed to being out people don’t catch
on fire doesn’t catch on somebody’s bottom of their dress this is gonna be
awesome so you place it inside the bars like that is it boss or vase let me know
in the comments below is it a Boz or is it a bass or are those
two different things I’ve already done a little example version here but pretty
much you’re gonna place the candle inside and then you’re gonna place the
rock around it and we got tons of these bags literally so that we can have this
all around the house and we’re actually going to line the outside of the candles
as well with tons of rocks so this is pretty much what it looks like and it’s
a super inexpensive decor idea we’re gonna place them all over the entrance
of the house and the foyer even around our art installation up the steps and
it’s really gonna create what’s gonna look like the road to Damascus next up
is personalized gift bags I know I’ve mentioned this before
but I love anything personalized and you can’t beat this price we got these
really cool drawstring backpacks done with Israel’s logo and album title on
them for literally less than two dollars and I think this is super cool like
literally for any event and if you’re launching your own business you can put
your logo there if you’re having a slumber party with five cute little
girls they have them in all different colors you can get hot pink with every
little girl’s name on the backpack there are so many options and again this was
literally like a doll or something Google now the question is what’s going
in the bag now it’s still a work in progress we’re gonna have Scrolls that
are gonna say the name of the songs from his album and like a cool map I think
it’s really special when you get to come to an event or a party and they have
custom items made so in this case everyone knows Israel plays the guitar
Suika guitar picks created with his logo on them as well just saying if you have
a musician significant other or a friend this is one of the most thoughtful ideas
you can ever do a thoughtful gift and literally it’s under sixty cents you can
get them a pack of custom guitar picks I’ve done multiple of these ones that
just say I love you one that you know says maybe a song title of his these are
one of my favorite gifts to give him so if you dating a musician or your kid is
a musician it’s a really cool gift to give another custom item that we’re
putting in the gift bag is these really cool silicone mobile pouches they’re
pretty much credit cards that are adhesive and they go on the back of your
cell phone we’re pretty much trying to get the logo everywhere this is actually
a smart idea also if you’re starting a business if you’re launching your
company and you want to kind of get yourself out there these are really cool
gift ideas for that as well and again these are under a dollar
everyone will be walking around with your logo or a great memory from your
special occasion we’re actually performing at the party
so we’re gonna give you a sneak peak to like a little rehearsal of what its
gonna be like and I’m gonna play the piano like this just kidding take over you are now I have always been you close this is literally our first time running
it the first rehearsal right here he’s with you I promise it’ll be better
that day here’s always been the same that’s good cool I’m excited are you
excited do you think that I’m gonna handle this well I think you well you’re
a match I’m not a professional party planner but I’ve got this oh you’ve got
this down you believe it’s gonna be okay he has trusted me with making this party
awesome so actually RCA inspiration is trusted
you with me the label believes I can make the party awesome hopefully you
guys believe in me I can’t wait for you guys to see how it all came together
comment below and let me know some fun ideas that you have for parties that you
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  1. U both sound amazing. I love how u both spilt the melody and harmonising it sounds beautiful. U both carry such a Godly presence. True worshippers. Love u both


  3. Literally woke up today thinking Peace Be Still!!! Love this Song!!! Iz you still got IT & HE's still got you. God Bless.

  4. Wow I love your voice Adrienne can you guys make more singing videos together? B/c it’s so inspirational😍would love to hear more from you guyz love it💛.

  5. Such a anointed song. Beautiful ! You both are suitable for each other’s souls and the assignments on both your lives!! Thank you for inspiring me 😭 ♥️

  6. I hate the blonde hair on her she is not Taylor swift or Miley Cyrus 😩 I wish people would just be happy with who they are her brown hair was fine. Maybe the blonde is what her husband secretly wants

  7. The pronunciation depends on where you are from,as long as it can hold your flowers etc,that's what counts for me.😆
    I love your DIY ideas.
    That song is my favorite for the year.

  8. You have such lovely creative ideas Adrienne, and that was such a beautiful song! The harmonies blend like magic 😊 you are both definitely a match made in heaven. I've been a long time fan of both of you seperately and now seeing you growing in love together brings such joy. God bless you both and good luck with the party! Much love from the UK ❤ oh by the way over here it is spelt vase but is pronounced like vaaz.

  9. Hi Adrienne, I love love love the singles you recorded with Israel but I especially love I’m with you/be still. Thank you ❤️

  10. That song – it felt like coming Home to be honest – it’s been awhile since I’ve spoken with Jesus and holding hands with the Holy Spirit – that song felt like HOME – thank you so much xx

  11. You have the most beautiful feminine should start telling us what you're wearing and from Where!!!

  12. Do an episode with your all white NY Apartment and Your House. We know you have said both are your happy place, and its such a transition. It shows people how they can be grateful where they are (you were happy with your small walk up apartment) and now Chateaux Houghton, your house. BTW great party tips.

  13. Love the song. But about the slippers Israel was wearing… would love for my own hubby? Can you advise the name of the slippers!!! Love love love your videos!

  14. Like seriously…ya'll two were meant and made for each other. Just watching you two inspire me for how I want to gel w/my husband. I pray you guys remain in each other and keep GOD as your focus. Many aren't blessed to fine that one; so protect it and cherish it.

  15. Wow besides the party looking absolutely amazing, hearing you and your husband sing brought me to tears! Loosing my father this past summer has been the most devastating for me and it been absolutely hard and hearing this song literally touched me!!! Everyone tells me daily he’s with me and to just be still enough to feel him around me! Thank you!

    Ps: thank you for that picture idea it’s a great idea for my daughters sweet sixteen I got years to plan (6) but best to plan now lol

  16. I swear Adrienne quit putting Him down..

    He is singing a song for God! For the man above not to sound good..
    Not to make others feel good..
    To make God feel good..

    Girl you are starting to sound like trouble…

    I am sorry for being all mean but I defend the man of God all day.

  17. Oh I loooove love that track my goodness! When is it out? I downloaded this whole video just to keep watching that part! Love you guys

  18. Adrienne out of everyone in the real you are the girl I like your cool. And your small like me I'm 4feet 10 inches tall. I also wear a size 6 in woman shoes in kids I wear 2half to a 3. And I'm in my 30's. Growing up I love the Cheetah girls and was my favorite Cheetah girl

  19. Wow he musy be too happy because she is like his daughter. If she loses weight then in 5 years she would be like his granddaughter

  20. You guys are so freakin' adorable together…..May God bless your road ahead and continue ordering your steps. PEACE be still, that's where He abides. xoxo

  21. Singing for the Lord…my deepest dream! Lucky you! Hope you realise how magnificent is that GRACE.crying while writing😍 please, dont you just sing for Him, but also, live for him and testify.💃💃💃💃💃💃

  22. That was beautiful! I really needed to hear that. A job that I really want to move to has placed me on hold for 6 months as of today, and it really got me down because I was really disappointed. You guys singing this song just gave me some encouragement. Thank you for letting God use you. As Adrienne would say, besos!

  23. Love Adrienne love Israel love love this song going to use at my 25 yr vow renewal, cool if you could perform live

  24. Blahblah she's been so federated yup habe a man she don't know how to act now. Everything's her husband now. She needs to call him abuelo. They make the ugliest couple together. He looks like such an asshole n pervert. Like i said at the beginning of their relationship he chose her because of her " fame" its a business move. N look at her always talking about him n promoting him n bringing him on the real etc. N her she finally found someone who will put up with her wanna be ass n to show off cuz she didn't n couldn't do it with her other men lmfao. He n u r Wack girl. N went from hood chick now she's a church girl 😂😂😂😂 if her next mama a rocket she'll be one too. 😂😂😂 lmfao ctfu when they " sang"

  25. Absolutely beautiful! What a blessing to have two artists in one home who can sit and sing this way. That is a dream of mine and especially to have a musician who can play the piano or guitar. You guys are a beautiful couple. We see many of your YouTube videos but I cannot comment on most of them because they are on my smart TV on YouTube. I have to come back to my phone to comment. Keep up the great work and God bless and protect this relationship.

  26. Listening to the first rehearsal no disrespect I have forgotten everything that you were talking about because the song has taking over my body it is so beautiful I'm in tears because I'm so in love with God my husband my my son's my grandkids this song just really touch my heart I have to re-watch this segment the song just move me instantly

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  28. Great party planning tips!!! I know you came out with a Christmas Album, would love to hear you sing more. You have such a beautiful voice!!!

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