African Americans Are The Base Of The Democratic Party. But They Are No Monolith | All In | MSNBC

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  1. So I am curious. Are there more white supremacy, white Nazi, white Evangelicals in America than there are of Black, Asian, Latinos, and other minorities in the US?

  2. VOTE DEMOCRAT 2020 NOVEMBER ELECTION🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. A Critical Mass of our community is not voting without Reparations and a Black Only Agenda! You hear us, but you’re ignoring us like you been doing the last 50 years! The Democrats will not win the Presidential Election due to their arrogance! We’ve survived this 400 year nightmare, so we’ll survive 4 more years of Trump!

  4. Mike Bloomberg, if think that fool Trump is bad, just think if Trump was just a little smarter. Well then you would have Bloomberg, I am telling you people he is just a smarter Trump…. eyes open people!!!!

  5. This is a non-story because they do not just talk about the "Black Vote." They talk about the Latino Vote. They talk about the Asian Vote. They talk about the White Vote. They talk about many different things and the Black Vote is just a small element to it.

  6. So 13% of the population who are supposedly being disenfranchised through voter IDs and being disproportionately arrested are the base of one of 2 parties?

  7. This is the this is the obvious people of color and Hispanics we all know Donald Trump the so-called president endorses white supremacy and promotes racism so don't sell yourself short let's vote Donald Trump out of office including the Senate that is Republican held don't be fooled by any Republican , that have no honor much less integrity and no loyalty to the people of our nation

  8. WOW thank God I'm Canadian. We don't talk about black/white voters. We're all just Canadian voters. America please catch up with the rest of us. WE ARE ALL JUST PEOPLE!!!

  9. BLACK PEOPLE: Divorce yourselves from the 2 party system….neither democrats or republicans have your best interest they just want your votes….Black Americans represent approx. 20 million votes….make these parties beg you for your votes.

  10. I am a white women. I have, for years now followed the black women's choices and interest. Mainly because they are educated on the candidates. They do their homework as I try too. Nothing against the black men. They are just as interested. I've just seen or heard of the great differences the women have made over my lifetime in politics.

  11. Just cause Bernie’s old doesn’t mean he doesn’t have every Americans concerns at heart. He’s been fighting his entire life for the same things and always been looked at as radical when what he’s proposing isn’t radical at all! Bernie’s mind is strong and so is his body now after the heart attack whether people wanna believe that or not. Age shouldn’t be a factor, the person’s policies should matter. Biden it’s obvious his minds not all there. No fault of his own, just some people don’t age well while others do. I really hope people will look at the full picture if they like what the candidate has to offer. How they’ve done things in the past should be a factor too, consistency should matter.

  12. The most important thing to Blacks is" RACISM" as it affects everything, lack of business opportunities, loans, banking,housing, jobs, our children's schooling, community policing, & Safety. Policing and safety are not the same as police pose a safety issue to Blacks because of Hate heritage and false perceptions. All this has a barring on politics as Whites many times vote anti-Black. And politicians pander to Whites racist views to get elected. Whites in large numbers feel Blacks are non- citizens and in some cases non humans to the point of obsession.

  13. Biden Bloomberg. fake news. Bernie Sanders..2020 !!!!!!!.he have the wisdom .he is a fighter. the others are no different. nor do they care …..Bloomberg is a director Biden think he own the rights to the Black voters he no different. Now Bernie Sanders he for the people. he's give the Don a run for his money.

  14. At this point in history Garveyism is more of a direction towards our(Blacks) progress. 400 years is enough.As it eliminates the worry of Whites hate based perceptions & racist acts individually or systemically. Separation and Exodus is our only solution and salvation as a group. The one think Africa does not have is racist and oppressive whites in charge of our welfare. Not to mention the people we were taken from.

  15. Democratic candidates all separated Democratic party is falling apart finished.Trump wins 2020.Pelosi is out there saying they're all calm cool and collected that sounds like a shifty Schiff statement. by the way where is Schiff ,did he crawl up inside is whiskey bottle after he lost his charade and or maybe he moved to russia. too, you know get some French Canadian poutine From Traitor Trudeau .

  16. I really like this video/discussion. About time Black voters stop being put in a box, we have diverse viewpoints and concerns like the rest of the country, shocking.

  17. When was the first time you heard Bloomberg call for tuition free college or wiping out student debt? When was the first time he called for raising the minimum wage. When was the first time he called for billionaires and large companies to pay their fair share of taxes?When was the first time he called for a Green New Deal or a federal jobs program? When was the first time he apologized for Sop and Frisk? That's right… not until the presidential 2020 race.

    Now, when was the last time he supported and defended increasing black arrests? (2018). When was the last time he increased taxes on NYC working families? (He was Mayor.) When was the last time he blamed blacks for the 2008 recession? (2019) When was the last time he contributed money to the republican party? (2018)
    If black folks support or vote for him: They are punching Martin Luther King in his face.

    Respectfully submitted.

  18. The democrat establishment wants black communities to suffer from single motherhood and high crime and poverty because these things justify more govt dependence/intervention and higher taxes.

  19. Any black person on board for Bloomberg is crazy. The guy Chris Hayes is talking too is talking crazy. Sounds like he is saying because Bloomberg has the money that this is why black ppl are interested in him. Money should not be the reason black ppl are interested in him.

  20. Well when Bernie connects race w/ other issues like climate change he gets shushed by moderators and shamed by media for ‘not sticking to the subject’ so hmm…

  21. go vote for bernie and see what happens when you trust a communist jew .. it will be the end of your freedom

  22. Minorities should come together and form a party if they ever want equal and fair treatment in the US.

    The dems and reps are two sides of the same coin. Both have historically oppressed minorities.

  23. The Democrats take advantage of the African American vote 🗳 time to switch parties from the party of racism to the party of success The Republican Party helps the African Americans more then Democratic Party wants socialism/slavery instituted one people’s working while the government has right to take your wealth and give it to people that didn’t earn it that’s modern day slavery Democrats want people in urban plantations offended and on assistance poverty mentality will always keep you in slavery!

  24. Some American Black women and men come accross as always striving to be the American Middle class whites . Why is this ? The Black Community have an amazing culture to draw and build on . The White Political Parties are working for the RICH WHITE business community who have their own agenda . I am looking at the Sanders corner and for the first time I see a movement who doe's not see colour it see's everybody as equal giving the black community for the first time equality for all . It shows you are not defind by your skin colour . The Latinos are getting this message faster then the older Black community . You have been used for to long by the rich American Politicians , to keep them in power and the only pay back is a token person here and their to spread their message and keep the communities in Line

  25. Bernie only can promise Healthcare, has to pass through the house and Senate. Others tried. How many of what Presidents promise can be or has fulfilled.

  26. Talk about mental health? How about talk about all the mental hospitals that got shut down and how that's responsible for many mentally disabled people's being kicked out onto the streets, where they know nothing. And it's a tough world out there. No one's guna talk about this… An no ones guna fix how all these children were torn from their mothers arms… This is a disgrace

  27. I am determined to get Blue Votes around me. I am not going to hold any candidate to 1 or 2 issues. There are many concerns. I expect a President to serve what is needed, required and matters at Home and World-Wide. He should know a wide agenda to cover. Whoever the Democratic nomination is, I will support heartily. I will not succumb to foolishness or dwell in fighting amongst our party. Blue is the New Color of Power. We got this. Find someone to sign up to vote Blue.🌊🌊🌊

  28. Why is it when elections are coming up the African American are important? What was done when the Democrats had the House and Senate for 8 years, it just seems like the same old story and promises until in office. And what about the homeless people New York and California have the highest and both states are be run by the Democrats. Wealth X reports
    1 million millionaires and 105 Billionares more then any other cities in the World is a Hot Spot for the Rich with 105 Billionaires, and California has 130,000. Homeless men, women and children, have 114 Billionaires. Why are there record high homeless people, with all these rich living among them? The Rich get richer The poor get poorer. Clean-up these states.

  29. I knew I was probably voting for Buttigieg after the El Paso shooting, when I read his gun reform plan. I wasn't hearing anyone else address the underlying causes of gun violence; as usual candidates only offered ideas to treat the symptoms. Pete advocates for a federal task force to stop White Nationalists from organizing and spreading propaganda, and recruiting disenfranchised young whites to reinvigorate what used to be a fringe movement before the era of Trump. He understands the plague of misogyny, and how White Nationalists exploit it to further thier interests.
    His path to M4A can and will advance the progressive agenda, which also includes raising minimum wage to $15, decriminalizing drug use and ending prison sentences for users, and abolishing gerrymandering/voter suppression and the Electoral College.
    I hope he's able to gain more support from black voters, because he can be the catalyst for true systemic reform. It takes a critical thinker and visionary to address racial justice, but Pete is more than just brilliant; he is someone who listens carefully with an abiding will to serve.

    I'm curious to know what other people think about The Douglass Plan?

  30. If black people really knew what the democrats have planned for them I doubt that they would ever vote for one of them.They don't like you or me or any other black person worldwide.They don't even notice you unless it is election time.Their agenda is sinister.It is time we wake up.They want to take your guns and round us up.Stop and frisk.What is that all about.?Shooting us down in the streets.What is that all about?Keeping you underemployed.Whats up with that.?Killing our babies through "planned Parenthood"What's up with that?It is time we realize that this system is not made for us.Why aren't they campaigning on the platform of giving us our reparations since we built this place.What do you really think that any of those weak candidates can really do for you.If they can't address these issues then why vote for them.Where is our money?A great thing happened.We woke up.Reparations for black Americans.Cast a vote for that.

  31. They don't care about the Black vote, or it's, people , until, it's time to get their vote. Talking about, what they want to talk about, when we all know, it's just talk. Black people sent politically astute, they're more gullible, looking for some meaningless, cliche', that they can recognize, or relate to, instead of some real universal issues, that affect us all. We minimalize our real needs, by focusing on, the separate one's, which continue to divide us.

  32. I did detect a weak area in the Bernie platform, although he is strong on providing us with medical insurance coverage, I have not heard much about investing in medical research. Medical science has been making amazing advances and that kind of performance should be rewarded with more money, because it is a good investment that pays off.

  33. To answer your question about Black people voting is because the numbers are enormous. Younger Black people are aware of what's going on in their country than yesteryear, due to all venues of social media. They are participating more in the decisions because they have more information. If the majority of them get out and vote, the scales would definitely fall over.

    That is why the Republicans have implemented voter suppression.

  34. I'm from up top and live in the south east now and I must admit that A lot of the black people sometimes seem to still be stuck in Jim Crow. I wouldn't even be surprised if most of the black people who vote for Trump happen to be from southern states. Whether it's south east or west..

  35. Bernie is a Commie rat. This kindly old gentleman is just what the stinking Elders of Globalism want to bring their sick totalitarianism to America. Communism has killed Freedom where ever it has gone. One note to the mindless air heads who like this Commie candidate and the Democratic/Communist Party: You can vote yourself into Communism, but you have to shoot you way out.

  36. Wrong!  African Americans are NOT THE BASE OF Democratic Party . African Americans – 13.5%, Spanish Americans – 17.5%, Asian Americans – 6.5% resp of American population. So there is a lot of mashup there.

  37. If black voters were politically astute as the gentleman says….they wouldn't be lining up behind Bloomberg, who is an obvious racist and a capitalist. There is also a generational divide. Young black voters are ALL nearly Bernie supporters. Older black voters are mostly Biden….and now Bloomberg.

  38. Maybe Democrats act like blacks important because they the Republican idiots of the democratic party, at least in their minds.

  39. To Trump this is just something he has to do, court the black people or “vote”. Test him and his sincerity. Start talking about not voting for him as a majority and see if he turns on you as he has to everyone else in his orbit that has.

  40. What is more important:
    a) to memorize a text or a sentence word for word, Democrat party.
    b) to understand and comprehend a idea or concept, Normal person.

  41. Trump has literally done more for African Americans in the past 3 years than the Democrat party has done for them in the past 50 years. They are finally starting to wise up and get what is going on with the "vote for me but you get absolutely nothing in return except the peace of mind that you voted for a Democrat" mantra.

  42. It would be dumb of politicians to not notice that there are economic and generational divides in the black community like any other.

    Older black voters are generally easily swayed with easy religious flattery like visiting churches but younger generations are not nearly as religious as their parents (though overall still the most religious young group tbh). Education level imo is the other big concern not because of whether or not they'll vote for you but whether or not they'll vote AT ALL. I've not seen a politician actually go to people in the hood with high school diplomas at best and try and have a real conversation about their wants and needs.

    Those guys usually end up not voting at all because:
    A. It seems like the politicians just don't care and
    B. The point that policies from the top effect them is not felt so why waste potential time you could be using working to go vote at all?

    Barack Obama was a special case both times he ran because there was the whole "first black president" thing behind him and a bit of that energy is following Biden right now. If your campaign doesn't have some sort of way to motivate black people in impoverished communities that's just a large loss of potential votes overall and you vie for the educated and older black vote instead.

  43. Black people need to get over the idea that they are the Democratic base. You're 12% of the population . You ain't gettin' anything you want without Whites 56% or Latinos 30% .

  44. Black voters not politically astute? I would say that most Americans, white, yellow, green, black, orange are totally immature when it comes to politics, comparing to Europe. Most of them have been living and still live in their bubble. They size a good candidate according to the funds he is able to raise, which in itself, is an out of the world concept. Some of their opinions and comments are so outdated that you have the impression they never left the 20th century. So no, from abroad, people who say black people are not politically astute, are among the least political astute in the world

  45. Wow! Where do I begin? The way for a "group" to have political clout, is to vote as a block.When you have maybe 10% of the vote, how many actually vote? The National amount of eligible voters is around 50%. Do you think only 50% of Jewish voters vote? How about Old people, AARP for instance?Now what about Mellinials, and Blacks. I don't have the stats to support my theory, just my own observations. I'm guessing 30% tops.The two groups who have the most to gain, and who complain the loudest, actually DO the least! Correct me if I'm wrong, but please do so with facts, not pointless name calling. Believe me, if the Black community could deliver ALL of their votes, as a block, they would gain real power! As fo the Republicans, why do they not fear the Black vote? I rest my case, Respectfully.

  46. It makes me sick to see, "polls" that have a guy like Biden supposedly leading among african american voters, especially when its because of his direct actions as head sponsor of the 1994 crime bill that's responsible for so many people serving much longer prison sentences than whats justified, but sure, he's leading.
    Then you have the most evil looking white guy, since who knows when, supposedly in 2nd place, even though this guy used to be the registered republican mayor of New York city. A known racist, who created the immoral & unconstitutional policy of, Stop & Frisk, that's responsible for terrorizing so many different people of color, but more so with young African American men, who shouldn't have been stopped in the 1st place.

  47. So Biden's #1 even though its because of his crime bill why people are still sitting in prison with unjustly long prison sentences, and #2 is the guy responsible for illegally stopping & searching young black men in over 4 million instances, and both of whom are leading over Bernie Sanders who has literally spent over 4 decades fighting & protesting with people of color to help get them equal rights and equal justice to the point of getting arrested for advocating for their civil rights, but he's in 3rd. It's unbelievable how low the MSM will go in ensuring that Bernie isn't the nominee.
    So much so that they all constantly lie with the hope of persuading people to think that Bernie's the one having a hard time getting their votes…. over the two people who's legacy consists in part by locking up young black men while Bernie is everything opposite. I mean come on, even one of his most trusted advisors is a women of color, but yea, hes struggling to find the black vote…gimme a break!

  48. Yes. If you are black, you are then by default political. No other "races" are political. The logic checks out.


  50. Bernie has the plan that will help the black community the most. Raising the minimum wage, healthcare, lowering prescription drug prices. And protecting our rights.

  51. THAT,my friend Chris…IS the crux of the matter….!!! the idea that blacks are not astute individuals and can be encapsulated in " blocks". an omission, an act of disrespect…a taking for granted their voice, value…worth….and for sure WILL be left on the table…if candidates do not physically,actively engage..without the usual patronising overpass

  52. the democrats make promises to the black community that they never keep, the republicans think they help black people but they are wildly misunderstanding the real life struggles of lower income black families, they offer band aids, not real solutions. Even a black man in office failed the black community…. maybe someone like Bernie could actually help, hes been saying the same things for years now, hes the only politician that doesn't flip flop on issues or smile and lie to peoples faces…hopefully

  53. Any Black person concerned about Black people who doesn't vote for a SOCIALIST( social democrat in this case) is delusional. You're out of our MIND if you vote for fascists(Trump), neo liberals(Biden), corporate democrats(Buttigeig,Klobashar, Warren), and corporate billionaires(Bloomberg). Is the socialist problematic? YES, but a socialist agenda would benefit the masses of people especially Black people. Those who say don't vote at all are FOOLISH. We are ALL tired of voting the "lesser of the evils" but until we ORGANIZE politically and field our OWN candidates we must.

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