Hey guys! It’s Jana! And today we have to
clean this kitchen and maybe a few other things
because we had a Super Bowl party so we got to get this place cleaned up we had so much fun we had so much food
we had a wonderful time with our friends so now we have to clean up the mess we made so I hope this motivates you
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check all the links down below let’s clean up our
party time kitchen today oh I had such a hard time getting the kids off to school
this morning oh my goodness so thankfully last night I went ahead and
made the kids lunches so I didn’t have to worry about it in the morning I was like do tomorrow Jana a favor and get it done before you go to bed so that was a huge help but yeah this is such a mess I just kind of left it to be honest I
didn’t want to deal last night but I did have a lot of fun and that’s what matters so let me know if you guys went to a
party or had a party for the Superbowl it’s always a good time to get your friends together
even if you don’t care about football it’s all good but we had
a good time it was a cool game to watch because it was actually not a blowout so
that was nice so I hope you guys had so much fun so let’s get all these dishes done just
get them all rinsed off here and we’ll probably end up with a nice full load
and get that started but I have a lot of hand washing here everybody knows how
the crock pot goes right everything’s all stuck on from last night but we’ll get them soaked here
and get that taken care of oh and this maroon bowl is so cool so it actually has like the ice pack liquid inside and you could put whatever cold stuff you have in there like a pasta salad or potato salad so it’s like great
for picnics and stuff but I actually use it for my jello shots to keep them cold while I pass them around to all of my friends but it is a great bowl for
picnics and such you know everybody’s always so worried about like all the salads and stuff going bad at picnics so I really recommend these bowls I love it so let’s go ahead and soak these crock pots here and hopefully everything will
come off super easy and this is usually our drinking corner
all of our booze and everything and cups all that good stuff are always right there and I do have this little box that I got at the dollar store that I put all of our party stuff in like the plates and the cups and the straws and stuff so that’s kind of nice to put it out of the way in one spot so it does help with
organization with that on to the outside yes we have a lot of
stuff going on here so on that little table we had a TV so we were kind of
hanging outside it was such a nice night and now it’s a little bit colder so that’s crazy it was nice that it was so nice on super bowl though so as you can tell by all the empies, we had a great time and now you know why it was a little hard
to wake up this morning oh well why can’t they just have Superbowl on Saturday I think that would make
everybody’s life easier I’m just gonna leave these tables for hubby he can put them away in the garage wherever he wants but I’ll get them all
folded up and the outside is done so back inside we’ll just finish up these dishes get everything dry it off and get these crock pots cleaned up and
then we’ll just do a kitchen wipe down I love my warming tray here it is so awesome to have this because people bring warm stuff
that they want to keep warm and that thing just works out perfectly we put everything on there and it just stays nice and warm while everybody eats and then I made quite the
mess up on the backsplash I did make that Mississippi roast again it was so good and I also made just some barbecued chicken in the crock pot and when I was shredding it up with my mixer
it just kind of splattered but we got it right
off it’s all good alright guys the party is totally
cleaned up we had such a fun time I love getting together with my friends so we cleaned up the kitchen it looks great everything is shiny like nothing
ever happened the outside looks great totally cleaned up we’re usually not
that messy at parties but our trash can was overflowing and it was a little
windy I guess over the night some of the cups and stuff kind of flew around all
over the place but got everything done everything picked up
it looks amazing so now is just time to chill and relax all better so I got this motivated
you to get your kitchen all cleaned up go ahead and hit subscribe thumbs up
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I picked out just for you and I will see you next time

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  1. Hi Jana. How'd you like the Super Bowl winner ? So happy the Chiefs won. Great cleaning job. Hope you're going to take your new appliances and that lovely table when you move. Can't wait to see your new home. Everyone seems to have the moving fever. Even my husband and I are discussing moving. Take care.

  2. I love watching your videos, and the fact of putting subtitles in Spanish speaks very well of you. excellent i love you friend 😘👏👍❤

  3. Good video👍.
    Did you continue to pack items into boxes?
    Emma got alot soft toys to bring to the next house😀
    Cannot wait to see your New House😆.

  4. Love your videos!! For the crockpot, have you tried the liners? They are great no mess just take out the liner when finished and wipe crockpot with a damp cloth, I get mine from Wal-Mart in the disposable plates and aluminum foil section.

  5. Hi jana i am doin laundry and watchin it snow here in oklahoma it started late last nite and it is still snowing here

  6. Ciao mi interessano i tappettini raccogli acqua ho visto ke kuando finisci di usarli li metti via senza asciugarli come mai? Di ke materiale sono fatti ? Grazie ciao👍

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