Afternoon tea sets and brunch / Family eating show MUKBANG / Fantastic Dinner /애프터눈 티세트와 브런치 / 가족 먹방

HELLO. WE ARE FANTASTIC Today our family came to the restaurant to have a brunch. We will try the afternoon tea set. We also ordered dim sum, spaghetti and ribs. Unusually, the brunch menu has ribs. We will have a pleasant meal from now on. This is a strawberry sandwich and egg sandwich. that’s right that is jam thank you for our food today byul eats spaghetti first. I want the dim sum first. I now know that dimsum means dumpling I will give sarnag the ribs first. no no, i want dumpling first do you want to eat first. dimsum dimsum first!! I will give you the shrimp dumplings that your favorite. byul, share half of the dim sum. It is my favorite food. sarang, do you want to eat spaghetti.? sure Dad is cutting the meat for me byul. it is for you sarang, it is for you Best It is good to eat with ribs and spaghetti. The ribs are so big that they can be cut taste is good good? captain, do you want more spaghetti? Try some ribs. do you want more shrimp? ribs is so delicious ribs is the best so good meat is so delicious it’s for me, please that is for my sister byul, try it cherry tomato i found two tomato but, i have two mom. i have two, one i will give you let’s eat together, one two three thank you~ what is this? This is squid. captain, the adductor muscle of shellfish is for you daddy. please give me steak, again it is rib The meat has disappeared. I ate rib steak for the first time this morning, but really delicious. i will eat tomato tomato is sour~ please. Give me a tissue mom, tomato is the best try it squid wait aminute Why did they give jam? it is for afternoon tea set~ i am thirsty let’s eat together When I say start, mom and dad should eat at the same time. mom, wait for dad wait dad, you shoud eat start try it hm~~ taste is good! The meat is broken. because It is so soft. very soft and very sweet From now on, we will eat afternoon tea set which is today’s highlight. Sarang and I’ll try the strawberry sandwich first. is it good? mom, you try also i want too try it~ it is really delicious i will try egg sandwitch i will try this bread You move to your plate and eat wait, i want this one It is different thing it look so delicious isi it good? absolutely How is this to eat? Try it as a spoon. I feel strange. byul, try strawberry it is cute mini hamburger i want it woo it contains salmon let’s try it who likes salmon I can not eat salmon. but it is so delicious really? the rest is mine no, it is for you, sarang it is very soft i want to eat, too Who wants to eat shu cream cake.? is this? for me Then split the two by half. let’s eat pudding here is wtrawberry friends, try to eat it It should be mixed well and delicious. how is it? so good sister, strawberry is so sour You eat strawberry instead of me. It should be mixed well hm!!! really delicious originally I don’t like the dessert. but now it is fun It’s definitely the same dessert, but it feels differently blueberry is mine blueberry cake is so delicious byul eat strawberry very well i like cheesecake i ate strawberry all mom, try some of this we had a good meal today We will come back next time to have a more enjoyable meal. bye bye

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