AFWD Hosts Women’s Day Celebrations in Assam

There is a Deaf women’s association in Assam named AFWD which stands for Assam Foundation Women For The Deaf. Let me explain how it was established. Long ago the Assam Association of the Deaf (AAD) was established in Assam. Its General Secretary is Tapan Kumar Sharma. He would always encourage the Deaf but was saddened by sufferings of Deaf women. He then set up AFWD under the AAD in 2002. He supported and encourage women and they were very thankful to him. Tapan works with AFWD as an Advisor and is also the Vice-President of AIFD. AFWD’s President is Anowora Begum – sign name – and their General Secretary is Nikita Kumari. AFWD are organising an International Women’s Day Programme on 8th March 2020. The timings are 9:00am – 6:00pm. Here are the venue details. Special events are planned for the programme. 1. Priti Shah Soni will be giving a presentation on women empowerment and create awareness. This is very important so that people can learn and grow. 2. Sheetal Kimmatkar is a magician and she will showcase her magic tricks at the event. She will show that women can too do magic tricks. 3. An exhibition will also be held. There are Deaf women with skills such as art, embroidery, flower making, sculpture making, etc they are invited to apply and take part in the exhibition. 4. Assam’s cultural dance called Bihu will also be presented. 5. A very exciting lucky draw will be held just for women. Are you all excited to attend the program? Entry fees per head is Rs 200. 1st March is the last date. After that it will be Rs 50 extra. If you want to take part in the lucky draw and win prizes you have to pay Rs 50. Last date is 1st March 2020 after which it will be Rs 30 extra. You can make the payment through GooglePay & PhonePe. Here are the contacts. AFWD has invited both men & women from all over India and the North-east to attend. Why are men invited to a women’s day event? Well this is to create awareness among men about the lives of women through presentations. The organisers of AFWD have requested all women attending to wear clothes in the green family. They can chose to wear any form of clothing. Are you interested for the event and are wondering about the accomadation? If you want to stay for a day on 8th March you will have to pay Rs 200. If you arrive before 8th march and want to stay please contact AFWD’s GS Nikita Kumari. AFWD has said that after the purchase of the tickets there will be no cancellations of refunds for any reason. After purchasing the luck draw coupon, if you lose the money will not be refunded by the association. If you have any doubts & queries please contact.

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