Age for Marriage

Age for Marriage
A man attains the age for marriage at the time of his first erection. A woman attains it one month before her first
menstruation. This is the rule of nature for the human beings. A man or woman that denies this natural truth
is abnormal. One must understand the language of nature
first. Social values and customs are dumb before
the eloquence of nature. Age of Marriage Compels Not to Marry
My dear viewers, I am not saying that one must marry just at the time of erection and
menstruation. Marriage is both a social and a natural matter. You may or may not answer to the demand of
nature whenever it demands, but you cannot put any extra burden of restraint on any other
body than yourself. You do not have any right to decry or despise
anybody if you find him or her in marriage at the age of his or her choice. Personal liberty must be ensured until and
unless it encroaches on the right, honor and liberty of anybody else. You can maintain your celibacy, but you must
not be allowed to sale your body or to buy another’s body for money to fulfil the natural
demand. It goes against the norm of social purity
and the personal honor. How Long Can a Marriage Take Place? So long as he or she does not become tired
of it and unable to satiate the marriage partner. It sets in on a man when erection stops, on
a woman at the time of dryness obstructing penetration. It varies from man to man, from woman to woman. No certain age can be fixed for it in general. Even if a man or a woman becomes naturally
unable, he or she can marry if the partner accepts the bondage to live together. You cannot put any bar there. After all, marriage is not wholly a matter
of carnal demand. It bears many other uses and utilities which
are socially and religiously accepted. You are nobody to stand between a couple of
man and woman so long as they agree to live as a couple in marriage. You don’t have any right to poke the nose
in the affairs of a husband and wife although you do not find harmony and equity between
their ages. They have every right to live on their own. Who are you to despise if a girl of 9 years
can be satisfied with a man of 90 or a boy of 10 years can accept the life happily with
his 100-years old wife? No, you are nobody! You cannot challenge them.

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