AIB : Every Bollywood Party Song feat. Irrfan

Alright, tell me! What do y’all want? One minute! Christie! No man Mr.Khan has no dates this year No man Who Christie? Christopher Nolan No, he gave all his dates to Mr.Bhatt Alright, tell me one thing At the end of inception is that a dream or reality? Hello? What did he say? He hanged up Alright, tell me! We were thinking about making a video with
sir Yes But what that video should be is what we wanted
to discuss Alright, so make anything Sir will do anything No, but sir will also have some preferences as to what he can do… What I can do? I can do anything I don’t want to brag about myself but I can do anything it’s called What word did we learn at Cannes? Swag It’s called swag Swag Y’all must have seen Lunchbox? Yes Won Oscar Oscar? It didn’t win Oscar It did win, yes! Now after having lunchbox where does one go? Toilet! Sir made a movie on that too Have you guys seen Piku? Yes Look guys, I don’t want to brag about myself
but There was a movie I did called Maqbool After watching that I swear Shakespeare himself came and told me that Irrfan you have nailed it! I was like,”Really?” He went,”Amazing!” Which movie of sir’s do you guys like? That one, sir, where critics say that you have given an effortless performance Effortless? All of them then Sir, loved you in Chocolate! Yes! Chocolate was good Check who is calling your phone is ringing Sir, Arshad Warsi, Kevin Spacey Who is it? Sir, Scorsese is calling Sir, the twist in the end Please shut up Just sit quietly
-Sorry, sir Sir has done everything There’s nothing that sir hasn’t done Except party song What’s there in a party song to even do? No, I mean, you haven’t done a party song What do even have to do in it? What is there in a party song? Show naked women Keep the alcohol flowing Move the camera and tilt it This is it, what else is there? It’s easy to say, but difficult to do There’s a bit of skill in that too What you do is great, sir but you… Half the industry doesn’t want to see their
faces And you got them to meet me Do you want me to do a party song for y’all? You want to see? You will do it? Show please Should I do it? Open it Same old party song Stupid party song Cliched party song Same old shit Let’s sing along When you want 100 crore Just make a party video Apply the autotune patch And make lyrics to be so First catchy line Again the same line Repeated several times Till it gets stuck in your mind Clap when the beat goes Make the alcohol pour Show off your bartender’s swag And four-five chicks to go Random dancing shot Same shot from the top Why is everyone hot? Camera guy is high on pot Listen up all you writers, yo! Make up whatever plot you want The movie will sell on this song Shove the talent up your a*s* Take some popular dude Twenty years younger chick Add a perverted step Fill the theatre with blokes Take a close up of the sponsor Jump just because Flash the six pack And introduce the rapper Act like black guys We’ll act like black guys Even though we’re really racist when we see them in real life Every song has an obligatory rap portion Sing in a rustic accent for a regional collection And now all the girls will feel me up Right after the take, my character will show
up Now extras will do shots And bar will flame up At the end of the rap the beat will go for
a pause Super flashy lights Some chick’s hair is flying Location change time Now we’re at the pool side Lyrics will come on the screen Some ladies will get wet More ladies will get wet Every lady will get wet Now this song will play Will play at weddings Will play at annual days And even at funerals Let’s objectify Misogyny is fine And now for no good reason Bikini pillow fight Bottles Jerk them off Girls will get sprayed at Because This is a song Censors will let it go Public will sing the catchphrase Make it their ringtone Download it illegally and save six rupees We’ll earn 100 crores Producers will climax too They’ll make a remix of this And spread the shit over again Party all night Party on my mind 4 o’ clock but After party does happen We need a party Where’s the party tonight I wanna hangover tonight Stop them if you think you can

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  1. Bhenchod why did you put party to banti he in the last phrase….that was from a movie for kids and it got nothing to do with any party song genre…..sometime i feel like you guys over do it

  2. Same Old Party Song, Stupid Party Song
    Cliched Party Song, Same Old Shit, Let's Sing Along
    Jab 100 Crore Kamaane Ho, Just Make A Party Video
    When you want to make a billion, just make a party video
    Autotune Ka Patch Lagaake Lyrics Kuchh Aise Likhwa Do:
    Stick on the autotune patch and write lyrics that go like this:

    Pehle Catchy Line, Phir Se Wohi Line
    First, a catchy line, then the same line again
    Repeated Several Times Till It Gets Stuck In Your Mind
    Beat Ke Saath Taali Maaro, Gaane Mein Daaru Daalo
    Clap along with the beat, put some shots of alcohol into the song
    Bartender Ka Swag Dikhaake, Chaar-Paanch Hot Ladki Chipka Do
    Show off the bartender's skill and stick in four or five hot girls

    Random Dancing Shot, Same Shot From The Top
    Why Is Everyone Hot? Camera Guy Is High On Pot
    Sunn Lo Film Ke Writers Saalo, Jitna Bhi Tum Plot Bana Lo
    Listen, script writers, you can make as great a plot as you want
    Bikegi Picture Iss Gaane Pe, Talent Apni Gaand Mein Daalo
    The movie will sell based only on this song, you can stick your talent up your ass

    Koi Popular Actor Lo, Bees Saal Chhoti Actress Lo
    Take a popular actor and pair him with an actress 20 years younger than him
    Tharki Sa Step Karaake, Laundon Se Theater Bharwa Lo
    Do an obscene dance step and fill up the theater with guys
    Sponsor Ka Closeup Lo, Faltu Ka Jump Karo
    Take a closeup of your sponsor's products! [i.e. product placement] Jump for no reason!
    Six-Pack Ko Flash Karo Aur Rapper Ki Entry Karwa Lo
    Flash your six pack! Then have the rapper enter!

    Act Like Black Guys, We'll Act Like Black Guys
    Even Though We're Really Racist When We See Them In Real Life

    Obligatory Rap Portion Hota Hai Har Gaane Mein (Accha?)
    In each party song, there's an obligatory rap portion
    Desi Accent Maaru Taaki Hit Ho Haryaane Mein
    Use an unrefined accent, so the song is a big hit in Haryana (a northwestern state)
    Ab Hum Pe Bhi Laundiyaan Mast Haath Ghumaayengi
    Now some girls will lay their hands on us
    Camera Cut Hote Hi Meri Aukaat Dikh Jaayegi
    But as soon as the camera cuts, we'll know our real value
    Ab Extras Karenge Shots, Aur Baar Pe Aag Lag Jaayegi
    Now extras will do some shots, and the bar will be set on fire
    Iss Rap Ke Aakhri Line Pe Beat Ruk Jaayegi
    And on the last line of rap, the beat will drop

    Kaafi Flashy Lights, Some Chick's Hair Is Flying
    Many flashing lights, some chick's hair is flying
    Location Change Time, Now We're At The Poolside
    Ab Lyrics Screen Pe Aayengi, Kuch Mahilaaen Nahaayengi
    Now lyrics will show up onscreen, and some women will bathe
    [this is a reference to random bikini-clad girls jumping in the pool]
    Aur Mahilaaen Nahaayengi, Sab Mahilaaen Nahaayengi
    More women will bathe, all the women will bathe!

    Ab Yeh Gaana Bajega, Shaadiyon Mein Bajega
    Now this song will play everywhere, it'll play at weddings
    Annual Day Pe Bajega, Aur Mayyat Pe Bhi Bajega
    It'll play at annual days (at colleges), and it'll even play at funerals
    Let's Objectify, Misogyny Is Fine
    And Now For No Good Reason, Bikini And Pillow Fight

    Bottles Jerk Off Karo, Ladki Pe Spray Karo
    Jerk off your bottles! Spray it on the girls! [Double meanings!]
    Kyouki Yeh Gaana Hai, Censors Will Let It Go
    Since this is a song, the censors will let it go!
    Janta Catchphrase Gaayegi, Ringtone Isse Banaayegi
    The public will sing the catchphrase, they'll make it their ringtone
    Illegal Download Karke Phir Chhe Rupaye Bachaayegi
    And save six rupees by illegally downloading it

    Hum 100 Crore Kamaayenge, Producer Bhi Muthiyaaenge
    We'll make a billion, the producers will be satisfied
    [litarally, "the producers will masturbate"]
    Iss Gaane Ko Remix Karke Phir Ke Gandh Machaayenge
    Then remix this song again, and do it all over
    Party All Night, Party On My Mind
    [These are all references to famous party songs of the last decade or so]
    Chaar Baj Gaye Lekin Afterparty Ho Jaati Hai
    It's 4 a.m. but the afterparty is yet to happen
    (Party Toh Banti Hai)
    There should be a party
    Where's The Party Tonight? I Wanna Hangover, Tonight
    Gaand Me

  3. Won't Irrfan has been featured in party song (pyaar do pyaar lo) in ThankYou that was released before this video? :/

  4. THAT NANGI LADKIYO VALA DILOUGE WAS SHIT!! now talking about your content its kinda good but dude do not let your image down! n grow up of these typicall taboo n mental illness!! GROW UPPPPP N FUCK IRFAN KHAN EFFORTESS ACTING K SATH HE IS STUPID AS WELL!!

  5. One of the first youtube channels, which I have subscribed to and clicked the bell icon even. Well, koi update ni ata abhi. It's a shame.

  6. I was trying to recall answers during my exam. My brain continuously responded : sabh mahilaye nahayegi sabh mahilaye nahayegi …

  7. 3:05

    Same old party song
    Stupid party song
    Cliched party song
    Same old sh*t let’s sing along

    Jab 100 crore kamane ho
    Just make a party video
    Autotune ka patch laga ke
    Lyrics kuch aise likhwa do

    Pehle catchy line
    Phir se wahi line
    Repeated several times
    Till it gets stuck in your mind

    Beat ke saath taali maaro
    Gaane mein daaru daalo
    Bartender ka swag dikha ke
    Chaar panch hot ladki chipka do

    Random dancing shot
    Same shot from the top
    Why is everyone hot
    Camera guy is high on pot

    Sunn lo film ke writer saalo
    Jitna bhi tum plot bana lo
    Bikegi picture iss gaane pe
    Talent apni gaand mein daalo

    Koi popular actor lo
    20 saal choti actress lo
    Tharki sa step kara ke
    Laundo se theatre bharwa lo

    Sponsor! ka close-up lo
    Faltu! ka jump karo
    Six pack! ko flash karo
    Aur rapper ki entry karwa lo
    Act like black guys
    We’ll act like black guys

    Even though we’re really racist
    When we see them in real life
    Obligatory rap portion hota hai har gaane mein, Achaa?
    Desi accent maaru taaki hit ho Haryaane mein
    Ab hum pe bhi laundiyaan mast haath ghumaayegi
    Camera cut hote hi meri aukaat dikh jayegi

    Ab extras karenge shots
    Aur bar pe aag lag jayegi
    Iss rap ke aakhri line pe beat ruk jayegi

    Kaafi flashy lights
    Some chicks hair is flying
    Location change time
    Now we’re at the pool side

    Lyrics screen pe aayengi
    Kuch mahilaein nahaayengi
    Aur mahilaein nahaayengi
    Sab mahilaein nahaayengi

    Ab ye gaana bajega
    Shaadiyon mein bajegaa
    Annual day pe bajegaa
    Aur maiyyat pe bhi bajegaa

    Let’s objectify
    Misogyny is fine
    And now for no good reason bikini pillow fight

    Bottles! jerk off karo
    Ladki! pe spray karo
    Kyunki! yeh gaana hai
    Censors will let it go

    Janta catchphrase gayegi
    Ringtone isse baayegi
    Illegal download karke
    Phir chhe rupaye bachaayegi

    Hum 100 crore kamayenge
    Producer bhi muthiyayenge
    Iss gaane ki remix karke
    Phir se gandh machayenge

    Party all night
    Party on my mind
    Chaar baj gaye lekin afterparty ho jati hai
    Where’s the party tonight
    I wanna hangover tonight
    Gaand mein dum hai toh bandh karva lo

    Facebook pe tum like karo
    Youtube pe subscribe karo
    Neechey chhodke tum bhi lukhi public se lado
    Phir wrbsite isse uthayengi
    Sponsored posts banayengi
    Clickbait wali headline deke
    Tumse click karaayengi..!!

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